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Hey All;

My Friend @deepu7 invited me to participate in this weekly challenge organized by the BDCommunity Presents:: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words [Contest Week 2]org by @bdcommunity. Let me first start by thanking my dear friend @deepu7 for this thoughtful gesture of inviting me to this weekly challenge and thinking that I could add value to this weekly challenge. So thank You @deepu7 and I'll not let you down; I promise.

Unconditional #LOVE And Warmth

I'm at my Inlaws house here in Uttar Pradesh & it's too COLD here. The lowest temperature recorded here is 10 Degrees Celsius and it could be a bit lower as well. So it's COLD here early morning and in the late evening.


We all feel COLD and have different ways to overcome that climatic change. From wearing woolen inner warmers to a different kind of clothing fabric to leveraging modern technologies like heaters, blowers, hot water heater ventilation, etc - We try to keep ourself WARM

Now Just Think About the Animals...

How are they going to Overcome this COLD? They don't have these facilities that we have and they are left on their own to fight these climatic conditions; may it be extreme COLD or HOT. I'm not talking about the pets and the Animals that are in FARM that's a separate story altogether.

When it comes to LOVE; the most important thing is that it should be unconditional. It doesn't matter who you are OR in which situation You are into Or what is Your Mood. If you LOVE someone that it should be Unconditional; it's that SIMPLE.

In the picture, we have the COW showing that Unconditional LOVE for both the puppies and the dog. It was COLD and really very COLD I had my winter jacket and cap worn that kept me warm. But what about these Animals; Where are they to GO?

The COWs Unconditional LOVE here made me cry. With just its warmth, it was able to give everything that was required by the dogs. Without any hesitation it let them sit around and even on top of it. What has the COW to do with the dogs and how is it going to benefit them. Not giving it a single thought about it , the COWs unconditional LOVE of not getting anything in return just made me feel so happy & impressed.

Just give it a thought - how beautiful this WORLD would have been if we all loved unconditionally. But it saddens my heart that this is not the situation/condition that we are into currently in this WORLD. For everything that we GIVE, we want something back in return. I know that this is not the case with everyone but the bitter truth is that the majority of the categories fall into getting something back in return.

Imagine a World without Poverty. People standing for People, Helping & Loving each other unconditionally. Where can we GO with iT? It's just going to be unimaginable - We all are Happy & We all are Standing for each other. No war - No sorrow. Just Peace & Happiness Around. Everyone is living a Happy Life in this World.

I'll leave you all with this thought; Is That Really Possible??

Finally, I did like to use the quote used in the Sanskrit language a lot of time and it means;

Let the Entire World Be Happy...

One World One Family...

I am inviting @sanjeevm and @nainaztengra to participate in this contest. Thank You And...

Best Regards


I will have to find out some images on which I can write 😀

That's true we need to have our own picture. I guess you can do a write-up on the early/evening walk/running and you have its picture as well. cheers

That's a wonderful write up, truly Animals have more of emotions then we humans. Their love is pure and unconditional.
I have done my post as well. Thank you for the nomination dear.

thank you, dear. I just wrote what came up in mind during that moment. Glad you liked it. take care dear and best regards.

You are welcome friend. Nice to see you participating in the contest. Well written bro. Best of luck.

thank you bro. Your write up is amazing as well. Best of luck to you as well. cheers

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Really awesome post. This picture really shows a lot of things. Every word you say has a beautiful meaning. Nice to read your post.