The world is sick

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Suddenly I looked out the window and saw nature, thinking that everything was slowly changing. I got bored listening to the daily news. The world we love the most doesn't seem to be the best today. The whole world looks sick today. As time goes on our world is getting lost in some unknown darkness. Thinking about all this, a fear came into my mind. Because we have so much research, so much discussion, so much criticism about the world. That world today seems to be turning its back on people. This is very unfortunate for us.

Because we may be pushing the colorful world towards darkness all the time. Where we have to keep the world at bay. We are the cause of our own destruction. Sounds easy to hear? Naturally, because we ourselves feel what is going on in the world right now. The powerful countries of the world are feeling weak. Who used to conduct various activities to show their strength. They are bowing to the earth today. We are constantly fighting with our own strength. But today we are the most helpless world. Our weakness is constantly being revealed.

Every time we feel how helpless we are. We may have guessed these things beforehand. From various studies we realized that the world will gradually go darker. But no one may have realized that everything would happen so fast. The killing of people is increasing day by day, the humanity of people is decreasing.

Every day we see one example of human cruelty in the media. The previous green world is no more. The amount of oxygen is decreasing day by day. Then it is understood how stupid we are as human beings. We cannot keep our world well by knowing everything. Because we may not be taking any action in this regard. We are only thinking about the present and the present luxury. But we may not be wondering what the future holds for these wrong steps. Again, it may be that we are closing our eyes knowing everything.

So maybe there is an epidemic in the world now. People all over the world are helpless today. Everyone can't do anything even if they have money. People are giving up their last breath due to lack of oxygen. That we are constantly on the back of money. Today they are surrendering their bras to the little virus. This is how our world has gradually changed. Everything changed right before our eyes but there was nothing we could do. We have woven thousands of colorful dreams about that world. That world is not good today.


Nice read. The world we see today is not the world we hoped we'd have. When the world turns its back on us, there is little or nothing anyone can do about it.

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