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The Weekly Turni


For the last four weeks, as I sat down and started writing the Editorial for Turni, the words came naturally, along with the image that we feature. When I look back at those, they are uplifting to me. They feature outward, far away places and tries to take our mind off the daily mundane tasks. While that is a perfectly fine proposition, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. When I woke up today, I realized that The Black Panther is no more, world has one less superhero.

In our little blockchain community last night, there was unhappiness by at least one individual. Although most of us found it quite amusing, and our supreme leader was complaining about lack of drama in recent times, we are glad he got wish! However, there was some unpleasantness in the end. However, I thought about what Dalai Lama said quite famously:

“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength,’ no matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

So instead of looking outward and feeling elated of faraway places, we decided to look inward today. As I drink coffee in this mug, I start to feel good about being alive. Drinking coffee or tea must be the most mundane experience that most of us feel. So, I am hoping all can relate to it. As I look at this wonderful mug, I begin to remember my Murakami, and there is a big grin starts to spread across my face.


“The fresh smell of coffee soon wafted through the apartment, the smell that separates night from day.”… Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.

I begin to wonder in magical realism, that this mug is this community, it can even be this blockchain. We can put anything in it. Coffee, Tea, Milk, Hot Chocolate….Whatever your preferred brew might be. You take a sip, and you begin to feel that the night is fading away into nothingness. What we have is something to look forward to, a bright new day awaits us. We will get out there, and we will build it brick by brick or shall I say, “block my block?” We will do what we think is right, we will focus on facts, as opposed to interpretation. We will take you, the reader, the community member along for a ride. We can’t promise you riches, but we can promise you honesty.

Yeah, you are thinking, that is just a bunch of useless words, eh? It is just writing, in the real world in doesn’t mean anything. Let me stop you right there. The point is not true or false. It is easy to distinguish between true or false, between right or wrong. But it is incredibly hard to choose between two wrongs, to choose the lesser of the wrong and believe in it. As often, in the present world, that is the choice that are given to us.

So, we believe. We believe that we are doing something positive. If we believe that, this effort will be fruitful. However, we can only move forward if you believe with us. We are thinking about various elements that will make this community more engaged. So, feel free to have a discussion in the comments, as sometimes an on-chain discussion is more valuable than off-chain. With all that said, let me ask the “head clerk” to bring me another mug of coffee :)

I wish you guys knew that who holds the keys to the inner office! Without the “head clerk” you wouldn’t get a publication!


This Week's Feature -- My First THREE Months on the Blockchain

Changing colors continuously

Producing quality, original content on a daily basis is something that most new users have struggled with, have gotten themselves into trouble for not having something to write every day. It is difficult, but Rehan does it like it's bread and butter! His blog is filled with variety. In this post he showcases his photography skills. But this is not your typical photography blog. While he divulges us into the beautifully different shades of blue, he gives us an insight to how he has been spending his sick days!

Have you ever realized, the turning point of a life comes from the most unexpected events of our life? And once it strikes the life, we see the attributes of life differently. The similar kind of event happened with me when I joined the blockchain (STEEM). Even though I am full-time HIVE user but it all started with Steem. But some of the events would be similar, if you are a new user on HIVE.

Image 010 61.jpg


I jumped from Facebook onto this chain. I was curious what is actually going on here. People are sharing posts and they are getting dollars(had no idea about the currency of the chain). Is it really true? Are they really able to withdraw from here? Or is it just another scam site which is displaying such events? All these questions were going through the mind and I was astonished to see some of these posts were earnings more than a month salary of mine! I was bound to stay here with all these and one curiosity leads to another and thus here I am.


Believe it or not, I was damn scared to do some tasks, like going through the user’s posts and leaving my thoughts. I was under the impression what if I make an odd comment, which would make a bad impression for myself. But after some time I got to know users welcome any kind of feedback, at least I do. So no fear is needed and if you have it, throw it away.


This is something which must be done by you. If you do not, you will end up breaking the one and only rule of being honest content creators (post original contents only). Or else there are plenty of users who take HIVE as FB or any other social media and end up making silly mistakes, which results in the bad reputation on their name. SO a research is must!

