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Splinterlands is a very interesting game that has brought us many emotions over time, including valuable rewards, and many communities have been encouraging participation and union in this game. This does not escape the community @bdcommunity, who have created a very interesting writing contest called "Splinterlands Quidditch".

Their first theme for this contest is to perform a battle with only 12 mana, using any Splinter and also regardless of the set of rules, this immediately caught my attention, as I am always looking for new ways to move forward and creating new strategies and a battle with so little mana requires having a very good play, trying to choose the best combination of cards that will allow you to get the victory.

Now, I'll start by detailing how this battle went. Come with me...

Battle Rules


This was a battle with 2 very interesting rules which are:

  • Close Range: This rule is very easy to understand, it simply means that monsters that have range attack, when they move to the first position will be able to attack. Something that normally can't be done with a monster that is only an axe thrower.
  • Rise of the Common: This rule is basically about only being able to use "Common and Rare" monsters in battle, which is pretty interesting because, if my opponent has really strong epic or legendary cards, they won't be able to use them, so it's a good opportunity to surprise any opponent with this rule.

My battle


Here I show you my battle




I will start by detailing the formation I used in my battle and then talk about the strategy I used by placing each card in that order.

Lyanna Natura.pngLyanna Natura
For this battle only 3 Splinters could be used which are; Earth, Life and Dragon. Do not hesitate to use the Earth Splinter as it is currently the strongest I have, so I should take this opportunity to use it and also take advantage of the ability that my Lyanna has, which gives one more point of life to all my cards, which is a very good point due to the low mana that this battle requires.
Flesh Golem.pngFlesh Golem
No doubt the tank I chose for this battle would be this card, not only for its great health but for its "Heal" ability, which is very useful in this kind of low mana battles. My strategy is simple, using this card as "Tank" my idea is that I can resist my opponent's attacks, as well as attack my opponent and further weaken his front.
Furious Chicken.pngFurious Chicken
This card is very useful for battles like this one, I just put it in the second position so I can grant more time, so this is a decoy to grant more time to my last monster to keep attacking.
Earth Elemental.pngEarth Elemental
The last card in my formation and the centerpiece of my strategy due to the battle rule called "Close Range", as my card is an axe thrower, in case my first 2 monsters fall in battle, I would make sure that my "Elemental" would continue to attack, plus it has the ability of "Heal", a clear additional advantage that would ensure victory.

Pros and Cons



My strategy really worked, it is very common that in battles with very little mana, monsters come out with the ability of "Heal", which gives a clear advantage to the one who has it, however, despite being an obvious strategy for this battle worked perfectly.


As I said, it is very common to use this type of cards with the ability of "Heal" in these battles of little mana, but this does not mean that the strategy is invincible just because the monsters recover their health in each round, in that sense I will detail what strategy would have served my opponent for things would have been different and he would have been the winner.

Spirit Shaman: This card at level 3 has the ability to "Stun", with this ability at the moment that the attack succeeds in reaching my opponent's card, he will not be able to attack until the next round, which would give him the opportunity to attack and prevent him from achieving his objective.

Serpentine Mystic: Another card that could have changed the roles in the battle, because thanks to its "Afliction" skill, it would have automatically prevented the recovery of my Flesh Golem, giving him the opportunity to attack and destroy more easily my formation, also using a "Kretch Tallevor" in conjunction with a "Gloridax Guardian or a Gloridax Soldier", he could have surely won the battle.



This is the end of my battle strategy and how my opponent would have been able to counteract my move, the truth is I didn't see any more possibilities that he could beat me with only the Splinters that could be chosen in the battle, but I could have lost if my opponent had thought at first about stopping the ability of "Heal".
I hope you liked this entry, I am grateful to the community of @bdcommunity for this contest and the possibility to continue improving as active players in this great game that is @splinterlands.



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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice strategy.
I liked the way you described the pros & cons.
And the post formatting (the markdown) is very nice.
Hoping to see you showing us good things like this in the future too.