Thieves of "Obujpur"

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It was a lovely cool morning, and the clocks were striking 6:30. I woke up and opened my window. A lovely breeze was coming from the northern side of my room. Dirty dust flew in the sky with heavy wind. Maybe the rain will fall soon. How I got up early that day I don’t know, only thing was coming to my mind, a vibe was calling me.

I could hear something was frying in the kitchen, maybe my mother. I washed my mouth and feet, then opened my door. The kitchen was very near to my room, yes it was my mom, frying some eggs and preparing the breakfast. Both of my parents wake up early in the morning every day. I went back to my room. I opened my desktop, then opened the discord, and started checking the message. When I finished it was 7:00.

I have some gym instruments which I used for my daily exercise. So after coming back to my room, I started my workout. I started at 7:00, continued it till 7:30. After that, I took a break and thought about going outside to enjoy the lovely breeze. Didn’t waste any time as I started walking towards our staircase. Suddenly I saw a guy with a black pant and Punjabi wearing a mask coming up from below, he stopped after watching me, his face became pale as he saw a ghost. I asked where he was going? He replied that he was looking for someone named Rubel. There was no one living in our house by that name. That time a voice came from the back and it was my mother; she said that a few days ago a group of thieves came to our house and they stole cell phones from our neighbor’s house. When I heard that I looked down, another boy was waiting near the primary gate.

I was about to ask him a question before he started running. That time I confirmed these are the thieves. I just jumped from there and went down, oh my god I thought they were two but no there was another boy he was waiting and monitoring. All three of them started running, I also started following them. I was running and screaming...thief! thief! So what! no one cares, everyone was busy with their work. Suddenly, they were very close to our Bazar. They separated there and took three distinct paths. I was thinking about which way I should go, not wasting any time. I went straight and caught one thief. It was a little boy.

I brought him near to my home. All other people also gathered there. The boy accepted his crime and also told that the other two were the main criminals; they brought him to the city for work.

I went back to my room. That time I shared with someone very special. He told me to give some food to that boy. So, I gave some breed and lentils to him. Then a guard came and slaps that boy and let him go.

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অবুঝপুরের বাসিন্দারা বেচে থাকুক। এরা না থাকলে জীবনের অনেক বিনোদন কমে যেত :)

বিনোদন ছাড়া দুনিয়া অচল। সারা দুনিয়া আজ এটার উপরই ছুটে চলেছে, বেঁচে থাকুক এসব মানুষগুলো, আর বেঁচে থাকুক তাদের বিনোদন.......

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Ohh and did your mother got her phone back.

What is the meaning of abuj in your language? Is it mean someone who can't understand?

You are absolutely right! obujpur means where no one understand anything...actually, my mother phone wasn't was our neighbours... that day they came to our house for steal something, but failed to do so. Thanks for stopping by....

Oh. You've done a great job man

I am glad that I did ! Thanks for your complement...

অবুঝ পুরের বাসিন্দারা অবুঝ নয়, ভয় হয় এরা যদি অবুঝ হয়😏😏

তারা আবুঝ নই। কিনতু আবুঝের মত আচরন করে...

chor chor chor .... jakh abr sabdhan how vai .☺

Vai, apner light ta dekhe raikhen...😅😅😅

I think the thieves have a big gang. And they teach these little boys stealing. 😐😐

Yep, they brought them to the city and then force them to do so. Now more children are helpless because of the unemployment problems giving us a hard time, and some greedy people taking that opportunity.

If they continue like this, their lives will have no value. And cannot live a normal life like others.

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