A Taste Of My Pretty Head

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I watched a film
Then went to bed
Then I had a dream
One that left me filled with dread.

I dreamt of a monster under my bed,
I saw a monster that said it wanted to be fed,
I asked what would satisfy it's hunger,
It said It wanted a taste of my lovely head.

I woke in the night,
And was troubled with a mighty fright,
I didn't know what to do,
So I just went to look for you.

When I saw you,
You told me its just in my head
Then I went to bed
And my father saw me dead,
The monster didn't stop at a taste of my pretty head.

My thought

This was an account of events that happened on the 6th of June 2020, written by 9 year old Jenny green, right before she died. The person she met was her big brother... Thompson green. So I decided to make a dark poem out it. I hope y'all enjoy this beautiful dark piece of art.

Thanks for reading.

attention: cover image is a property of www.deviantart.com


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