[Last Bell of Montezuma]-A good deed comes with a reward.

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Good day everyone, it's about that time again for the most prominent contest on the blockchain by @bdcommunity and this is the final one for this round which is based on fiction. To join and know more about this contest, kindly click here.

She is an elderly woman who sits in front of her house everyday due to the state of her leg. She used to sell bean cake every morning and evening in the neighborhood until she had an accident with a hot vegetable oil and this rendered her immobile for long. The wound became ugly and continue to look infected and deep. Both young and old run away from her and no one wants to help her. She has no children around to send on errand and the ones that decides to go will sing some insulting songs for her.

She became the wicked old woman in the neighbourhood and every one has one evil story to say about this woman. She became an outcast in the community she served diligently with her sweet delicacy and due to her inability to treat herself, a little wound became big.

There lives Raliat who stays with her grandmother in the same area and loves taking care of people both young and old. She never listens to people and always minds her business. She discovered this old woman one day and decided to start checking on her inward. She became mama's caretaker and her diligent care giver. She never tires nor did she for once complain, people began to stay away from her too and labelled her the witch's protegee. Raliat did not mind, neither did she try to change people's opinion, she went about her business and continued her service with mama.

On a certain day when Raliat came to check on mama, she noticed the woman was not in the bed. Where could she have gone to Raliat mused, but no one could answer her, she searched for mama all around the neighbourhood but to no avail. Raliat became sad and agitated because she had come to love the Old woman. Her grandmother pacified her and told her to be strong, her Mama will be back, Raliat remains sad and thought the worst.

After one month, sounds of joy and celebration were heard from the town center and people were rushing to see what could have happened. Raliat's name could be heard from the chant and she rushed to see what could have caused this, lo and behold, Mama was standing on her feet dancing, jumping, crying and shouting Raliat I am healed!!!, Raliat I can walk again!!!. They both saw each other and became extremely happy. Raliat asked Mama what happened and how come she left without a word.

A doctor who was visiting the village, heard about Mama's story and he decided to help her, by moving her to the big city, he took care of Mama and ended up also re-investing in her business. He also gifted Raliat some monetary gifts which helps turn her and her grandmother lives around. The rest of the villagers looked on in defeat and words like 'I wish', 'she is so nice', 'I wish it was me', 'I lost a chance' can be heard among them.

Mama and Raliat made the big screen and people were so interested in them. Mama returned to her business with the support of the doctor and Raliat became her assistant/daughter.

The moral of the story is that a good deed will never go unnoticed and one good turn deserves another. Whenever you see a needy person, always be of assistance. Do not mock a sick person, you never can tell what tomorrow will bring.

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Yes it is nice story we can learn a lot good deed always rewarded

thank you very much Yousa..it pays to be good.

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Thank you ifeeee for the tag great post and will join this contest soon if i have time.. stay blessed