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RE: A letter to the Past - Please say Hi to our family

in BDCommunity5 months ago

OMG!!! @whatisnew !!! I miss her, too... <3 I hope to see her active again... I especially miss her photography posts...

Thanks for joining the contest with me sis... I'm glad we could do this again. We used to join a bunch of contests years ago, especially anime-related ones. haha~

Also, you must be so proud our your daughters... I sometimes see @justaboutart 's posts on IG and her artworks are as awesome as ever!!! For sure, she'd do well in the animation industry someday. <3

Ohh~ @super-em ... Such a lovely girl. I didn't know that she had that condition, but she's strong and can overcome it.. ^^ I miss her drawings... hehe~

And your hubby @openparadigm ... It was fun interacting with him before, too! ^^

Your family is awesome, sis!!! <3 I hope everything goes well for all of us. Take care~ <3


I was like "no way I can write the letter to myself" and then "omg I can't stop writing!" Lol It was fun! Thanks sis!

Right? hahaha~ I didn't expect my post to be very long... I was just shocked afterwards.. lol~