Sweet morning, heat of the day, calm of the night

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This is like a think back to what I did sometime ago.

I often loved to take some good shots of the skies and actually, it gave me the wherewithal to spend some quality time with nature.

One notable thing about the pictures I took is the variance in the period of the day I took them and a little edits I tried to add to each. All were taking while strolling. Also, it was all clicked last year.

Nature sometimes can capture your attention, in such a way that you'll feel stuck and even though I caught all these moments with just my mobile phone, they remain ever fresh and hard sticking to my memory!


For the first, was taken in the morning sometime last year. I intended to make it a full landscape pictures but later decided otherwise and thus laid emphasis on the clouds.



This one was taken in a hot afternoon as evidenced in the picture noted above.



I hold this one dear to me because it reminds me of the calm of the night and the serenity that comes with it. The sun can be seen already fully set making some shades of the cloud to be yellowish.


This is an entry for cloud pictures contest of @tobetada



Mehn... Why don't you just switch over to photography department in UNEC 🙄

Nawa oooo... It seems like your phone camera was produced in another planet and then, your editing was just perfect to bring out the best of this picture

Well Done Dear

I'm dead from whinning already 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂.
Well, what helps to improve it very much actually is the fact that I know some basic tricks in editing lol

What a great view! I also love looking at the sky!

Yeah me too, that's why I love to observe the skies!

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Did you just say little edit?
Bro, you nailed the life out of these photos😂😂
All the same, they look great and from this, I can tell you are good with adding more spice to something!
All the best in the contest

Beautiful images, incredible, all are different, the magic of the creator, greetings from Margarita, Venezuela.