Quantum Method!!!!

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Take a deep breath and remain calm! Why and for what are you rushing? There are moments that we push really fast in our life, don't want to rest, and simply want to go with the flow. These are precious and fleeting experiences. We had to make some drastic choices in those times because if we made the wrong choice, we would be doomed. I believe that everybody has had a moment in their lives where they had to stand up and make a decision. These moments do not come into our lives with a warning rather with a sense of doubt and surprise. I had faced this kind of situation many times, but every time I learned something from it.

This circumstance can ruin us or may give us the best moments of our lives. These experiences have completely altered my life. I am now stronger than ever, which gives me more confidence and makes me more efficient in my life. Don't get me wrong, bad days will come in our lives. You all might be wondering what he's on to. But think about it: if we don't get hurt, how can we learn to walk? Who cares if I'm wrong, everybody has their own way of dealing with problems. This will not change anything; I will continue to live my life and solve my issues in my own way.

Anything in this universe follows the chain principle, and we are no exception. This cycle continues, and our lives continue to go along with it; when one cycle concludes, begin another immediately. This is a never-ending scheme; the only way out of this chain is death. In real life, there is no pause, and time has no break, so there is no point in waiting and hoping that time will come and fix it. That will not happen either; we must fix everything on our own.

Having mistakes in life is fine, but if you keep making the same mistakes again & again, then it would be a burden. We learn from our mistakes, but this is also true that if we continuously do that, it can drag our life into hell. Not every problem has a simple solution, but having a simple solution to any problem is admirable.

When something bad happens to me, I try to remain still, close my eyes and hold them closed until I have a vision of myself in which everything is alright. It's important to have control of yourself as well as your emotions. When I was a kid, one of my teachers told me about a book named "Quantum Method," also told me that if I read that book & meditate accordingly, then I would be invincible. I was excited, didn't waste any time, borrowed the book from him & started reading. In that book, a Sufi has the ability to go anywhere in a split second; also, he can be available in two or three locations at the same time. So, I started following the instructions that were given in that book. I often closed my eyes, held my breath for a few seconds & then took a deep breath; this continued for 15 minutes or so.

After 2-3 weeks, I was very confident that I could also have that invincible power, so I tried but failed again & again; after one week, I gave up & returned the book to my tuition teacher. I also told him, "You and the man who wrote the book are both stupid and run away from there." That day, I concluded that there is no such thing as a superpower in this universe. It is our deluded mind that believes what it sees or reads, otherwise it's an illusion. I never trusted in those things after that.


lol, it must have been an onerous task trying to be invincible, I can only imagine your disappointment.

I believe that everybody has had a moment in their lives where they had to stand up and make a decision. These moments do not come into our lives with a warning rather with a sense of doubt and surprise

I am currently going through this phase in my life and it has been the most challenging and rewarding. it has taking a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone and want more for myself but I am glad I did

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