Din O Dibosh: An Unconventional Day

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I just can't stop myself from looking at my clock. It seems to be running faster than usual at the moment.

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I would have also loved to blab about how it feels to be awake by this time of the morning in order to do one or two things online before daybreak but this seems to be my normal lifestyle so I'll pass on that.

It's almost a new day and l'm trying to at least have a post that will count for me today after having such an unconventional day.

An Unconventional Day?
That's exactly how the day was for me because I had to experience alot of things that l have not been experiencing since years ago. l slept off on Wednesday night by 1am but l woke up by 4am to notice that there was still no power supply in my area. My gadget was already roasted and l had to stare at my ceiling till when it's time for my morning devotion.

Should l talk about my prayer points?

Heheh... You would be surprised to know that l asked God to do one of his miracles for me. I sincerely asked for it and l was convinced that my prayer is being answered because l could feel how hot my body temperature was becoming despite the cold weather.

I have been feeling ill since l came back from work on Monday. l subsequently became bedridden since then till now so, your guess it as good as mine. I prayed for a miracle to occur. I needed to leave my sick bed and return back to work. I never liked the idea of receiving phone calls from people just because they want to check up on me so, l was very focused in order to pray myself out of the sickness or to pray the sickness out of me. I didn't care much about how the separation would take place. I just wanted my freedom.

I know that you are already wondering if my prayer was answered.

Heheh... Wait for it!
A miracle that have never happened before decided to happen 🤦. I finished my prayer and opened my eyes only to notice that my room was already filled with smoke. A typical African man would have jumped up to scream Hallelujah but l was sincerely not energetic enough to do that.

All of a sudden, l remembered that l dropped my pot of rice on my stove before starting my prayer. I rushed over to my kitchen only to be faced by a burnt offering. The whole food was already turned to something that is beyond my recognition. I just turned off the stove and stepping out later to buy something that l can eat before taking my medication.

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Everyother thing l did today was all channeled towards taking care of my ill health and performing the task that l received from the Chancellor of UU. I wrote it in hardcopy and later prepared the soft copy which l submitted in the evening.

My friends also decided to grace my house with their prescence. They came to check up sick Kene but they still came empty handed 🤣. Lol... Not even an orange was in their bag. They just came and threw banter at me but the moment was well taken and l enjoyed it.

The last thing l did when the day was still bright was to join a scheduled virtual meeting with thee staffs of Dreemflare/UU.

Sincerely speaking, l believe that my day wasn't so bad because l was able to regain my health and l believe that l will be going to work in some hours time. The online unconventional part of today is that l just wasn't used to being at home for 3 days when my colleagues are working but experiencing it likes this also had it's moments.


That sounds like a day well spent. Hiving continues whenever time permits.


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Hmmm, sorry man that you had to fall for the I'll health just like that. I pray you experience a quick recovery...hehe

So your day would go very nice!

Thanks Bro.

You know, that stuff comes when it feels like doing so. What more can l ask for?

I just did what l can in order to get rid of it

😂😂 You had me at the point where after praying your room was filled with smoke! I thought probably an angel had descended in answer to your prayers 😋.

Sorry about your illness. I'm glad you are feeling better to attend work today! What a day you had. Thanks for the invite 😏

Hahah... Accept my invitation in peace na 🙄

It appears that l submitted my assignment late so, my post is also in my prayer point.

I'm no longer sick ooooo.
I'm back to my work ooooo

Happy weekend ahead dear

Hehehe friends are another sort of creatures lol.
They will never come with a bucket in their hands but full of emotions and loves.
Sorry for your health.
And yes always a meeting with uu makes us feel fresh 🚶🏻‍♀️
Thank you for inviting me but I am confused about the time 🤔

Hahaha... I'm sure that you are already cleared of all your confusion 😋

Well Done Dear

Hey brother, I am glad you feel better now. Having less sleep in the night definitely reduces our immune system and could make us end being sick. I have been lucky to be escaping illness with my less sleep.

That is friends for you though not all but some. But I am glad they made a fun day for you.

Nicely written post bro. Good job.

Hahah... The friends just came to cause chaos in my apartment but l'm happy to have them around.

Everything is now okay so, l thank God for life.

We all will succeed in our pursuit in life.

Well Done Bro

😂😂 My ribs!
How do you know they would have jumped and shouted hallelujah if you weren't thinking or doing the same thing?
I was wondering which spirit or angel visited you with smoke😂 angels don't even come with smoke, do they?
I am glad you didn't burn down the house while forgetting yourself in the place of prayer.

I am glad the preparation finally came.
How did you guys break up? I mean you and the sickness?😂
It's nice to have you back on your feet again mate!
Hive on!

Hahah.... The smoke was enough to cast the sickness out of me and l'm happy that l'm back to my full fitness again after all those series of illness.

Woww.. Don't mind that shout of Hallelujah, l just shouted it in my mind 🤣

Happy Weekend Dear
You are doing well

I knew you had shouted hallelujah anyway 😂
It's a miracle to be back healthy and strong again
All praise to the Almighty.
Hive on!😎