What is this place? , What makes HIVE different from other social media platforms? , How you can make your contributions? , How will you get benefited for your tasks?

Instead of making money, try to learn!

The first few days are crucial for a new user. It can also be said, your motives will be displayed in your posts(even though it might change over the time) thus your impressions will be made. Instead of focusing on making those payouts, learn to cope up with the structures and see how others are connecting with others via their posts. Not necessarily you will have to be like they are, as what I believe is everyone is unique. Once you acquire that knowledge, you will know by yourself how to take the right way for yourself in here.

Think long term!

First few days/months I did not see any sort of progress in my payouts but I noticed, I was engaging more and people are slowly noticing me. You can say the goal of being recognized was slowly being achieved. The same should be for you. Do not get me wrong, nothing is easy and for success you will have to pay the price with your effort,dedication and being a dedicated user.

There were plenty of other issues which I had to face as a new user but believe me all the hard work, hassle, pain was indeed worth it. At the end of the day, it depends on how you want to reflect in here and how much you are dedicated to make a place in here.


Splinterlands Tips of the Week

Last time I suggested some key cards, and before that many of you wanted to know about a lineup for "Little League." Today I'll talk about which splinter and which monsters are the best in little league, and what lineup will win you most battles.

We should look for which cards with low mana are most effective and whether they have some special abilities or now. Below is one of my little league teams, but there may be many other better strategies. Do let us know about your strategies in the comments.

Before setting up the team, you'll need to first decide where you want to start attacking from. If you want to attack from the front, I'll suggest to use the life splinter. Otherwise you can follow the following lineup from the earth splinter.

Failed Summoner as a tank

As there are no good melee monsters with low mana in the earth splinter, we have to choose a tank which, even if it can't attack on its own, can return a few attacks back. Failed summoner is an excellent choice here, with the Reflect ability as early as level 1, and some more useful abilities at higher levels.

Earth Elemental at second position

AT level 1, it doesn't have any abilities, but it's 6 HP helps it survive snipe attacks long enough.

Swamp Thing to reduce opponents' hp

Swamp things is one of the best monsters at 2 mana. It is very effective in reverse speed games. But at level 1, we will use it for its Weaken ability which reduces health of all enemy monsters by 1. It has an HP of 4.

Wood Nymph as a healer

Although there is no level 1 monsters with Tank Heal ability in the untamed edition, we have wood Nymph from the reward edition.

Centaur for snipe

Centaur has snipe. It means it will attack monsters with range and magic which are not in the first position. If there are no such monsters, then it will attack the first position monster. With its 1 range, 3 speed and 4 HP, it’s a very effective card.

Child of the forest for second snipe and guard

We already have one snipe at 5th position. So we'll take another sniper to outplay the opponent even quicker. Its 5 speed lets it attack before most monsters. It has 1 range attack and 2 HP.

Little lineups can be pretty effective using the life splinter too. But that will be a story for another time!


Cinema Classics-Why Vertigo is great

If you regularly watch movies, you probably know of the IMDb top 250 list. That list is based on viewers who vote on their favorite movies there— so essentially a popular list and it has a lot of appeal among viewers.

But it doesn’t hold much water in serious courts. The most prestigious list regarding cinema is the one by Sight and Sound, a magazine published by the British Film Institute. They arrange polls once in every decade and the films on it are selected and voted by filmmakers, critics, and other film professionals.

Citizen Kane by Orson Welles was on the very top of that list for 60 years until 2002 and Vertigo by Hitchcock toppled it in 2012.

That’s history and you can look it up. Now, I will come quickly to the point where I’m going with this.

When moviegoers see Vertigo for the first time with high expectations, they are often disappointed. They usually fail to see what’s so great about it.
Let’s explore the film a bit then, shall we?

At the beginning of the film, when Gavin asks Scott to spy on his wife as he suspects some threats might come to her way. Scott asks, ‘From whom?’ Gavin replies, ‘Someone dead.’
How does someone dead hurt anyone? To press the point and make it substantial, Hitchcock closes into Gavin’s face when he says that and with an upshot. The frame also cuts Scott away and focuses on the dominant one, Gavin in this case.


