Wondering why

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Wondering why he was trying to feel better about it
no clue as to what he did
whom did he offend by his words
he could not understand what he had offered
the words that he had used were simple
but it might have meant something else
the reactions and the trembles
made him draw back and mumble
He was frightened that he had hurt her so
he decided to keep quiet and think about it
she meant the world to him
but he did not know how to express those feelings
and she went about as if she did not understand him
he was hurt but he did not show
except that day when he had minded her being close to others also
she stared at him
a look of hurt
the words that he blurted out
were strange to her and she cried out aloud
it was as if he was angry at her
his possessiveness startled her
and made her wary also

They did not meet again for a few days
the words kept ringing in the heads again and again
mobiles were meaningless now
message tones never heard
He decided to go across
and saw that she had become a quiet lot
the smile faded, a simple dress
she had realised that he mattered
words forgotten, they came together again
and the sun shone
the birds chirped again


image - pixabay


Well said through the words 🙏