Be happy and enjoy your life!

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Good morning, everyone. The weather is very much warm today. The weather has been too hot to survive the last few days. I must say that I have taken a bath 2-3 times in those days. My brain works fast, and also my work speed is better in the warm weather. That's why I love the winter season.

This is the place where I am spending most of my time nowadays. A cup of coffee to start my day with little snacks. An old Samsung monitor, an old desktop with a very old Microlab multimedia speaker, and a recently bought microphone. My uncle used this speaker and then my big brother and now me, but still rocking.

I think I am gaining some extra weight, I should lose some. Before I used to go to the gym but now it's impossible because of Coronavirus. All are currently closed. I am doing some basic exercise and also need some dieting, though.

In winter, I traveled to many places, as you all know, I love to do that. The most crucial part is in the winter season I rarely get tired, my body gives me enough boost to work the whole day, whatever the work is. I have some bad habits too like sometimes I am so lazy to do anything, sometimes I do some stupid things that I should have never done, but all this part of life. I am not a perfect guy who can do anything or makes everything right.

I am from a middle-class family, the middle son of a great father. All my life, I saw my father working and working, never giving up with anything. These things also influenced me. I also think that way that my father does. Nowadays he is getting old, still trying to do something. I know fathers are the most excellent teachers in our life, and this is also true that they all love their children.

I am a learner, trying to learn from life, I am a thinker who loves to think about the whole world; I want to be a flowing bird who can fly in the sky without worrying about anything. I am very happy with what I am, and what I have, everyone should think this way. Happiness will come and go, but the lesson I have learned and the skill of thinking as a free bird will remain forever.

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This is beautiful. It's a personal choice to be happy

I agree, it is totally upto the person.


😅😅😜 Thanks, man!

At least you have a desk, sometimes I don't even have that ;)

Dada, this desk has so many memories, specially I have a great memory with the Micro lab M-100 multimedia speaker...12 years passed still working fine, only once I had repaired it. Maybe one week ago my uncle came to our house, when he saw that speaker he was totally surprised that I am still using this one.

Always be happy with what you have.

Yep! Thanks for stopping by..🙏👍