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A normal day to me is one where I sleep as early as 12am and wake by 4am. Yeah, my usual daily sleep is about 3-4hrs which I have been trying to change but it seems to be what my body is used to no matter how hard I try.


I surely guess you must be thinking what I do during the day that I sleep so less but I must say, I don't do much and it is neither my fault. If I was asked this question a week ago then I would have given a very good reason for this but never mind I would still share what I did today.


To know the reason behind my less sleep you need to know the kind of work I do. I am an Elevator Engineer, and a very active community leader on Hive running different initiatives and contest to keep my community running. I try my best to balance my life as an Elevator Engineer alongside with Hive which cost me some of my sleeping hours as well.

On a normal day, I wake up by 4am to create a post to publish on Hive everyday. This is what I have been doing for about 6 months and has helped me retain consistency in daily blogging without missing a single day. Moreover all my blogging are made on mobile phones because I don't own a system.


After waking up by 4am to think and construct a post, I make sure I finish up by 6am which I then use the remaining time to prepare for work. My work isn't an office work but a field work and I live quite far away from sites where I am meant to operate at with my colleagues.

On a usual, it takes 3hrs to reach my destination but when traffic hits, my travel time gets extended to about 5 to 6 hrs and sometimes goes as worse as 8hrs. My state Lagos, Nigeria is very popular for traffic and I must say, feel free to look it up on Google.


Being an Elevator Engineer, you would definitely be able to imagine what we do there but truthfully, I run from the most stressful of jobs which is dismantling of the Elevator. Another truth is, there is no sector of working on an Elevator that isn't stressful either powering, erecting or troubleshooting, both have their own stress points.


I leave the site to my home no later than 6pm or 7pm if the job isn't completed because I know I have a 3hr journey back home. Moreover 7pm is the recommended time for us to stop work by the company I work with. The problem I get is when serious traffic hits again on my way back home then I would know my arrival at home would probably be 11am or 12am and sometimes 1am. Then I begin another day cycle of waking up by 4am to think of what post to write and to make it before 6am.

I have been doing this routine for 3 years since I started working as an Elevator Engineer but my sleep became much lesser when I gave the dedication to become an active Hiver 6 months ago.


Even with this little time I had to focus on Hive, I have been able to try keep Blogging Challenge Community active with contest and running a separate Initiative to support Newbies on Hive which you can check here. Last week I was one of the judges who had to go through 83 post entries in the community and select 17 winners. Aside from that, I have managed to retain position among the top 20 engaged authors in the engagement league by @abh12345.

I must say, what that have kept me going towards being active is the vision of a better day for me here on Hive. Now as that I have discussed above is what I have been doing everyday for the past 6 months still last week on Hive.


I have left my job as an Elevator Engineer, and the reason is because I am going back to school to complete my education. That definitely means the way of life which I have been used to for the past 3 years would change totally. During the week, I have been planning my resumption for what I would be needing in school just before I travel this coming Saturday.


As usual I woke up 4am today since my body is used to it, I didn't need an alarm to wake me up. The first thing I did was to prepare my post for today which I published on Hive here


Next on was to go to my community to curate some posts published in it then go to the SMILE DISCORD SERVER to check post published by newbies in my newbie initiative to curate and leave some comments.

Then later on by 9am, I followed my mum to the market to get some things for her shop and also little things which I may need at school, things like indomie and others. Below is my pretty mum and some stuffs we bought.



We got home by 5:30pm after stressfully moving around the market which thereafter I sit comfortably on the living room dining table to write this content you are reading.

In Conclusion, I believe I have bet summarised my entire day and reasons why it is so. I really do appreciate you reading through the whole publication. Thank you 😊🙏

I genuinely appreciate this contest by @bdcommunity and the invitation of @surrealfia, to honour this invitation I therefore Invite the newbies in my initiative to partake in this contest which are @zanoz @kenechukwu97 @marito74 @salvador. You have still Friday 10PM GMT+6 still contest ends. You can find the contest rules here. Kindly do remember to engage in each other entries and probably entries of other authors as well.

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Click the banner to get redirect to The Newbie Initiative

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Click the banner to get redirect to SMILE server, or: https://discord.gg/wyhVUvt


All illustrations made by @tripode in Adobe Illustrator.

All images are mine except indicated otherwise







Wow your write up long oo, o boy you try, all the same I am sure you will definitely end some good up vote, nice seeing you participating in the contest, one love✌✌✌

Lol.. Thank you very much.. I totally hope so too.

Highly appreciated!!!
The way you described your day was productive and I learned that if we will set a routine and timetable for everything we can manage more things in a short time.
Your sleep hours seem less🙊 well I heard somewhere intelligent people sleep less hehehe. Mmmm, your consistency is the key to success here.
Thank you for the initiatives for newbies. I would surely take part in this contest.

