Prophecy Of Alice - The End

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“There was no thief to begin with, he's the actual thief, the phone wasn't missing from the start, he's accused an innocent boy unjustly with an evil motive. I saw everything”

That was how the countenance of the displeased crowd changed, their faces drowned in disappointment and fury……

……..Like five people in the furious crowd with anger issues briskly rushed into his shop to confirm Alice's words. They were very angry at the malicious intent played out by the seller who claimed to have lost his phone. Immediately they got to the front of the carton biscuit Alice spoke of, they simultaneously flinged it away in spite. To their greatest surprise it was like Alice had said. They found the lost phone right at the center underneath the carton.

One of them grabbed the phone and tried to check if truly it did belong to the sinister trader. To their dismay it was truly his. On pressing the power button of the phone, the screen illuminated with light. The first image on the wallpaper was the trader dressed in a three piece suit holding his daughter in his arms but what aggravated the wickedness of this man was the airplane mode he toggled on making the phone unreachable prior to when the whole accusatory incident started.

They all rushed out of his shop and began to abuse the man, they exposed his treachery and wouldn't let it slide. They began to threaten to disgrace him if he said something that would get them more upset. He thought it was a joke. In his pride; he called everyone a fool and said there was nothing they could do to him. He didn't know that the anger of that crowd he lured into the matter had changed into the tail of a lion, ready to devour and to tear from flesh to flesh and from limb to limb once stepped upon. Again, he thought it was a joke. The next thing that landed on him was a slap, followed by another slap until different hands and legs turned to blows and kicks on different parts of his body.

Nobody advised him to plead for mercy, the discomfort in his body forced his mouth to speak. And since Alice was a mouthpiece of truth, She felt pity for him and pleaded with the furious crowd to pardon him. They did. It felt like the truth in her words was a remote controller; so they listened.

Alice went a bit further where he was seated on the ground in anguish and pain. He was asked to confess. That was how he narrated what made him orchestrate his evil plans. He said that he knew the father of that boy, that they were former house tenants; that sixteen years ago when life in the family of that boy was thriving and easy to cruise on the sea of success. That the father of that boy abused him in a compound meeting but he could not retaliate back then because of the wealth gap between both families and now that life was soaring high for him and the father of that boy was now bankrupt; he deemed it the right time to execute a payback by afflicting his son after he got the news that they both live in the same community once again. He confessed that the real target was the man and not the boy. To hurt the man by dragging his family name in the mud as a father of a thief.

These confessions angered the crowd the most. They fiercely resumed beating and kicking him; they didn't care if he would die there on that spot or not, they just wanted to return his evil deeds in seven folds, they wanted to deliver justice to the young lad that was framed and wrongly accused. It was hopeless to say "STOP" -- nobody was ready to listen again.

Shortly, that was how Alice woke up from her dream. All the events of unjust accusation were like a prophecy of warning that came to her. Since she was unique everything that existed whether in tangible or intangible form was her friend. She was gifted with the soul of a god anyways.

On a scale of one to ten; most dreams that echoed with the sounds and visuals of a prophecy to Alice always came to pass. They were always 9/10 accurate. Alice was more of a prophet in her time. If only she knew. Most of her mysterious intuition usually came in her dream before being witnessed in the terrestrial realm. So in a bid to rid the thriving marketplace renamed after her of a foreseeable chaos and to save that young lad from the calamity that was about to go down in two weeks time, she wrote an anonymous letter to the boy's father; titled the prophecy of warning from a rose flower.

Alice was fond of the rose flowers, she was obsessed with the redolence of this plant . Only those closest to her knew this and called her "The rose of ivy". The man upon not knowing whence the letter came from; believed in the warnings and eventually travelled out of town with his son to his homeland for about four weeks in advance. When Alice heard of this she was happy because a disaster was averted under her watch.

The end.

This is the last part of this story. You can read the first part here and the second part here.

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