The Story of Bullied Freddie

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Formal education came to our little town in the 1950s and I was among the young boys that passed the aptitude test that was a ticket to learning. After primary education, most students weren't able to continue higher education due to the fact that there was only one high school in a zone consisting of five towns and the school was located in my town located under the zone.

I wasn't among the brilliant students from my primary school so getting admitted was nearly impossible. But my Dad is friends with the American principal, Mr. Micheal made it possible for me to attend my town's high school and it became one of the reasons I was bullied.

I am Freddie, a 14 years old 4'8ft tallboy. I am a blonde Mexican and every day in school I am being bullied for it.

It was a Saturday morning, we just had our breakfast and we were preparing for laundry and cleaning up. I took my basket of clothes to the laundering ignoring the several hands touching my curly blonde hair. I poured my clothes into a bowl of soapy water when I heard my school peers shooting Freddie's.

I turned towards their direction and I saw Mr Ken(the master in charge of the school laundry room) holding a school uniform, whose white color has become brown due to the dirt it has accumulated.

Freddie, he yelled. "Don't you know this is insulting to the school? And how can a student of this prestigious school be such a dirty pig?"

The words "It's not mine" somehow escaped from my lips with a silent tone but Mr. Ken wasn't having any of it with the look he gave. I want you to make sure the glory of this shirt returns back. Mr. Ken said as he threw the dirty shirt towards my direction.

When it comes to Mr. Ken, his decision is final, he never gives room for an explanation and something he loves more than his glasses he always puts on his cleanliness.

I spent hours that day in the laundering room like I ought to as I was returning glory to the white shirt that's not mine as Mr. Ken instructed.

After my hours of laundry, I went in search of woods with fellow students as it was the cold period and we needed wood to keep us all warm at night. Getting to the bush path in the school. Alexander and Peter, the school's famous bullies, approached me to carry a bunch of woods. I was about to resist when Alexander gave me a crooked smile and asked, "Do you want more laundering room experience?"

I was strained for doing extra work that is not mine and all I wanted to do was to have dinner and good rest but not visiting Mr. Ken with the glorious white shirt will definitely lead to more troubles than I have been getting in school.

So I walked my tired body into his office and showed him the shirt. He yelled at me for disturbing his rest and I quickly dash out of the office. One weird thing about Mr. Ken is that he sleeps so early unlike the other teachers/masters and instead of using the personal room assigned to him for his night rest he preferred sleeping in the office.

I walked down the corridor to my room with the aim of keeping the shirt as it was practically mine now as the other students acclaimed. When Alexander approached me with his Pet friend Kelly approached me. "He is the boy that did the laundering job right?"

Yes, he is the blonde Mexican boy, Alexander replied.

Kelly grabbed the shirt from me and spoke, "tell me short Freddie how can a Mexican boy be blonde? Was your mum a slut? Did she have an American as a client?"

Kelly and Alexander burst out into laughter. I was mad and couldn't hold my anger as I positioned my hands into a fist form ready to throw a bunch.

To be continued...

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