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[Contest][150 Hive in prizes] A letter to the Past

It is quite interesting to note how my life has turned out. There I was, very unsure about life with no particular dreams kind of person and the sudden transition from being a small city girl to living rather adapting to the village and rural kind of life.

At first, I thought I will not attempt to write this contest but after reading Azir's @azircon comment, I realized I didn't have to follow the same pattern that people usually take.

So, here goes.

Dear Sayee,

I know you will be surprised to get this letter from the future. I do not wish to reveal what you will get to experience as you age but I can assure you that times will change for the better and that what seems hopeless now will reverse and make you better and stronger.

What I want you to do is to never give up your self-confidence or hope because it is the self-confidence that is the foundation for growing stronger. If you lose hope and give in to despondency and worry, then you will not be able to see how strong you will become later on.

Self-confidence is not something that can be bought from a store nor can it be taken out of a book after reading some author who declares that you can make friends just by reading his book and transforming into a wonderous individual somewhat similar to the claims of that energy drinks.

Try to be more self-assertive and do not let others bully you into doing things that they like. You are an individual and do not let go of your identity. That being said, both men and women alike all over the world often lose their identity sometimes and just live as if they have resigned themselves to their fate.

Remember, successful people did not become so in one day. They too have had their struggles and hurdles and they overcame them with the help of their self-confidence and the best part is that they did not give up on themselves.

The future will be better if you work on your self-confidence and the rest is up to your will power to remain composed.

I trust that I have done a good job in writing to you thus and hope it will be of help to those who read this.

I tag @inuke to write this challenge and although the contest due time is over, it can be a self-appraisal.

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