The Story of Bullied Freddie - The End

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I bowed my head in shame at Mr. Michael's office standing. “Freddie, you have been a good boy in school, so what happened? Why do you engage in a fistfight?” Mr. Michael questioned me.

“I am sorry Sir” that's the only words that my mouth was able to produce Mr. Micheal sighs “You know the school don't tolerate any act of violence and for engaging in a fistfight you ought to be cautioned with suspension from the school for a week or two and if such habit continues, it can lead to possible expulsion.”

My eyes became teary hearing these words for being suspended won't make my late mum's wish of me becoming the first graduate in my family come true. “I am sorry Sir Michael but please I can't be suspended now” I said, hoping to be shown mercy.

“I am not placing you on a suspension considering the fact exam is in a week from now and you just lose your mum, and I know that may have been quiet on you but it's no excuse for your behavior ."

I gave a sigh of relief when Mr. Michael said I won't be placed on suspension, and he also assured me he won't let my father know about the incident, but a second occurrence will call for disciplinary action more than the laboring work, I and Alex were assigned to do as a punishment.

It was two days close to exams and it seems my bullies have taken a break off me. And I know for sure they might have caught a new prey to bully but I never expect who the new prey will be until one of the sunny afternoon when I was taking a nap in my bunk, Eduardo showed to disturb my sweet sleep with the news that he saw a crying Kelly doing lots of chores which he discovered to be chores assigned to Alexander and Peter. I didn't feel a hunch of pity for Kelly because to me Karma was doing his job.

There is a stream at the back of our school which we do fetch water from. On the eve to commencement of our exams, I saw Kelly struggling to get water from the stream, and Alexander, and Peter standing as a supervisor behind him. I had to take a break and hid behind a tree to avoid getting bullied.

I saw Kelly trying to carry a barrel of water but Kelly and Alexander were forcing him to take two barrels, and in the process, the unexpected happened in my very own eyes Kelly fell into the water and Alexander, and Peter both left him and carried the two barrels of water.

I felt the urge to leave for the hostel after they(Peter and Alexander) left but my heart couldn't bear it, so I moved to the stream and saw a drowning Kelly. I saved Kelly with my swimming skills, all thanks to my sister Paulo who taught me every basis of swimming.

Eduardo later joined us on the stream, and Kelly explained how Alexander and Peter usually force him to be a pet that helps them to bully others or risk being bullied and that the shirt and bed sheet was Alexander's and not his. We all walk back to the hostel and report our bullied experience to the principal, and Eduardo also gave his fair share of how Peter always taunts him for being fat.

Us speaking out, brought other bullied students to come forth and share their experience about being bullied by Peter and Alexander. The following day they were both expelled.

And the peace and sanity in the school was returned. I became best friends with Kelly and Eduardo before I graduated from high school.

My bullied experience made me realize that at times you gotta speak up to set yourself and others free.


This is the last part of a three part series. You can read the first part and second part here.

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