Exactly.. A timetable can let us figure the little time to do things we need to do but in order to do something, that thing has to become a priority to you.

Smile, don't be deceived by what they say that intelligent people sleep less. The truth is that the brain actually needs to have a very good amount of sleep for it to function at a full capacity. I feel some side effects of my less sleep hours during the day but its become something I am used to.

Truly, consistency is the key to success. I have managed to retain consistency for 5-6 months and I hope I would be able to keep up with it

Yeah about the newbies, I surely knew how tough it can be for a newbie that's why I try to spread the love and give my little time to them.

Thanks for your comment. It is well appreciated. Just to note, you have about 7hrs before the contest ends.

I just missed it.
I calculated and it turned to something else.
I guess I can't enter myself now.
Well as inspiration I can write this?
Right 😁
Thank you for your time for newbies. 🤗

Yeah you should still write it then share it in SMILE DISCORD SERVER in #newbies-posts channel.

I would support the publication if you make an entry to it.

Thank you 🤗
I am sure to make it today and drop it in the room.
I joined it last night using the invite from @Kenechukwu

Did you say as early as 12am? Lol, that is so late! And you have been on this busy routine for like a while now. I commend you for committing time to both Hive (especially the new initiative) and also your day job.

Now it's back to school! Really? Indomie 😂 Your mum is a lovely woman. Say hi to her! Wish you success in your studies. I hope we will still get to read more from you when classes begin. 😊

The initiative is not that new though. I started it on the month of September. Moreover, you can see the first post I made when I first had the idea of the initiative here.

Smile. Classes may be all online, I am not totally sure yet but I would try to remain active on Hive.

Thanks for visiting my post and for the compliments btw, I would send your regards. @kemmyb

Wow that was quick 😲 I'm glad you're going back to finish your studies... it's going to be alright from now on... it will be different but worth it... by the way, you mom looks wonderful 😊

Thanks so much for the regards to my mum. Yeah I totally hope all would be better from now. I really do appreciate your comment. @surrealfia

Wow you are a young fighter,I like people like you,I can relate to you,you will go back to school to complete your education that is fabulous,thanks for sharing your day and the beautiful picture of your mom.of course I will participate no doubt about it,little problems with the internet but I am looking for a way.greetings from Margarita

Thanks so much for your words. Yeah I do understand that Internet of Venezuela isn't that good but I would be foremost glad to have your entry in time.

Thanks once again for your comments.

Wow! Boss @starstrings01 I throwaway salute after going through all the stress of the day yet you still make sure you never miss a day in Hive. Still being among the top 20 engagers to me is an under statement, you deserve first place.
🤔 Hmmm, should I say like mother like son? You both so much look alike, ohhhh, I can see...... you are mummy's pet right? 🤣😅😂


Smile brother, lol I don't deserve anything but anyway thanks. You can call me anything but I don't play with my mum. I love her truly.

Thanks for your comments bro. It's well appreciated 😊

Wow! That was a nice guess indeed. It's a pleasure. 🙏

You have given a summary of this day, the week and your last 6 months, hehehe more than expected, but it was a pleasure to read and know about your day and life.

I'm glad you made the decision to study and move forward with your academic goals, because of the discipline you already have you will do well wherever you work, so relax a little and enjoy the process.

Your pictures are nice, where you are sitting you look like a very handsome model and your mom is cute.

Greetings and may you rest on this special day. @starstrings01

Thanks so much for the compliment. I really do appreciate it. I really hope I do well. I send you my greetings as well.

Thanks again for your comments, it's well appreciated. @soyunasantacruz

Hmmm, when your today is like this, I just wonder how your normal days are :)
So you followed your mom to the market to get some stuff, hmm good son 😁
The Lord is your strength and muscle. More grease to your elbow lol

Smile.. Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments.

Hahahah... ASUU decided to join forces with Corona in order to.tie you down without knowing that their action allowed you to make a whole lot of money.

Heheh... It's still good to know that school is finally resuming so, just get it wrapped up in one shot and I'm sure that you will still be active in this place just like every other person that passed through this pandemic.

it seems like your sleep schedule is almost the same thing as mine although sleeping by 12 a.m. seems to be the earliest that I can get. I often sleep around 1:30 and my schedule have been like that since years ago so sleeping anything before 12 will always make people around me to think that I'm sick 🤣

Well Done Bro.
I don't know if l will be able to make an entry on this one but l won't stop myself from trying.

Well Done

Funny enough I have been at home before ASUU. I finish my National Diploma 2018 as an Electrical Engineer then started working as an Elevator Engineer. I planned to move to a university and resume last year 2020 but Corona happened.

Presently I have in a university going to study a 4 year course in Mechatronics Engineering.

Thanks for your comment brother. Do have a good night rest @kenechukwu97

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks very much @deepu7. I really do appreciate this 😊🙏.