Din O Dibosh - Stand up and act now

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Today - If you look up the horoscope columns in a newspaper, I wonder if all the future predictions would be the same for all. I mean, just think. Almost the whole world is affected by the COVID pandemic. At least one extended family member, friend, or immediate family might have been affected by the virus by now.

If I were to write a letter to myself now, I would talk to myself and try to assert the fact that there is no time to waste. The world is changing. The economy is changing and the way people are trying to adapt to the new life after covid is changing.

People are more aware of the life around them and how they can contribute towards bettering their health and those around them.

When Greta once spoke loudly, there were many who criticized her but even after many who spoke before and after her about the effects od pollution and the need to preserve the planet, it fell on deaf ears.

Covid has been like a shock which has truly shaken the world and woke the humankind from the slow slumber. There is no time to be complacent.

It is either now or never. If you are able to get up and do your work today, you will also have the capacity to do what you must in order to make sure you have a better tomorrow.

It is not a case of - Ah, why bother now? There is always the next day to catch up. Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise?

I am not saying that you should be rushing about and not relax or take some free time to entertain yourself. Of course, that is also necessary but what I mean is that you should not waste time by spending it on unnecessary family drama and gossip because people who do not know the value of time will drag you also into it and you might regret it later.

Things to do now

  • Spend time with people of vision
  • Try to understand what is happening around you
  • Write more and share it with those who love to read what you write

I hope this will be inspiring to others and to yourself too even as time progresses.

I invite @udezee to participate in this.

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Hello, I agree, if people do not change their way of seeing life, in the middle of this pandemic, hey I don't know when they will then, the world has taken a 36o turn, we must learn to enjoy each moment and value life.