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Big thanks to the splinterlands founder and the amazing curators for their wonderful support to make players earn well on splinterlands, it is indeed a source of fun and financial breakthrough for the masses playing it.... It had been long i made the weekly challenge post and the last one which i could have made was impossible due to the monster given to write about, naga brute seems to me a useless card and it even cost me a match in the tournament while trying to get a win with it.....

While checking my feed this night, i realize splinterlands as dropped a new challenge post and checking the monster, it happen to be one of my favorite neutral card that i use often in battles....


It is none other than the mantoid a monster with two abilities which are the snipe and snare which takes the flying ability off the flying monsters and make them vulnerable to the earthquale rules and the mantoid is also well endowed with speed which gives it higher chance of being among the fastest monsters to attack in battles.. I love to use it with zaku or the prince summoners as the zaku helps to increase its range power and along with the blast makes it deadly to the opponent, the prince gives it one more speed and one range power too which enable it helps in taking down the opponent monsters faster along with other snipers i use with it....

i was bestowed an opportunity to use it in battle against #moriarty95 in which the rules stated:


-Weak magic and Keep your distance: Magic attacks hit armor before reducing health and melee attack monsters may not be used in the battle which left me with just no attacks, range and magic monsters in this battle....After thinking for a while i decided to use Zaku along with snipers.....


battle link

My opponent came with peakrider which kinda deduct one range from my range attack monsters but it didn't spoil the show for me..

Line up


The lord arianthus was my first card due to its amazing abilities that can reflect magic attack and its shield that can make it withstand more hit from the range monsters, i didn't know what my opponent was going to use but lord at the front position gives me confidence...


The one large eye monster is a beast on the battle field with its fire return and magic reflect ability plus the healing makes it worthy to be used in the second position to receive the hit from snipers in case the enemy use them in battles.. The opponent came with one sniper and a magic blast monster but cornealus was able to deal with them..


I used this card for its protect ability which gives my opponent some more protection from the opponent range attacks, i placed it as the third card cos of its flying ability, it is also very hard to hit and hence will help to delay the opponent before it get to my snipers...

The mantoid was the first sniper on my team and i decided to go with snipers cos i am using zaku, one sniper hit will hit two other monsters from the opponent's team cos of the blast ability bestowed upon yodin zaku and that will disorganize the opponent whole set up and make his team die faster.......

The centaur has the highest speed among the sniper i used in the battle and its range power is 3 but the addition of zaku +1 range make its range power four and that make its hit more fatal to the opponent, it performed really well as it helps to take down the enemy prismatic energy, it would have been a little tough if the opponent use cornealus too as it has fire return ability....


The last but not the least was the general, it has a high range power but low slow hence why it fit in the back so it can also have enough chance to attack which he eventually carried out...All the monsters actually performed upto expectation at the position i placed.... It was a nice win for me even tho the enemy came with lot a armor, the blast was too powerful that the armor was not able to hold all...

My snipe method worked perfectly and it is always fun to watch how my opponent falls into my trap especially if he never expected me coming with snipe monsters as it always make them vulnerable to my attacks..


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Awesome win there but then again most Zakus are likely going to win. Oh wait did not even realize this post is amount the Mantoid lol. ;)

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Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey Burl... you fought there very well.
Lvl 10 Mantoid... whoo that's awesome.
Keep on battling.