Desert Storm- Part One

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I can’t take it anymore.

It’s been four days I’ve been stranded in this godforsaken desert and my water ran out yesterday. I’ve collected my urine in a makeshift carrier from the waterproof vest that I had. I'm so thirsty I could drink it all right now, but my morale is keeping guard from that happening. I've been raised that way and ill die before I leave my values behind.

It was supposed to be a fun trip. Me, Zenith, Carlos, and our Aussie pilot Randy, we were a bunch of adrenaline junkies and so we decided to paraglide down to this sub-Saharan desert and then sand surf to a mile away rendezvous point.

I was the first to jump out of the plane for a 15 second free fell in a palm down position and then I collected my bearings. The sun in my left and 15 kilos forward with a fifteen-thousand-foot drop. And I looked back to check the positions of my other Co patriots when suddenly a cloud engulfed me. When I came out of that yellow- grayish foggy cloud or some sort of a mist up in the sky, there was nothing above. No plane and not any of my friends. I rotated to see if anyhow they went bellow me. What I saw made me panic.

I was 15 thousand feet in the air when I entered that cloud and when I came out, I was only a couple of thousand feet above the ground. Like the cloud was a wormhole or something.

For the next few hours, I waited there, with a shed above my head, I made with my parachute until the nightfall. At night, it's much easier to get up in the small mountains of stones and granite, but there was nothing around me for miles. Not even anything that shows if the plane crashed or not.

And then, I decided to start walking in the nearest city. Morning Sun on the left, then 15 kilos forward.

Now it's been four days and I think I've walked at least fifty Kilos. I kept the sun on my left, but I think I somehow got lost on the way. It was so tiring, in the last few days I would not be amazed if I die while I'm walking.

Now it’s mid-afternoon and I can't move my feet. I have to rest.

I woke up suddenly. The last thing I remember is me laying down under the blanket and then falling asleep. Now it’s night time.

I see a flee flying in front of me. Where did a flee come from? Flee means dead animals and animals mean water. My heart immediately gets filled with hope, the hope of getting to drink water, not the urine.

It’s so hard to move my legs, but even then, I slowly move towards the rocks, lay down and put my ears on the ground so that if I can hear the sound of flowing water.

Yes. I get excited and start to run. The sound came from the right. My legs are limping, but I have to find it, Water.

Suddenly the ground drops in front of my eye. I am standing on a ledge and it’s a long dropdown. But in front of me is an Oasis. The biggest I've ever seen. Filled with date trees wherever I can see.

I drop to my knees and start praying to the god, for giving me another chance at life, for letting me out of that hell hole.

And then I start to climb down slowly while not looking down. But my hand slips. I could feel it, the ledge getting away from my grip, but I can’t hold on anymore. I start falling, and I drop to the ground. The starry sky fades and everything go black.

The next thing I see is a nurse's face. She starts shouting and so many people at once race into the room. They all start asking so many questions, some asked in Arabic, or English or some other language that I never heard. But what I can make out is giving me goosebumps.

What they are saying is I was gone for two months. I can’t believe it. I then ask them how it was possible. It's been only 4 days and I fell just after I found that desert forest. But they are saying that I was found just outside of the city walls and the direction a I came in from has no such forest in hundred miles any direction.

To be continued...

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