Taking the burden of Responsibility

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When you are a free bird, there are plenty of options which you can explore without holding back. But the plot changes, when you have someone or group of people to take care of. I am talking about, the usual responsibilities that we have upon ourselves along the way of life.


Do you remember, how peaceful it was the time when you were passing the School/Uni life? Yep, at that moment many people had the idea, how long is it going to take for me to have a stable life or to grow to be a successful person? I am not sure how your life went at those moments but I miss those witty, wicked and charming moments of education life aside the education part lol. Now it takes weeks or sometimes months to sit back and take a look about what is actually happening in our life and have some me time. I guess life has played a wicked role in creating few more robots in the world (us)!

Financial responsibility :

Situations changes! This is what I learned along the path of life. Believe me, no matter how good or bad it is! Give it some time and make sure to do your best, you will see the result in front of you. It may take some time but it shall be worth it. One of the main reason to break down, is financial instability. This has or will make you see the real face of people and the world. But during this transition phase, you will get the best lesson in life. Make it worth it! As this will make you either a good or a bad person. You decide what you will become.


Nevertheless, never give up on the dreams that you have seen. As you will get options and chances along the path of life. People will never say they have enough. Learn to grow but do not be greedy. Learn to help but do not snatch. Learn to be wise but do not let others to let you down.

Being a better person is better than being a rich one. I might sound a little sarcastic but along the path of life money becomes just a tool for the basic needs in life. All that matters are the people close to you and how you have spend the life of yours in the past. make every moments count folks! As whatever you do, will eventually come back to you! Be that it may Good or Bad!

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