Take this frame into consideration. The audience knows at this point that Scott has acrophobia (fear of heights). Hitchcock uses a down shot in a way that one staircase of height seems extremely high. Now, Scott isn’t really influenced by this shot as he’s on the ground and it’s not from his perspective. So, Scott’s acrophobia is being imagined by the audience itself and they are the ones being manipulated here!

Screenshot is taken from the film

I will move on to another scene where the camera zooms into Gavin’s wife’s braid first and then to the braid of the portrait. Both are shapes that resemble spiral staircases. This scene is used to signify that Scott’s acrophobia is intensified and he’s affected by all of these.



I can go on and these are only some of the stuff I personally noticed. If you look online for video essays or read film journals you will see how technically rich the film is. With each viewing, I find things I missed before.

Whether Vertigo deserves the spot of the #1 film of all-time is a different debate and I will not get into that—my point being—it's not only a thriller film either.



She smiles when she sees your face.

Always thinking you are not eating enough,

and looking thin and pale.

Her smile makes you forget your woes,

and you know you have always a place to go.

Her lap is where the world has no place,

and you can find solace.

Her comforting words will heal you alright,

and makes you fit to fight.

She feeds you with her hand.

No hotel food can match that.

She may not be dressed like a model,

but she is the most beautiful to your eyes.

Her names are many.

Amma or Ammi.

She is yours only.


Epilogue-An Unresolved Nightmare

Reba was standing in an open field. Suddenly black clouds filled the sky with lightning and gusty wind. Reba thought of running but subconsciously, all of a sudden, she looked back. A man with a black suit, approaching her with a blood-stained knife. She was trying to scream in panic but it seemed like someone was holding her throat and no sound was coming out of it. People were running towards shelters but no one was looking towards her. Reba was trying hard to run but the wind was pulling her back as she moved forward. The man in black came very close to her and aimed the knife at her eyes. At that very moment, Reba woke up.

Even in such cold "droughty" winter, she got sweaty. She looked at the clock with scared and sleepy eyes, it was 9 mins till the clock hit three in the morning. Turning to the other side, she saw that there was a big pillow in there instead, where her mother used to sleep. Reba sees this nightmare often and every time she wakes up she doesn’t find her mother next to her. An unresolved question in Reba’s mind is where could she go every night crossing the wooden bridge over the lake??

Rumana has been sitting on a red sofa for the last 2 hours 45 minutes. A man in a red coat in front of her has been drinking glass after glass of red wine all the while she is here and keeps telling the story of his dead wife. She noticed that red is predominant in this house, everything from bed sheets to curtains is red. She is now pretty confidently waiting for the man to take off his pants to show the underwear color, the probability factor supports that too would be red! She is trying hard to keep the smiling face while hiiding sadness because it is not an easy task to get a customer without a smiling face. Today's "fling" was a little exceptional. The most beautiful of girl her group is Lata but even after she being present, the customer called for Rumana. This was very unusual and one of the rarest cases. But today she was wearing a red dress, which could be the probable reason behind her getting selected, and the man finally picked her up in a red car.

She was looking down through the heavy spectacle and trying to thread the needle. Nowadays, she cant see distant objects clearly, but she sees objects that are fairly closer a little too well. She put the thread on the needle and concentrated again on sewing the Katha. Rumana notices that whenever she works with such attention, like sewing or reading a magazine, she remembers horrible stories from 25 years ago. Twenty-five years is really a long time to forget these random but real stories, but she failed to wash away those painful nightmares. She closed her eyes and wondered how such a long time had passed by so quickly. It seems that only a few days back she got a DV visa and moved to America with her little girl, but practically it’s 25 years. When she came to America, she didn't have to do those dirty works anymore. She sent her daughter to a good school and met all her needs.

Today Reba has completed her graduation and fulfilled her mother’s dream. Reba handed over the certificate to her mother to see it. Reba saw her mother's eyes fixed on the writings of the certificate below.

Father’s name: Mustafizur Rahman

Reba has been very sharp and quick witted since early on. She never wanted to embarrass her mother by asking about her father. She still has that nightmare almost every night. Sometimes she thinks that the man in the black dress might be someone who is trying to target her identity. These are all her fantasies but the reality is that the nightmare is still unresolved.


