The Vigilante

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Officer Tinny hastily drove to the crime scene. This was the third murder case this week and his superiors were breathing down his neck for him to bring the culprit to book. Although Tinny felt the culprit should be given a medal instead because he was doing what they failed to do. For some weird reasons, his superiors had refused to lift a finger even after countless cases of human trafficking were reported to them but now that someone was finally doing something about it, they were sending the entire police force after him.

“What do you think happens when everyone starts taking laws into their own hands? There would be dead bodies littering on the street that's what.” Tinny's boss had replied him when he asked why they wanted to apprehend the culprit so bad.

“What am I looking at?” Tinny asked a junior officer who handed him a file the moment he crossed the police tape that was used as a barrier to warn the public that emergency services were investigating the area, thus no one was allowed entry except authorized personnel.

“Victim is a twenty-eight year old male, was ones arrested for sex trafficking but the charges were dropped after no substantial evidence was brought against him.”

Tinny took a look at the corpse just as it was been placed in an ambulance before handing the file back to the officer. He sighed “Do we have anything on who's responsible for this?”

“Well other from the fact that we know it's the same guy who had carried out the last two murders based on the video tape, we've got nothing.”

“Video tape, what video tape?” Tinny asked as he quickly followed the officer into a building that was close to the crime scene. Some officers were in the control room of the building and were reviewing the tape when he walked in.

“Play it from the top” He commanded and one of the officers immediately pressed a button.

The tape showed an almost empty street that had nothing other than a car parked at the side of the road and an homeless man who was sitting quietly at a corner. The bowl that he uses to beg for alms was in front of him.

Other than that, there was nothing else or so it seems until about thirty seconds later when a man and a lady were seen walking towards the car parked on the street. Everything seemed normal until when all of a sudden the man started struggling with the lady, like he was trying to force her to get into his car. Then the whole thing suddenly turned aggressive, one minute they were both struggling and the next minute, the lady was lying on the floor unconscious. A blow to the head was all it took for her to pass out.

The man looked both sides of the road, making sure no one saw him before he slowly picked her up and placed her in the backseat of his car. He was about entering the front seat of the car when he noticed the homeless man wasn't there anymore.

“I must have scared the shit out of him” the man thought as he reached for the handle of his door only for his fingers to drop to the floor.

The man screamed out in pains as he looked at his fingers laying carelessly on the floor. He immediately looked up only to see the homeless man with a very long and sharp knife.

Officer Tinny looked away as the man drove the knife into the lower abdomen of the man before disappearing into the shadows.

“We couldn't identify the man and the lady said she didn't see a thing because she was unconscious during the whole encounter.”

“Okay. Let me know when something new comes up.” Officer Tinny said and walked out of the building.

"Phewww that was a close one" he thought. "How could he have known that there was a CCTV facing that direction, he needed to be much more careful" he said to himself as he entered his car and drove off.


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