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Every day, how many times our mood changes, do we ever think about that? All of a certain thing starts frantically digging on my mind. Our moods are constantly changing, this is something very interesting. God encoded our moods with the finest mechanism that takes a millisecond to switch; it's like a roller coaster, which moves back & forth without Cease. Human psychology is strange when we try to think about something, other things come to our mind but not the one we wanted.

The clock is striking 12:00 am; hearing the soothing breeze's cadence, I don't know from which direction the wind is coming. Maybe it is the levant wind. Some called it the levant wind, which changes our mood. I have no idea about it, though. Now the rain started, my mind blinked with the downfall, water was pouring heavily, and the wind was heating my window with a strong gust. It's a jubilation of nature, which makes me nostalgic. Suddenly, the electricity was gone, and everything became dark. There was a small red light slowly blinking from a distance.

We spend an enormous amount of time controlling our life, but every time we fail. Eventually, it's a waste of time. Then we go back and think again & again try to figure out our faults. There is nothing to fix; life is like water in the deep sea, which flows independently. We can't control it. Humans can conquer everything in this world except their life. I am talking like a philosopher, sometimes it's cool, though. After all, a philosophical expedition is needed to understand our life.

Most of the people rely on their own instinct that leads them to the nourishment of their mind. As one is the proprietor of their own mind, they can do whatever they want/ like to do so. We should control our fury; otherwise, we will surely fall down later or sooner. And that will be the end. We don't want this kind of ending in our life; we should believe in ourselves and keep thinking positively.

When we are facing any problem, what should we do? Most people will panic and react instantly, but it's best to try to dissect the situation and then act accordingly to solve it. The right approach at the right time is required to achieve anything in our life. This is a fact.

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.
-Arnold Glasow

When I started writing, I wasn't in a good mood; after that, the rain started, and my mood started swinging. Then I had a discord conversation, which is a very challenging one. Then again, before I went to bed, I watched a movie. This is all changing without any notice. I haven't counted it, though; this is all my observation. This is a chain that changes our mood with the situation. Nevertheless, I am very happy with my life, nothing to complain about.


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