My poetry: Humanity stuck in one great civilization

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Humanity stuck in one great civilization
The same in the chaos of the light procession?
The small circle of darkness is impenetrable and disobedient
The rest of the author's feelings remain.
No one makes questions and answers here
The kick-off time is trampled by busyness.
His hunger is not hindered in time, opportunity
Suddenly at the mercy of others, there is no protest.
Like a human or a living animal
There is no mercy but condemnation in this civilization
Take care not to call anyone,
I saw him in a photo in a newspaper.
His eyes are hidden in his great pride
The bones stood in front of the battlefield in protest
The complexion is gone, the face is dark,
Just the harshness of survival in the indomitable conviction.
How many processions have passed beyond him
How many lions roar how much love step by step
That interest of the leader did not reach his ears
So he is lying on the highway did not go to the palace.
In the middle of the night, the city is left alone with these orphans
Became a king himself in a land of great solitude
With only a few dogs and long-distance vehicles
This one happiness comes only once in a false robe.