# The nature of human mind and uncertainties

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Antelope wakes up in the morning and munch on some vegetables. At the sense of sight of a threat like a lion, the antelope takes off. If peradventure, when the antelope gets to where it feels it’s safe, it stops running and continues to munch on any nearby grass or bush.

As humans, we live in a world of uncertainty. A human will have to deal closely with issues like how to get a fat paycheck to foot bills, buy some new clothes, promotions at work, consideration at a new school and stuff like that. But research shows that the human brain only adapted to this new form of living.

The ancient men lived this way:

  • Search for food

  • In the sense of a threat, run for your life

  • Find peace in sudden responses

  • Then continue what they were doing.

The human brain developed in a way that it can only solve short-term situations and cannot handle long-term, pressing issues. These long-term issues are the major causes of stress, anxiety, and fear.

So how do you overcome a world of uncertainties?


Give your priorities several trials: Know that the world is so full of uncertainties. It’s a 50-50 chance in everything. Either you get it or you don’t. you may never know. So why don’t you try it out continuously?

What do I mean?

You know graduating with beautiful grades and wonderful results don’t guarantee a job; why don’t you send in applications as an intern to several companies even as a student?

You are seeking a partner. How many times have you talked to someone new? as many as you can, try talking to them.

In doing so, you can weigh your outcomes. The more you do, the more certain you are that at least one out of a thousand trials would yield something positive for you.

Focus on short-term goals: a short term is something you wish to accomplish soon; next week, today, next month. But these goals should be your long-term goal divided into stages.


Do you want to be the best student in the school? (long-term goal)

Then plan on how much time you study daily, weekly, or monthly. (short term goal!)

Do you want to lose some weight? (long term goal)

Try a 30 minutes daily workout! (short term goal)

We can always adapt to uncertainty or delay by giving our priorities several trials and taking it one baby step after another.

This will help relieve stress, fear and anxiety which is paramount in the society we live in today!