The Fate of Nelson

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Nelson was running at a high pace, but it wasn't enough to keep his chasers off him. He needed to do something swiftly or risk being caught which he can't afford at the moment.

It was as if fate was on his side when he saw tricycle riders and some people from the market gathered in a spot that looks like an accident scene. He runs into their midst and the two heavily built-up men chasing the twelve years old boy walk into the crowd but they are lost as they couldn't find him, by this time Nelson has moved from the crowd and hid behind what looks like an abandoned wooden store.

He was panting and sweating profusely but his thoughts were filled with a way to get to the wretched and abandoned wooden house, he and his grandpa came. He held the bread in his hands as tears flowed down his cheek.
He wondered why God gave to some and not to others and why the heart of men was so stiff that he was being haunted for a bread less than 1dollars that he stole.

It was up to thirty minutes and he thought his chasers had left little; did he know that his thought was wrong. As he stepped out from his hideout, one of the men chasing him appeared in his front, he looked back and saw the other, in that instance he said a silent prayer hoping there will be a God in heaven to hear him.

He was dragged to the center of the market square. One of his chasers announced using a megaphone he borrowed from one of the trader stores in the market to announce that a thief had been caught.
In that instance there were a great number of people coming out, Nelson couldn't take count as the crowd kept on growing.

The bread he stole was stone at him, there were several hands on his body within some minutes, he received all kinds of beating from the angry mobs.

He closed his eyes this time unable to say a word, all he could do was to scream and cry.
He said a second prayer this time that his soul will be accepted in the heavens and God takes care of his old poor grandpa.

He was almost unconscious when he heard the police siren from afar and the angry mobs left him finally as they all fled away, the police took an unconscious Nelson into their car as they rushed him to a hospital.

Nelson opened his eyes two days later, his body was still weak but he has been able to gather some strength. Immediately he realized he was in a hospital he asked for his grandpa, a neighbor of theirs that was there told Nelson his grandpa died due to starvation and he had a heart attack when he heard a rumor that Nelson had died.

Nelson's eyes grew red as tears do, he was hopeless to live now that his grandpa was gone but a bit of hope was brought back to him when the Doctor told him of an orphanage that takes orphans children.

A week later Nelson was taken by the orphanage and it didn't feel like home without his grandpa even with the beautiful building. He hoped that one day fate will bless him with a lovely family that will adopt him.

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