[A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words] Funeral Decoration

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Oh! death where is thy stin, and grave where is thy mercy.
Death are often unfortunate situations or call it a natural phenomenon. Death has no pity and no matter how hard you plead with it,one thing is always a reality with him and that is to kill and separate loved ones apart.

Even though death is an unfortunate situation, one of the major thing that makes funeral ceremony sometimes interesting is the beautiful decorations that crowns the day.

Most times we do not know what are the thought of people about our loved ones until they are demised and this is why decorating a condolence space is very important.

Some people are of the believe that there is an after life while others believe that once a person is dead, his life is finished.

Decorations are sometimes believed by some people to be a gleams that expresses the nature of the location a man is transiting to so that how beautiful the creativity is what tell how nice your home will look like in the under world.


So it was the funeral ceremony of Engineer John E. a reputable man in the society known for good deeds and peace loving. People both aged and young morned his demise as the wept bitterly remembering his benevolence and kindness towards them as they all came to say their last about the dead on a condolence note.

The interesting part is that the deceased loved his living wife so much so that he was always found in his compound even after his dead. Do dead people really miss their loved ones because John was often found in the physical coming to see his beloved wife in the middle of the night and night travellers will always tell the story at dawn of what they saw and heard while coming home from either work or other functions. At one point, one of the night sojourners re-echoed the following morning that he over heard the Late Mr. John discussing intimately with his living wife telling her of how much he miss her as it was cold over there and living there was really incomplete without her. John's wife had repeatedly heard John made mention of how beautiful the under world is and how that he wishes for his funeral to be well decorated most especially his condolences point where good things would be written about him.

Just when people think that wife's of the deceased should become wife to the living after the husband's death, John would always confront anyone who made an attempt to approach his wife. Sincere John was a well respected chief in the community, he made it a duty to go round the village to inform his fellow chiefs that they should go no where close to his wife cause he had his eyes in them.

Dead people still have emotions and they can still protect what is theirs for life till they both meet again on the other side.


interesting story.
I wonder what will happen to Mrs John now.

Great story. Creepy. Throughout history there have been so many accounts of after life manifestations that one can't help wondering if there is not some ground for such belief to survive over the centuries.
In my culture stories of close encounters with the dead abound. Some more scary than others. My mother is one of those who claims to have all kinds of encounters, some more real than others. SHe always says "fear no the dead, but the living."