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BDcommunity is a youth-run community currently running on both the Hive and Steemit blockchain. Our primary goal is to empower, provide guidance, adequate help etc to youths from Bangladesh. Not only that, we also try to support other users and communities too, so we could participate in giving back to the ecosystem.

BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. We only curate original articles, art, poetry, videos, etc written in both Bengali and English.


Our Weekly voice meeting is like any other AMA’s, designed to boost morale. We’ve noticed that, after some of the very fresh and recent events, the engagement in our community has started lagging behind.

So, With our fun and entertaining Weekly voice meeting, we hope to achieve that back and restore our Former glory XDXD.

Another thing is, most of our community members arenot fully aware about our community, its purposes, and its officials. So, we are trying to break that nonmoving barrier between the members and groom them in hopes of them becoming better authors.

This meeting as always will be hosted by @linco and all our support members, and moderators will be present too hopefully.

It will be full of surprises. Our officials will share their experience and valuable knowledge about their wonderful journey to the blockchain and how they became successful. There will be and many more exciting things will be there. We want to help those people who are dedicated and hard-working. So, don’t forget to join this week's party.

  • Increasing community and blockchain activities.

  • Increasing engagement.

  • Motivating new members.

Summary of our last Hangout:

The last Friday night was a time of preparation for us. As we had our second hangout, we were very excited.

We started officially at 10 pm(local time).Our host @linco gave an opening speech and explained what this hangout is about and what our motives are.

Then the mic was open to anyone and to their questions and musings. Shortly after, our developer @reazuliqbal and moderator @zaku gave their valuable speech. These are the topics that we had discussed in our last hangouts:

  • Steemmonsters: Many users want to join this gaming platform. So our experts gave a nice guideline , how they can start and what are the basics things they need to know and many things. Also we discussed about how to improve playing skill and about steemmonters tournaments etc.

  • Dtube: There are lots of questions about dtube, Specially from the new comers. We try to explain them how they should start and what are the things they should follow for making any contents.

  • Donate One Dollar, Save One life: As you all know the whole world is fighting against The pandemic SARS-COV-2 virus. Bangladesh is also having a hard time fighting it. So In this critical situation we decided to help those poor people however much we can. So this a sort of a crossover with that project of ours and only to notify that we are still taking donations. Liquid token Donations can be sent to @bdcommunity account. The payout from all the donation posts will too be donated.

If you want to learn more you can checkout our introductory post




We organized some quiz and puzzle games, where @linco @sourovafrin @hossainbd and @reazuliqbal sponsored. We had a great time, members were too excited about answering and collecting rewards.

Giveways byWinnerPrize
@linco@zayedsakib2 Hive
@linco@simplifylife2 Hive
@linco@minhaz0072 Hive
@reazuliqbal@ashikstd500 Dec
@hossainbd@reazuliqbalCrystal Werewolf Sm Gold Reward Card
@sourovafrin@minhaz0072 Hive
@linco@minhaz0072 Hive

All the prizes has been send to the winners.

Our Next Hangout:

As decided, from now on, weekly voice meetings will be held every Friday at 10 pm(GMT+06:00) local time.

Our Officials

We would like to introduce you all to all our officials who are working day and night to serve our community. We appreciate their support.

Moderators:@zaku, @reazuliqbal
Curators:@priyanarc, @hafizullah, @Ayasha , @zayedsakib
Ambassadors:@rehan12, @rem-steem, @simplifylife, @linco, @priyanarc, @hafizullah, @Ayasha , @zayedsakib
Scouts:@mhossain, @sheikhsayem

All our officials and special guests are invited to join our weekly voice meetings. Hope we will have a great time together.

Support us by voting as a Hive Witness and/or by delegating Steem Power.

20 HP50 HP100 HP300 HP500 HP1000 HP2000 HP

Our community services are:

  • BDExchange: You can easily convert Hive or Steem and HBD or SBD through Bdexchange by giving the bot active permission. Users also can buy/sell Steem/SBD with anyone by using the Bot. This bot uses Steem escrow system.
  • Account Creation Service: You can create a new Hive or Steem account for a small fee of 3.000 HIVE or 3.000 STEEM only. (the fee goes for the development of the community.)

Our upcoming projects:

Powerup Planktons

If anyone wants to join or to bring unique authors along to the Hive, now might be the time.

And to incentivize and inspire others in doing so, Our Guardian Angel @azircon has announced that every new and quality author will get 100 HP as a boost and if they are extraordinary authors, they will get an additional 400 HP for a month. @azircon will check their contents and decide on delegating. Let us know who you bring, you may get some finders fee too.

Cover photo is from Pixabay.com



Good to see the summary. Voice meeting is one of the best thing happening to keep us motivated. 😊😊

I missed the last voice meeting

Honestly, along with some joy, a lot can be learned from here. Although I can never be a winner in Giveaway!
And Tweet it-

I want to join this community. I am not missing this Friday meeting. I hope to learn more about the community and participate effectively.

I am a Bangladeshi. A Lover of the BD Community. I like this community . I support the BD community . And I get support too. Can I share my voice in the voice chat room? Thanks..

really nice effort can i become curator from pakistan

Its a great and wonderful Community. I have joined. All the people are humble and friendly

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Congratulation to BDcommunity. Can I have suggestion to get regular donation? I think every post should share benefeciary for 5-10 % to @bdcommunity so every members give contribution to the community and charity in Bangladesh.

Must be tough to manage both Steem and Hive, huh?

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