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I was watching a video on tiktok. In the video a lady talked about people with huge followings. She said "sometimes we see people with huge followers on social media doing less than what we can do and we may think it is because they are rich or special". However, she came to realize that it is not any of those things.

She said when you are passionate about something, you show up and be consistent with it.

I could not have agreed more with her.

the quality of always being the same, doing things in the same way, having the same standards. -Longman Dictionary

There was a lady who sells grocery close to my house. I always go there for my shopping.

However, I had to stop. The major reason was because she was not reliable. Her shop was mostly locked due to her inconsistency. This made me reluctant to go shop with her.

We all have different things we are passionate about and sometimes it may seem that the odds are not in our favour. One thing I have realized is that the little effort you put in will one day pay off.

I told a friend recently who was having trouble with motivation as she was not receiving positive feedback. I encouraged her to keep at it. It may seem like there is not much growth, but small drops of water makes an ocean.

I started my crochet about 9 months ago. I was posting my work on my WhatsApp status but got few positive responses. It did not stop me because I was passionate about it. This made me resilient.

As the months went by, I began to create more pieces and advance my knowledge. Eventually I started getting positive feedback. I recently told an acquaintance who also is a crocheter that I loved her work. Her response was "coming from you, this actually means a lot". Her response made me smile to myself as I have become an inspiration to others.

Being consistent cannot be overemphasized. Firstly, doing things consistently is how you get better and make progress without even noticing. Consistency is one of the keys to success. Be deliberate about it.

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Consistency is the key to success. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for your comment

You are welcome

Maybe add the video , that’s what you made to do this blog so maybe an inspiration to others aswell

Thank you for the tip. I will factor that in my next post


Are you sure this is a free image
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I got the image from Google and I referenced it but I cannot say for sure if it is free. So I decided to change the picture instead.
Thank you for drawing my attention to it.

It was not free and there for not taken with permission so that was the best thing to do , always use FREE images

Thank you very much for pointing out. I appreciate it

I think we already teached that before in the terminal? If not you should read all we added about it in the special rooms. The fact you use the photos that aren’t free could get you in trouble and maybe accused of plagiarism, you wouldn’t want your stuff to be used without pay or permission either I think so you are welcome and maybe add the video to the blog

Okay, I understand. I will check the special room and read all about it. Thank you.
I had no idea the image was not free, I am sorry about that

maybe add the video to the blog

I saw the video about a week ago and I do not have it saved on my device. That is the reason I am unable to add the video

I love that you share a beautiful and inspiring message for those who sometimes want to give up everything. It is very beautiful when you say:

... doing things consistently is the way to improve and progress without even realizing it. Consistency is one of the keys to success.

Thank you for such motivating words, greetings.

I am glad you liked it. Thank you for stopping by

Hello @blezyn Yes, you are correct in that consistency is the key to gaining more self-confidence about anything you undertake. Whether it's blogging, crafts, high education, goals or anything else in life, your attitude with how you approach a project and seeing it through to completion tells a lot about a person. To be successful, you have to be dedicated.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a good rest of your week.

I agree our attitude towards the completion of a project is important. Thank you for your comment. Do have a great week too. Cheers

Indeed, Consistency is the bedrock of Success and your instances proved that point.

So many people bother about others success, not minding the fact that they were once consistent enough to get to where they are presently.

Do what you love, be consistent and watch as you grow into success.

Nice post dear, thanks for sharing it with us.

So many people bother about others success, not minding the fact that they were once consistent enough to get to where they are presently

I find that sometimes people want to skip the process of growth. Sometimes people ignore the fact that it is from 0-10, 10-20 and so on, not from 0-100.

Thank you for your feedback