Narcissus, Boast is still alive || Mythological Mystery (4)

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You may know about the Narcissus Syndrome or Narcissism. It's one kind of personality disorders named by the Greek mythological character Narcissus.

Before discussing about this disorder, firstly I am mentioning about the mythical history of Narcissus.
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According to Greek Mythology, Narcissus was an hunter who was very much proud and disdained those who loved him.

He refused Echo, that's why she was heartbroken and went to pass her life lonely. She prayed to the gods to teach Narcissus a lesson for all the pain she provoked.
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God decided to punish him. One day Narcissus became thirsty due to hunting and was looking for some water. When he leaned upon the water of a poll, he found his face on the reflection at water.

He was admired by his own beauty. But when he tried to touch the water for drinking, the face was being abolished. So he couldn't touch the water and just waited to the poll looking at his face on water until his death.

There are some people in our society who boast very much due to their aristocracy. They refuse others to help. It creates an self esteem and pride that may make them depart them from others like Narcissus.

Another example of the allegory of the tale about Narcissus is Narcissus Syndrome that I mentioned above. It is also termed as Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) or Narcissism.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by the pursuit of gratification from vanity or being introvert with excessive self attention and a lack of empathy for others.
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The adverse effects of social media is now considered as a type of this disorder where the people specially youngers passes a lot of time on their own profile.

They posts blog, vlog, microblog, photo, selfie etc. on their vertical ID and some of them become admired by their own beauty. They repeated look at their own profile and it creates a vanity.

They become introvert, lacking empathy for others, create selfishness, troubled relationships and even sometimes it become so serious that turns to the mental disorder.
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We should have a virtual identity, but let it not allow to grasp our real life world, the original identity of human being.


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