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A new challenge awaits me!

These were the words I thought as soon as I saw the publication of a new challenge sponsored by the great community @bdcommunity and the second year for "Splinterlands Quidditch". An opportunity to be able to impress with a great strategy and power the "Night Elder @azircon". This is my second participation in this writing contest, so I plan to do my best and show a unique strategy by proving the power of a great skill in the game that few cards possess.

This week the theme is to make a battle with the battle rule called "Little League", a quite peculiar but very interesting at the same time, because you have to think very well what cards to use and what strategy to show to surprise your opponent, it's quite obvious what many could play in a rule as specific as this and more when we can observe before each battle that Splinters can be used, so you have to know very well the cards of each Splinter so that the odds are in your favor.

Now, without further ado, come with me in the development of my battle and thus know the strategy applied for it. In addition to this, the publication will detail it in a specific order that is:

1. Rules
2. Training and strategies
3. Pros and Cons
4. Final analysis of the battle

Battle Rules


There is not much to explore in this development section, as the only rule associated with my battle was that of challenge. Likewise, I'll leave a brief explanation of what it is and how it works.

  • Little League: In this rule, you can only use monsters with a maximum mana of 4, so you can only summon these monsters with very low mana, the ones with 5 forward will not be able to be used, this includes summoners.

My battle


Here I show you my battle


My Team and Strategies


I will start by detailing the formation I used in my battle and then talk about the strategy I used by placing each card in that order.

Lyanna Natura.pngLyanna Natura
My strongest team is the land team, so of course I wanted to look for a battle with that rule, where I could prove to myself that I could win and be in the Champions III league even more, as it is a real challenge. In that sense my chosen summoner was undoubtedly my "Lyanna Natura" and her ability to give one more point of life to all my cards, giving me a little more time for the development of the attacks of the rest of my monsters.
Spirit Shaman.pngSpirit Shaman
Possibly the most important card in my team, this is the monster with a very good skill, which, although it is short, certainly gave me enough time for my cards to do their thing, this skill is called "Divine Shield". With this ability any first attack that they make to my "Shaman", is totally ignored, additional to this to increase their firmness in the field, has the ability of "Stun", so I had twice the resistance in the battlefield.
Magic Of the Forest.pngMagic of the Forest
A very powerful card and chosen to be my backup tank, besides, my strategy with this card was to use its great attack power to destroy my opponent's tank quickly. However, it didn't work out quite as I expected, as my opponent used two cards with moderate attack power in conjunction with the "Snipe" skill, so my Wizard ended up defeated prematurely without being able to attack, but serving as a decoy so that my important attack cards achieved their goal.
Wood Nymph.pngWood Nymph
A key card in my strategy, which by the way I use a lot in every battle I can, since its ability called "Tank Heal", recovers the health of my tank in every round, giving much more resistance to my "Spirit Shaman", which was key to practically resist all the battle standing. Although his magical attack didn't work against his "Animated Corpse", he managed to do a great job and fulfilled my final objective, which was to give my cards on the baseline as much time as possible to attack.
Screeching Vulture.pngScreeching Vulture
My Screeching played a big part in the whole battle, my strategy in placing it on the field was simply to use its skill called "Opportunity" to destroy the weakest monster on my opponent's field. This worked perfectly because the weakest of my opponent's cards always went to the first position.
Barking Spider.pngBarking Spider
One of my baseline cards designed to attack my opponent's first card, in short, is one of the main attack cards I have in my strategy. Despite not having any skills that change the game drastically, it possesses a good amount of health to withstand a few attacks, in addition to the 2 point range attack power it has, allowing me to defeat each of my opponent's front cards.
Earth Elemental.pngEarth Elemental
The last card of my training and another key piece of my strategy. I placed it in the last position in order to take full advantage of its "Heal" ability, because if my opponent used monsters with the "Sneak" ability this would allow me to first protect my own "Elemental", second protect my core team so they can keep attacking and third also support the frontal attack with its two range attack points.

Pros and Cons



My strategy even though it wasn't perfect worked. The main objective of it was that my "Spirit Shaman", supported as many attacks as he could with the help of his native "Divine Shield" skill and also the support of my "Wood Nymph" with his "Tank Heal" skill, all this allowed my Shaman to keep attacking and of course the rest of my team in the baseline did too. In this way, thanks to their resistance, I was able to endure and come out victorious, even though my opponent's strategy and alignment were relatively good, especially with his two pitchers and his "Snipe" skill.


In this battle only the Splinters of Life, Death, Dragon and Earth could be used. My strategy of course wasn't perfect, it had many flaws and I really took a lot of risks with the type of tank and formation I used. Thus, analyzing well the cards and the types of formations that could have been used against me, I particularly liked one and I knew in advance that I would lose if it was used.

So come with me so you can see what strategy and training I would have lost for sure.


Tyrus Paladium: I'm leaning towards a life team that I would have fallen in with, at first the summoner would be the "Tyrus Paladium", with it, all his cards would have gotten one more point of shield, of course, being a rule where only low mana monsters can enter the scene this summoner and his skill is perfect.

Crystal Jaguar: The tank they would have used for the battle, approximately level 4 to 6, would have been perfect, since in these levels it has the skill called "Thoms", a very good one that damages the cards that manage to hit an attack. On the other hand, it has a very good amount of health of 6 points and although probably the first attack to the Shaman would have been ignored, and in the next this was not going to happen, so it would have been in serious danger my Shaman with this card.

Baby Unicorn: The backup tank they would have used against me would have been this one. Its ability called "Strengthen" gives all friendly monsters one more point of life, so the Jaguar would have been harder to defeat, getting more resistance. In addition, this Unicorn at a level between 4 and 5, in case the Jaguar fell in battle also has a good amount of health capable of resisting more attacks, giving the background attack team a chance to destroy all my other cards.

Divine Healer: A key piece in this strategy, since it is the defender of the tank, in this case the Jaguar, it would have obtained even more resistance with the help of the Divine Healer and its native Tank Heal ability, this way it would have been even more complicated to defeat the Jaguar and Unicorn, giving enough time for the rest of the cards to do their job.

Divine Sorceress: A very good card, already at this point are the attack cards. It has the same ability as my Shaman, so any attack on it would have been ignored in the first place and since I don't have a card with the Snipe ability on the field, it would have done its job without any problem.

Light Elemental: Another card already targeted for baseline attack. At level 1 his magic attack is already 2, so he could have done quick and lethal damage to my Shaman. On the other hand, at higher levels this card possesses the ability of "Headwinds", specifically at level 4, which would have been fatal since my attacking front were pure rank casters.

Peacebringer Finally, an excellent rank attack card with great attacking power. With this card between level 1 and 4 it would have been more than enough to defeat me, since at these levels their attack between 2 and 3 points, and with an average speed, already my Shaman and the rest of my attack cards would have fallen without much resistance, since most of them had very little life, except for my "Elemental".



To conclude, this is a rule where we must be careful what type of cards we use. The ideal is to know each of the cards that the Splinters have so that we can devise effective strategies against certain formations, so that we can perhaps surprise our opponent and win the battle.

I hope you liked this entry, I am grateful to the community of @bdcommunity for this contest and the possibility to continue improving as active players in this great game that is @splinterlands.



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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Magic attack monsters helps you a lot in that line up also scavenger was a great combination to make you succeed on the battlefield.

Thank you very much @yonilkar. That's right I also think the magic would have worked well.