¨Din O Dibosh¨ Things can never go wrong when you are predisposed

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Happy to be here in this wonderful ¨BDComunidad¨: and it is thanks to my friend @daltono who has made me this kind invitation to participate in this contest, if you want to participate you can do it, but first please read the conditions here: 

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The contest is a lot of fun, all you have to do is comment on how your day was; In other words, let us know what are the things that motivate you during the day, and what you do to have a good time and enjoy it to the fullest; Remember that life is shorter than we suppose, we must live it intensely

My Day January 17

Despite being Sunday I get up early, I do it every day at 6:00 AM; After personal hygiene and having had a delicious coffee for breakfast, visit my ¨Hive¨ page to respond to the comments and post the day; At 8:00 AM, I had a visit from a person who wanted to buy two of the ¨reposeras¨ that we manufacture from the ¨pallets¨

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A few days ago I felt tired, and when that happens, it is because I need to do something different and renew my energy; Faced with this situation, I decided to visit the waterfront of my city, there I find the energy my body needs

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I really like walking along the waterfront of my city, I can appreciate beautiful vegetation that accompanies us the ten kilometers that our waterfront has, also, feel the breeze of the river

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You cannot imagine how this place fills you with energy, we had such a good time, that we were late to prepare lunch, for that reason we decided to buy prepared food; On Sundays we usually have grilled meat for lunch, and it is what we buy in a place that we like how they cook

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The food was very delicious that we ate too much, our body was heavy with so much food; We decided that a nap would be a good idea; I got up after 5:00 PM, it was a good time to make my video in the garden

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The walk along the waterfront was a wise decision, I renewed my energy and I felt very good; When one is predisposed nothing can go wrong; We were visited by several people who acquired some of our furniture

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Today was a good Sunday for our furniture, with money in our pockets and free time, it was a good time to drink a beer, and watch my favorite series, we took the opportunity to catch up, now that we had jammed some chapters

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It's incredible how fast hours go by when you're enjoying the day, that's how it was done at 1.00 AM, time to go to bed; Before doing so, I want to invite my friend @madushanka to participate in this beautiful challenge, and all those who are interested in doing it, can do so.


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

hello dear friends @pixresteemer good day
Thank you very much for the great support you give to my post
I wish the entire team a splendid day and a prosperous week.

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Those are great looking reposeras. It is no surprise that your furniture sells, high quality stuff.
Going to the water to renew yourself is a wise idea.
Ending the day with tasty beer as the best finale.
Thanks for participating in the contest!

how are you dear friend @daltono good night
This style of rustic furniture is highly sought after here, we make all kinds of furniture to use outdoors.
water is a good source of energy, it always works for me
What else can you ask for in life, being together with the family, watching a beautiful series, drinking delicious beers.
I really appreciate the support you provide to my post
stay safe and take care dear friend

Lovely promenade along the river to enjoy a long walk taking in nature, inspiring new spirit into one to carry one with the day.

Lovely furniture for people to enjoy on a patio, being creative earning a living @jlufer


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hello dear friend @joanstewart good night
what you say is very true, there is nothing more gratifying than a walk along the river, it is incredible how energies are renewed
We make outdoor furniture, thinking about the hot days of my city
Thank you very much for this pleasant visit and support that you provide to my post
stay safe and take care dear friend

To safely walk along the waters edge would be so relaxing something to dream about...

Returning to trades is going to stand many in stead through tough times. Along with lounging sun chairs, matching boxes to plant vegetables/herbs in for balconies, many are going to start doing more home planting going into the future.

Keep smiling and enjoying those walks!

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Thank you for bringing us along on your wonderful day!
Your day is filled with activities yet they are most relaxing.
Is good to see the progress of your project! You will be needing more pallets!
Yes, and end it with a cold drink!
CHEERS, @jlufer!

how are you dear friend @ silversaver888 good afternoon
this is a very fun contest, you should join it,
The furniture is doing very well, I hope it continues like this, for now the pallets that we have will reach to fulfill the orders
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night, that you enjoy it a lot

What a lovely blog! The furniture you make is very lovely! I also love going and seeing the water to relax!

how are you dear friend @flowerbaby good day
happy that my post is to your liking, visiting the river or the sea is very healthy for our peace to mind and renew the energies of the body
I appreciate with all my heart your pleasant visit and your kind words
you had a splendid day