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Nnamdi paced up and down the hall as nurses and doctors ran past him. Every of his attempt to know what the situation was had been futile. No one paid attention to him, it was as if he wasn't there.

“Please sit and wait for the doctor”. A nurse who had managed to listen to him said before disappearing into a room. But how could he sit?

It has been exactly four hours since he walked into the hospital yet he had not heard anything satisfying from anyone. Sitting would not ease his tension, so Nnamdi resumed pacing up and down the hall.

"If only they knew how long I have anticipated this day" Nnamdi said to himself as he remembered all the humiliations he had been forced to endure for the past ten years. The people he called friends were always secretly calling him names. He knew this because he had overheard them one day by mistake but instead of confronting them about it he had decided to go home without saying a word to them. That was the last he had anything to do with them.

Few years after that incident, his wife had fell ill and he had rushed her to the hospital where the doctor ran some test on her. Forty-five minutes later, he came out grinning and congratulating Nnamdi.

The doctor was a family friend and he knew how much Nnamdi had wanted this. The couple had visited his hospital countless times to know if anything was wrong with them but they had both been fine medically.

“Congratulations sir. The delivery was successful”. A nurse said to Nnamdi, bringing him back to reality. He immediately rushed into the delivery room just as the nurse was about to tell him the gender of his child. But he was just too anxious and eager to see everything for himself.

As he burst into the room, he immediately stood still. The beautiful sight he saw almost made tears fall from his eyes. It was a sight he had thought he wouldn't see in his lifetime. His beautiful wife was holding their child in her arms as she laid on the bed. He slowly approached both of them. The tears he was trying to hold back all came out the moment he beheld the face of his child.

“It's a girl”. Nnamdi's wife said softly, it was obvious she was tired.

“A girl, my baby girl.” Nnamdi said as he gently touched the face of his daughter.

“What would we call her?”

“Angel, we will call her Angel” Nnamdi said as he continued touching her face..

Image by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

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