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RE: Wanderlust (ভ্রমণের নেশা): আমার যত বিদেশ ভ্রমণ! (ছবি ব্লগ)

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Wonderful! I also visited Nepal in 2018, I visited both the Bodinath temple and Darber square, I loved to visit again as I love those places.


Nepal itself is a complete package for an ultimate traveler. Beautiful nature, historical temples, Mount Everest, Bungy jump, paragliding in Pokhara, exciting nightlife all made Nepal an adventurous tourist destination.

Yep, I am wondering when I will have my opportunity to visit thin wonderland again. I love to visit Bandipur and some village areas as you know the real Nepal is there. And most importantly I want to meet with some of my artist friends who always want me come and of course the Patan museum, one of the finest museum in Nepal.

One of my Nepali friends live in Chitwan, and he invited me to his district to show me their culture and lots of Nepali elephants. :D

Ping me if you plan to go soon. May be we can go together. ;)