Old Boy(2003)

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“OldBoy-2003.” is one of the most popular Korean movies. This is an absolutely fantastic movie. It’s brilliantly acted, brutally and carefully driven, and most importantly, the shown the best raw emotion I’ve ever watched in a movie. This movie is all about love, revenge, torture, hypnotism & determination. From the beginning to the end, this movie was full of intensity & suspense. Whenever I speculate what will happen after this, my blood rushes through my veins when I watch the movie. When I first finished watching this, I felt what just happened in this movie was just insane, terrifying!!! And if that happened in my life, what would be my feelings?? I was thinking how someone could barely survive this brutal torture. This is not revenge; I felt this is more than that. It’s totally mesmerizing; I’ve seen many wonderful movies, but this one is equally horrifying and heartbreaking.

Releasing Date: 2003
Personal Rating: 8.4/10
IMDb Rating: 9/10
Director: Chan-wook Park
Writer: Garon Tsuchiya(story), Nobuaki Minegishi(comic)
Stars: Choi Min-sik(Dae-su Oh), Yoo Ji-Tae (Woo-jin Lee), Kang Hye-jeong (Mi-do), Kim Byeong-Ok (Mr. Han), Seung-shin Leo (Yoo Hyung-ja)...

This movie starts with the suspense, a guy named Dae-Su who was caught by the police, then his friend releases him from the police station. Then both of them used a nearby telephone booth; Dae-Su talked with his family, after that his friend started talking in the same booth when he finished he searched everywhere but couldn’t find his friend. This is how all the suspense started.

Dae-Su was kidnapped & the kidnappers locked him in a mysterious room. He had no idea who was doing this & why. He had begun to speculate with himself & started writing a diary. When he wrote the diary, he realized that he had committed many sins in his life, but he had no idea for what sin he was being imprisoned. He was frustrated & began to scream for help, but no one came.

He thought he had to get out of here. One day, Dai-Su noticed that some strangers would come & gave him MoMo as food with chopsticks every day. He started digging with that chopstick at the corner of a wall. Soon, he realized that it would take a long time to dig that hole, so he would put a scar on his hand whenever a year was over. Fifteen years passed, one day he saw the news of his wife’s death on television, and he was shocked when he saw that the police were blaming him for his wife’s death.

Fifteen years later, suddenly, one day, a woman came to her room, and she hypnotized Dai-Su. When Dai-Su woke up, he found himself inside a red box. Soon, he looked for his daughter, but he couldn’t find her. After that he went into a restaurant where he met a beautiful girl named Mi-do, when the girl touched him he lost his sense!!! When Mi-do read Dai-Su’s diary, he immediately fell in love with Dai-Su. Eventually, both of them have sexual intercourse. They were their new life, and Dai-Su almost forgot his past.

That moment the guy who tortured Dai-Su all those years took the entry as a villain & said something to Dai-Su, which completely shocked Dai-Su. The girl he was dating is his daughter. Finally, the ending part came; it was brutal, which was totally unexpected, in my opinion. There is more suspense yet to be revealed, and for that, you all have to watch the movie. That’s all for today. That’s it for now. I’ll be back with another exciting movie soon; in the meantime, keep watching movies and have a nice time.


You think it would be worth watching with subtitles, for someone who doesn't speak the language? Sounds interesting

Why not? After all, If you like drama and suspense, this should be a good pick.

I wonder how a handful of actors inherit so many personas. Already watched a number of Korean movies and more or less, the actors are the same, but in different characters with different hypes. And they never fail to thrill me as the story develops.

A big fan of Korean drama and thrillers. Like their use of slangs, though don't understand a word, yet seems to be very powerful when subtitled.

This movie is just perfect. Seeing the movie for the first time without knowing the ending is pretty shocking.

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