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RE: Wanderlust (ভ্রমণের নেশা)": My Travel Memories

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I havent been to Afaha Nsit before but I have a friend from Abia State who studied in there. I think the dude is done by now.

I saw many canoes and boats; lots of persons were travelling using it and it was exciting watching the boats being paddled.

If you are given an opportunity travel on a canoe, will you?

They would say that water is sweet only in the cup.

Haha😂😂😂 sometimes it does sweet when you swim in it oo. I'm even planning to visit Ibiono beach when I'm back.


Travel on a canoe?
No way to
I love my life 😏

Talking of ibeno beach, I will visit it someday

Lol...there is risk everywhere. Even when you fly on air

Lol...abi ooo

I agree with this statement:
They would say that water is sweet only in the cup. Water is indeed sweet inside the cup oooo. Maybe because I have a phobia for rivers, I won't make any mistake to go through water as transportation. My life is precious abeg.



But you should try it tho😏

hahaha. not me abeg. I don't do things like that on trial. Thank you ehn.

Lol 😂...fear fear

Lols...... Is it your fear?

Lol 😂😂 😂....