Tradition has to be kept alive

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It is very difficult to say what is needed in human life.Today, friends, I will introduce you to an old tradition of my country that has been lost in the evolution of time, but it is very much needed in this dark night.Today I will try to explain to you why this thing is needed.20200507_21160801.jpegAlmost everyone in my country today knows what is happening in our country today because it has been raining heavily all day and when it rains, there is usually no electricity in our country and the whole city seems to be in darkness due to lack of electricity.

After a long time today there has been a severe storm that has destroyed all the electricity lines so there is no electricity, and the biggest thing because of the lack of electricity is that we have to stay in the dark all night today, to be honest we need lamp today after a long time has been what we used to need a long time ago.
Honestly, there is nothing to waste in life and nothing to throw away, it is difficult to say when it will be needed, as I felt the need for this lamp today, many days later.This old lamp is one of our traditions and this tradition I kept. One of the specialties of this lamp is that this lamp burns through oil and the most interesting thing is that this lamp of this dark day has illuminated my house today. I am really grateful to myself.This is why I feel so grateful to myself that I have saved this thing and the need for it is very useful to me today.

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