Battling Rapunzal with Silvershield Warrior, Splinterlands Weekly Challenge


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In the last couple of days, I was in real doubt what to actually in terms of investing in SL. Even though I am not a big investor but I suppose everything really counts. While after a few days of thought, I finally came to the conclusion and Splinterlands won. I will be trying to upgrade the cards slowly and I have been doing it for a few days now. Currently, my account is worth approximately $700 and that is taking me around C2-C1. I am pretty happy about that tbh. But in order to move forward even though it is going to be a big road ahead, let us see how it goes from my side.

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Keeping that in mind, this week's splinterlands weekly battle challenge is up and running and this week's monster is SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR. It is a COMMON, Life Monster which has the ability of Reach starting from level one. Let me share my gameplay with you all.


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While today's match was 17 mana, with the rule of SUPER SNEAK and LOST LEGENDARIES. Which does derives that all melee attack monsters have the sneak ability and due to Lost Leg rule, No leg cards can be used in the match. I initially went with dragon summoner to the Daria Draginscale. Since the monsters have sneak rule the summoner could be best used here. Likely, I wanted to go with the water deck but yeah last moment mind changed. So the summoner gives an additional +1 melee attack to the melee attack monsters of my deck.

I used Silvershield paladin to take most of the hits and likely I was expecting some magic monsters from the opponent, as it was a low mana cap and magic seemed the most expected option from the opponent and here the magic reflect came in handy and seems like I was not really wrong either. The additional benefit was the +4 shield and which came to some additional strength to take some attacks on the front line.

While before going into my other monsters, I just want to talk about this damn Creeping OOZE monster. Due to the use of it by the opponent my cards lost 1 speed from its cards and it is obviously a great deal when it comes to high mana matches but luckily, my opponent used low-speed monsters and that gave me a benefit as we speak.

Now, where were we? Yeah, my second monster, it was obviously SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR since for the sneak ability it did not come much handy in utilizing the reach ability but it was indeed worth it. With its +3 melee attack, it helped taking out the healer of the opponent. Thus helping me getting to success in this battle. Worthy card indeed. And the second reason using it in this position was, if my Paladin is taken out this, could easily take its position.

Now, this is where I was a little confused and that is, I was trying to go with ARMORSMITH but later realized FIENDISH HARPY suits the position best. And likely it did its job from here.

How many of you do not like COCATRICE as your opponent? And that even especially when your monsters miss to hit it and not even once but more than that. I hate that moment lol. Luckily since there was going to be sneak attacks Cocatrice was my first choice and went with it. I have neglected plenty of cards and its usages but this is going to be on my update list as well. Currently, I have it on level 3 and hopefully will upgrade it ASAP.

Last but not the least, THE FURIOUS CHICKEN. I was just thinking of using it, at last as because it will take one hit from the opponents sneak monsters very easily and would give my other monster some chance to adjust but luckily it did some damage to the healer of the opponent by its +2 melee attack and that was also a bonus. And since the Tank healer of the opponent was taken out the additional shield also went away from the other monsters, so that was a cherry on the cake. Either way chicken is indeed a useful card under certain circumstances.

I am still not sure why would Rapunzel would use CRUSTACEAN KING at the back when it was sneak rule, probably she/he was expecting magic monsters attack from me!

  • Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, it went in a very smooth way and the match went into my favor as well. So a plus point for me.

  • Do I use the SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR often? Why or why not?

Well, technically I do use it often along with LUMINOUS EAGLE as well. Based on the ruleset of the match and whenever I come up with life splinter these two are my go-to monsters in the second position. Why do you ask? It's because of the reachability mostly and like I said, it also depends on certain rules.

So that sums up today's blog and I suppose it was worth it.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

I don't use that card too much, reach ability is great but I use more Horny Toad, this combination of 6 melee Attack between Silvershield Paladin and Silvershield warrior can change the battle.