Sites that are best to learn code for Free, 💯

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One thing about coding is knowing where to start. I have been willing to code since 2016, but I could not get the best of advice that I need. In 2017, I was advised to learn JavaScript. I started watching tutorials about JavaScript, but everything was like a waste of time. I knew nothing in HTML, and I jumped to JavaScript. I could not continue, and I felt coding is meant for the special people.

In 2018, I met a friend, and he gave me the process to follow, which is HTML, CSS, JS and other front-end frameworks. I followed his recommendation, and it seems like coding is easy. I did not pay anyone to code. I did not buy any course online. I was using Free resources online, and I have been building many apps and websites for clients and personal use.


For anyone willing to code but do not know where to start. Either you want to be a front-end developer or back-end, you must understand the building block of code, which is HTML. HTML is simple but very important. So, I recommend you learn, Html, CSS before moving to the back or front side of application.

In this post, I will list three sites and channels to learn code for Free!


Many devs are familiar with FreeCodeCamp, and it is one of the great place to learn how to code. They have free, nice progressive courses for many programming languages but if you want to learn JavaScript or Python, this is a place to get the best, and you will get a certificate after your course. There are over 6000 tutorials on FreeCodeCamp, and there is a forum where you can ask questions when you are lost. Their YouTube Channel is also great.

YouTube Channels

I learn to code from YouTube so I don't joke with all the outstanding developers that are taking time to produce good tutorials to learn from. I will list 5 channels where you can learn the basic and advance part of programming.

  • FreeCodeCamp

This is the YouTube channel of the FreeCodeCamp. There are over 1000 long tutorial videos, and the channel has over 2.5milion subscribers. I have been using this channel to learn many things about tech and coding.

  • Programming with Mosh

Mosh Hamedani is a great developer with good skills in Python, JavaScript and C#. He does other languages but he focuses more on these three. His channel has over 1.3million subscribers with many videos to learn.

  • Traversy Media

Brad Traversy is a guy with great knowledge in JavaScript, and his channel is one of my favorites. I have leant a lot from this guy, and he is an excellent teacher. I can call him my teacher because 50% of things I know are from him. His channel has over 1.2 million followers with over 800 videos. He has many crash courses to help people to learn to code.

  • The Net Ninja

This list is not complete without Shaun Pelling. He is one of the great coding teachers out there that explains every bit of the things they do. There are over 500k subscribers in his channel with over 1000 videos.

  • Dev Ed

If you want to laugh while you code, then you need to check on Edward Simon. He is a great tutor with front-end languages and back ends. He also offers teaching in designs with Figma, Photoshop and others. His channel has over 499k subscribers with over 180 videos.



Not so popular, but there are handful of the good tutorials there. Scrimba has some paid courses, but the free ones are good enough to get you off the ground and start building something. I have picked up a couple of free courses on Scrimba and I think they are great. Also, they have an active discord channel where you can communicate with developers when you have issues building or learning.

I hope you check those sites and channels to learn the fun in coding. There are good websites like They have a couple of good free courses in many languages. Also, has been the solution when you code because it is the place to get a quick solution to the problems you will encounter.

That will be it for now. Enjoy coding!!!