[Kekappa Special]-Milk Peda Recipe

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Dear Friends,
Now i am sharing home made pure village style "Milk Peda Recipe" step by step and also sharing images, so that you can easily make it without any Hussle. it took time to complete the process. In this recipe, i used traditional process to make mawa(dry milk ) through milk, if you want short process than you can purchase mawa from market directly. There are many varieties of peda can be made by adding various dry fruits.

It is healthy sweet dish and in India it is used after dinner or in any festival or party time, also it is used for worship purpose, hope you all will like it.
All images are taken form MI 8 mobile phone.


  1. Two liter full cream milk
  2. Sugar 250G
  3. Cardamom seed power half teaspoon
  4. If like take dry fruits

Making process Instructions
First you took a pan with capacity of 2 ltr or more and keep on medium flame and add milk on it. Milk must be full cream



We have to continually Keep stirring constantly and flame should be on medium,




Now need to add sugar and keep stirring on mid-flame.



Cook milk till it thickens and leaves the sides of the pan. Let it become warm at room temperature.

Now take small portions from the peda mixture(Thicken milk) and make them small or medium balls and then flatten them. you can add dry fruit on it. Now in market some designer machine is also coming to make designer peda, just keep milk thick paste on it and machine self create designer peda as required. We are using simple own style, you can see in shared snap.



After making the milk peda we can store the for a few hours at room temperature, after that we can serve. For long term we can keep it on refrigerator or you can keep it for 8-10 days on room temperature.

I am going to invite @face2face and @bhattg to join this beautiful contest. I am appreciating this wonderful idea and i am very happy to participate this contest.

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