Stage Decoration of Marriage Ceremony: Enhance the joy

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Marriage ceremony is a great occasion of amusement in our country. Traditionally people like to enjoy with a lot of recreation and celebration at this program.

There are a lot of planning in accordance to organising and arranging this program. Not only the younger and child, but also the eaged person try to enjoy marriage ceremony in their own way.

There are a lot of parts in their marriage ceremony, but the common thing in every program in our country is the marriage stage.


Their must have a stage where the bride and groom sit either together or separately on different stages. It is a a very traditional culture in our country, that is being done from very from early ages and still now it is continuing.

The stage is very much important in this program. Because the program is focused and centered by the bride and groom. They are the main focus point of attraction in this programs. That's why people like to set them on a suitable place from where everybody can observe them and meet them. That is stage.

Though it the tradition, but it has been changed now a days. Now the stage is decorated in something different way than the past. Today I will discuss about the changes and recent trends about stages.

People like to prepare a stage and decorate it with flowers and decorative papers. Sometimes they also use some leaf, plastic materials and papers.

Now a days the natural flower is replaced by the artificial flower. Because natural flower is biodegradable. So with the passing of time, it seems to become fade and gloomy.


Artificial flower though it has not the appearance as like natural flower and no fragrance also, but it is ver close in appearance same. It remains same with time. And another benefit is that, it can be reused.

The persons who deals with their stage decoration and event management, they like to use it as they can apply it on different programs that will include minimum cost and increase their profit.

Now a days the use of different colourful lighting is also becoming popular. As people like to capture photo of their sweet moments and wish to preserve it, that's why they want to capture this moments in a colourful way.

So a lot of different types of lights are used in the stage that changes the presentation way and increases the attraction of the bride and groom.

There are also used some other things like mirror, glass, colourful paper, artificial grass and leaves etc. You may be confused that why mirror is used.


Actually mirror is used for the photography. People like to capture the photo in front of a mirror that is round or dumbbell shaped. It is also a popular trend now.

Now a days stage preparation is becoming a sources of earning of some peoples. They make the stage and decorate it according to the requirement of the parties and get paid highly in accordance to their creativity, quality and fame.

It is also a part of event management. Young generation is doing really well in this profession.

Yeah, I am presenting some stages that I have attended on the parties and captured by my mobile.







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I really like this decoration. And you wrote well ☺☺☺

Thanks apu for your comment. I am really learning from writing of all of you.

You write better than me ☺☺☺☺

এটা আপনার বিনয়! সত্য নয়, সত্য নয় 😃

😑😑😑আমি মিথ্যা বলিনা। সবার লেখার স্টাইল ভিন্ন রকম। সত্যি আপনি অনেক ভালো লেখেন। আমার মনে হয় আপনি বিডি কমিউনিটির discord এ জয়েন করতে পারেন।

কিভাবে জয়েন করব?

bd community post e discord er link dewa ache apu..

Ok apu. I will do.