BDCommunity Writing Contest - Week 1

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It's so humbling for us Bengali speakers and members of BDCommunity to look back and see how far we've come from the very beginning to till now. We were once a small community consisting of only a handful of people. And now, we even have a respectable position as a witness.

Throughout this journey, many of you jumped on board with us on our small voyager. We want to thank you all for your cooperation and for sticking with us for so long.

For the past couple of weeks, Fridays have been quite buzzy for the citizens of BDCommunity. We have been holding weekly meetings and collectively brainstorming about how to onboard new authors with the potential of greatness. And we have come up with a process that hopefully should work.

It's our firm belief that the key to progression in this platform is Engagement. Engagement brings people closer and helps smaller authors slowly build a brand. Participation is what makes a new user find their calling and fall in love with the blockchain, its native people. And that is what will make us thrive in near future.

So, to motivate BDCommunity members, both veterans and new users alike, we are holding A Weekly Contest.

Every week, we'll try something new and fun as a contest. But be very agile and careful as it will not be easy.

Topic: Your Earned 1000 HIVE (Around 22k BDT), What Would You Do Now?

Let's say, you've worked hard throughout the last month, and you have earned a 1000 HIVE. What do you intend to do with it? Write something beautiful and elegant based on this idea.

Winners and prizes:

Our moderator @reazuliqbal is sponsoring this week's prizes. There will be a 100 HIVE prize pool only for this week, and it will be given to authors with the best top three entry as 50 for the first position, 30 and 20 for the second and third.

All the details and conditions of the contest are as follows.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The entries can be written both in Bengali and English.
  • You have to be a Member of BDCommunity to participate.
  • The post should contain at least 350 words
  • Only the first entry will be counted as valid, but you can enter the contest as many times as you like throughout the duration of the contest.
  • The title of the post should include "A Tale Of A 1000 HIVE". For example, A Tale Of A 1000 HIVE: [Your Title Here]
  • Use both #BDC #BDCcontest among your tags.
  • Put a comment with the link of your entry bellow.
  • Submission is due within Friday 10:00 AM GMT +6.

Evaluation Process:

  • Failure to follow any of the conditions as mentioned above will cause an automatic disqualification.
  • Please refrain from using vulgar words and stick to the topic.
  • @azircon will be evaluating the entries.
  • There will be Three Winners, 1st place-50 HIVE, 2nd place-30 HIVE and 3rd place-20 HIVE.
  • Try putting passion and personality in your entry. It is what will let you win in the end.
  • The winners will be announced in our weekly voice meeting next Friday 10 PM GMT +6.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, feel free to ask ZayedSakib#0458 and Linco#6742 or head over to our community Discord and drop your queries there. Somebody will always be there to answer your questions.

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Support us by voting as a Hive Witness and/or by delegating Hive Power.

20 HP50 HP100 HP300 HP500 HP1000 HP2000 HP



here is my entry to the bdcommunity contest

.. best of luck to the contestants....

The bird has written, I must read it


Better Late than never! Here's my entry!

Awesome contest

Ude my man. Please do participate. Me would love some hardcore contestants.

I don't fare well in contest but I will try bro... Thanks for the faith😊

You never know until you try...

Lovely move. You guys have been doing a fantastic job!

Great way to promote writing + Hive.

And a generous number of winners to be selected. All the best to everyone! :)

Hey @sidwrites. Thank you..

Great way to promote writing + Hive.

And plus engagement😊

Yes. BDCommunity is always engaging! Haha.

getting my pen ready

Write something amazing😊

this is so nice... how does one join the community

Just go to our discord and ask around. There is an invite link at the very end of this post.

i am on the discord page already. thank you for your reply

Amazing initiative @bdcommunity. Here's my entry and thanks for all you do for the community

If I get 1000 Hives, maybe the first thing I will do is marry my girlfriend, ...

Great Contest with a great motive. Feeling very happy for participating. My post link below:

Please the first entry was a mistake. You people will think I'm a joke. I'm sorry.

This is an amazing contest by the @BDCommunity. Thanks for putting this up. Please, what is the community's Twitter handle so I might tag while sharing my submission on Twitter?

Here is my Entry:

At last, I joined.
I thought I'll get time till payout of this post as I didn't check the deadline.
Thanks to @linco for the heads up in discord.
Here I talked about my selfishness.

I hope, you guys will hate it... a little.

Thank You for Your contest.i will try.

Great Job

i am from pakistan, i will take participate it is very much good contest that will increase the ability of thought to positive

Thank you very much for this Contest. Of course I will try to participate. Thanks again to the BD community for taking such an initiative

Better if the prize will be 1000 Hive as well. 😉 It would be nice if someone could sponsor. I admire this kind of contest. So I'll definitely give it a try. :)

Hello there ! This is the best initiative from you guys. You are doing a very good job by supporting newbies and encouraging them for engagement on hive.

best of luck from my side to everyone who will going to give their best. ☻

I really like this contest 🎉🚀

Thank you 🙏

Here is my entery, it's titled changes, it's very beautiful.

This is fantastic and this is a big contest ... I will try it,,,

Nice contest from the team.💯💓💯

Do participate man! Who knows you can win the contest. 😊

Can a none Bangladeshi also enter the contest..will like to enter the contest too

yeah, anyone! but read the contest rules carefully! Best of luck.

Thanks for the heads up

Yes, you can💯

Thank you

So how to be a member in your community then? I've been there in your discord server but I don't that's consider myself as a member. lol just wondering..

This is a great opportunity for everyone. I think everyone will participate here and share their experience.

oh wow, thanks for that. I will try my best and hope to meet Azircons standards. All the best to the BD community.

Hello, this is my entry for this awesome contest.
The tale of 1000 hive || The buzz hive family

I feel like I am getting 1000 Hive already because I can tell what to do with it even if I am sleeping. This is a very good one from BDcommunity.

I will enter the contest.

I'm so thrilled and nervous at same time😊
Here is my entry:

Awesome contest. Glad I could share my view. My entry for the contest