Drawing Steemmonster's Untamed Monsters Day-11: Drawing the “DARKEST MAGE.”

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Hello everyone, Take my humble greetings and welcomes to my blog. I hope you all are having a good day. I am not a professional artist. But I am learning, and I thought why not I draw some Splinter lands monsters. And I started to draw Splinter lands Untamed Monsters series. I hope you all will like my drawing. Today, I randomly choose another Untamed monster from the Splinter lands. This is one of my earliest paintings.This time I choose, “DARKEST MAGE.”
I want to call all untamed lovers, and also all Splinter lands lovers to come and enjoy the show. So come on everyone show that all these monsters are alive.


Darkest mage is the death monster. It has a mysterious look. It has two abilities, one is affliction and another is rust. Affliction ability makes him more powerful as when he infects the enemy with this power that the enemy loses his healing ability. Rust ability reduce the health of the enemy.

This is the progression of my work:




This is my old pencil sketch. Still learning new things and experimenting with different colors. Let's start the show.


For the color, I used watercolor. I just play with the colors. That's why working with watercolor is always fun. Then use spray little water to make it soft.


For shedding I use two brushes one is thick and another one is very thin. I use the blue color for shedding I don't know why. I just love to play with the color.


For lighting up the drawing I used soft brush and water to rub it properly. After that, I dry it for a while. Then I give the finishing touch.


  • Charcoal Pencil
  • Luna aquarell water colored pencils
  • Camlin Water color's Brushes
  • Strathmore 300 paper
  • Water color's
  • eraser.


Thanks for reading and getting here, see you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me.

Stay at home, stay safe...



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That's another nice creation 👍

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