Lost In Dreams - Part Two

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“Tory!!Tory!” the little girl was frozen like a stalagmite, staring at the bloodstains on the man’s shirt only slightly visible as the burning car was illuminating everything around.

“Tory! Go bring some water” this time she heard it.

“Huh? Oh, water” she hurried, while looking out for something to carry the liquid in, she started running.
The only source of water in here are the taps that the city municipal office installed for the stray dogs and cats on the apple view corner. The siblings too used it from time to time.

“Here Toby, I brought some.” She was panting from all the running. She had found a cracked plastic bowl and brought some in it. Toby carefully took it from her hand and started to drip droplets slowly in the man's mouth. His lips started moving.. and then moments later he started to blink.

A smile of satisfaction could be seen on the sibling's face. being able to save someone.

Connor lived off of scamming people. The other day he jumped in front of a car to get some insurance claims from an unsuspecting couple. But this evening, everything had changed for him.
His apartment is just south of the apple view . with all the groceries he brought with the money he scammed from those couple in his hand. Happy, whistling.

Thieves and scammers alike, Appleview is the mecca of lowlife hoodlums. This part of the city had the highest rate of crime. And so, usually when night falls, nobody stays outside.

He was taking a shortcut through a dark, narrow, and quiet alley. When suddenly, a body dropped from the sky in front of him. Squishy liquid splattered all over including his face, some even went in his mouth. It caused him to drop his groceries. After a brief stunned period, his bowel started to give up. Al his lunch got gagged and vomited out and he started to wipe the jelly-like things from his face as fast as he could. A moment or two passes by and he was still undecided of what is to be done. That was a human being, he was sure of it.

Very slowly he stepped in front. due to darkness he only could see silhouettes. So he popped his phone out of his pocket and lit up the flashlight.

It was a man’s body but almost unrecognizable. the head completely flat and almost reversed. But from the clothes he could see, the dead body lying was no ordinary one. Looked rich.

An evil thought crossed his mind. He started to check the man's pocket for anything he could find.
With whatever he found, he left the scene as quickly as possible. A tingling of being safe jolted through his body after he left the street behind. Now to look at his spoils. Watch, wallet, and a car key. Jackpot. Now to find out which car this key is from.

He heard somebody very close walking up to him. He didn't take it seriously and became busy hiding the goods in his pocket. But the footsteps stopped right behind him, breathing down on his neck.

Thud. His lights went out.

When he woke up, he was in a car. Engine running, his hand and body tied in a manner that he couldn’t move. And then, all hell broke loose. The car was being shot at from every corner. So to save himself, he raced out of there as fast as he could, and while turning on the corner under the metro bridge, he crashed.

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