Book Review: The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers

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Again, I don't do much book review, but I have read a few and I like to review a few. The Atonement Child is a mind-blowing and captivating story about a young lady named Dynah who was brutally raped on her way to school. Passersby called the ambulance, and they rushed her to the hospital. The doctor and nurses offered her drugs to take in case of conception, she refused it.


Dynah had a great relationship with her fiancee Ethan, who was strongly religious, preparing to enter the biblical ministry. Ethan had a high reputation in the school, New Life Colledge, and would do just about anything to save his name. The news of Dynah getting raped hit him hard. He felt she was careless to be walking alone at night and called her names, though not in her presence but the presence of his best friend Joe.

After some time, they diagnosed Dynah pregnant, and they sent her out of school. Even though the entire school authority knew that she was raped, they still sent her out of school.

It disappointed Joe that both Ethan and the school management condemned Dynah and he challenged them both. He just couldn’t understand why Ethan who once adored Dynah could say hurtful words about her. Ethan eventually ended his relationship with Dynah, and Dynah went home to her parents.

Dynah’s condition brought conflict between her parents, whose relationship wasn’t all that rosy. Her father thought that she aborts the child, but her mother insisted the child stay.

Dynah’s grandmother was once a victim of abortion. She was very sick when she was younger and took in. The doctor advised she aborts the child because her chances were thin and she remained with that guilt till old age. Dynah’s mother also had an ugly experience with her teenage lover and had to abort the child after he abandoned her. That was what bought the distance between herself and her husband.

Dynah’s parents finally agreed that she should abort the child. Dynah also agreed to this to bring peace between her parents. But when she got to the hospital, she couldn’t put herself to aborting the child.


Meanwhile, Joe was on a chase for Dynah. He had this strong conviction in his heart to find her and make sure she does nothing grievous to herself.

Dynah left her parents’ house because she couldn’t take the heat her presence brought between her parents and her grandma.

Joe eventually found Dynah at the point where she was about to throw herself into the ocean in a suicidal attempt.

He was the only one who stood by her in her decision to keep her child, and he was with her throughout.

The doctor who was to take care of Dynah’s abortion was also having a lot of conflict in his home. He never told his wife that his job was to kill tons of children daily, and the guilt ate him up. He eventually quit his job.

God reunited Dynah with this doctor, and he saw it as a second chance to make right his wrongs. He took Dynah’s delivery personally and made sure he watched her till delivery.

She gave birth to a baby girl. This baby served as an atonement for the sin of both her mother and grandmother. She eventually got married to Joe, and they were happy.

I noticed a few things in this story. First, people mock you for the things that happened to you even with the fact that it is not your mistake. Also, families are not families. I have grown to realize that "family" could be anyone. Sometimes, the people you are tied with blood would even wish bad for you.

Lastly, there is always one person no matter how bad the situation is. So, no matter what you face, I hope that one person stays around you.


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