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Hi hive team!

This is @ohabrizvi

My name is AB Ohab Rizvi. The student of Begum Rokeya University University, Rangpur. Department of Mass Communication and Journalism. I am a responsible citizen, Live in Saidpur city, the upazila of Nilphamari district, Bangladesh.


I have completed my graduation. Now I'm seeking a good job and want to support my family.

I'm the 2nd child of my parents, and there are two sisters & one elder brother. Both of sisters are studying at local primary school and the brother is married who is working in a private company.

I'm font of babies, and like to spend time with innocent and sunny babies. I want to make the world better and peaceful for children.

I always like to travel around the world because it is the part of knowledge. And want to help the helpless people basically who are deprived of basic needs. I always try to be a punctual and honest.

I'm interested to make friendship with interesting and new people. Because, to meet with new people is not only interesting but also experiencing. To get a lot of information about a new community, it is the best way.

I will also share interesting, educative and informative ideas which will be very helpful for the members of this community.

I'm introduced here by @steemitwork who is my brother, so co-operative and he's guiding me.

I look forward to using my hive rewards to foster my goal.

At last, i want to thank my fellow adviser who assisted me.

Thank you for reading and i look forward to getting to know you through your introduction and Through your expressions on this site.

I love to encourage others in their creative pursuits and hope that we can be inspired each other.

Peace and love



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Welcome ohabrizvi!
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Thanks for reading my blog...and for your suggestions...😍

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