The Love We Give

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I've been asking myself some few questions lately, questions like why do we acknowledge the good of someone only when that person dies? Why write an eulogy when I'm dead when you can say those kind words to me while I'm still breathing.

Most people wouldn't be six feet underneath if they had gotten the love and care they had desired from their love ones. You see, sometimes we regret not being there for the people we love while they were alive, the guilt hits us so hard that we try to make up for it when they're dead by spending enough money to make their burial a success. But of what use would that money be to them now that they are dead?

A lot of people out there are fighting battles that we have no idea of and yet they may seem happy at the outside but deep down in them, they feel the worst. And that is why we all should be encouraged to be nice to people irrespective of who they are to us. In most cases, it cost absolutely nothing to be kind to people. One act of kindness can change someone's life for ever.

So to every one of you out there fighting your individual battles, before giving up or doing anything thing drastic, just know that I would rather listen to your stories, than attend your burial.