End Notes

Instructions to Get Featured

This here is our piece de resistance. So, to promote engagement and a little self-branding, we have come up with an initiative that we simply called Featured. And we are very excited about this portion of the magazine.

Every week, one talented author will have the opportunity to contribute a piece for the magazine, while showcasing one of their best posts from the week. The willing writers will have a chance to add to the magazine a few words about any topic that they choose and be a 25% beneficiary of the magazine.

* How to Get Featured

The first step is, you have to decide whether you want to get featured or not. Once you’ve made up your mind, you have to apply by submitting one of your articles from last week. We have a wiggle room for quality contents which are even older. Choose the piece you deem to be your best work for the week, as this will play a significant role in you getting featured or not.

* Application Window

There will be a two-day period to submit your application. It must be submitted by dropping a link to your post in the #Featured-Magazine channel on the BDCommunity Discord Server. Once the application window has closed, @linco, @simplifylife, and @zayedsakib will choose three authors from all the submissions.The featured author for the week will be announced during the weekly voice meeting. They will then have two days to complete their piece for the magazine and submit to the officials.

The author who gets featured in the weekly magazine will be set as a 25% beneficiary, meaning 25% of the magazine’s liquid payout will go to the featured author.

Flash Contest

Topic- How is hive and blogging helping with your personal growth?

Leave a meaningful no less than 100 words comment below about the topic and the most meaningful one will win 5 hive:). You can enter as many times as you like. Leave the tag #BDC in your comment for it to be counted as an entry. Only one person will be chosen as the winner.

Last Weeks Winner-@deepu7 :)

Do not forget to join our next weekly hangout at Friday 10 PM GMT +6



Hi @BDCommunity
Looking at your cup I am tempted to say ...
For me it would be some cutting #chai with Adrak (Ginger) & Laung (Cloves) the perfect thing to start a rainy morning

Topic- How is hive and blogging helping with your personal growth?

I see the world around me coming to a standstill due to the pandemic perhaps crumbling under the weight of the slowing economy.
The news channels offer nothing I can relate to and here I am on Hive taking an inner journey of self discovery and learning from content of others.
It has helped me keep my sanity and move on when everything had stopped due to the lockdown.
Through the screen of my laptop Hive has opened doors to a world that is pulsating with life and welcomes me to share and express myself without fear rejection.
Sharing my thought through comments and post I feel alive and the credit for giving me this feeling goes to Hive
In short it has kept me alive, agile and made me a keen learner. It had made me more positive and given me the ability to learn from other peoples experiences.

Thank you all for another wonderful weekly issue of Turni. Where to begin! I think I will start with Vertigo!

@notacinephille; How do you like that as an image?

Where is it? It is Desert View Tower at The Grand Canyon National Park. Do you get a sense of acrophobia?

shot in Canon EOS 5D Mark III, f/4, 1/30 sec, iso-400, 0-step, with a 17mm glass

I am emotionally attached to Vertigo at many levels. When I first saw Vertigo, my first impression was simple. I just got to go there. That was the only thing that came to me, first. Then I saw all the movies featuring Scotty. Rope, Rear Window, The man who knew too much and Vertigo.... again and again. When I first moved to the United States as a student, within the first 2 months, I saved enough money to take a trip to San Francisco. I been to every single outdoor location featured in the movie on that first trip. Later on, I visited SFO many times, and it remains my most favorite city in this planet. The way Hitchcock features California in general (thinking of Birds) is absolutely fascinating. That Fort Point location from where Madeleine jumps into the icy waters below the Golden Gate bridge, I have visited upward of 12 times... it never gets old. I will talk more about it maybe some other times...

@sayee, it is wonderful to see your poem here. It is so well done! I think you probably have found another place to explore your writing. Wonderful effort!

@deepu7 is the new addition to the magazine, its a solid piece. Why is the 'red' always significant? Like the little girl in a red coat in the Schindler's List...I will let notacinephile to comment on that :)

@hossainbd clinched the top spot yesterday at Splinterlands after a long time! Congratulations and welcoming new strategy piece from him.

@rehan12 is spot on with his piece. I am sure a lot of new commers feels the same way as they start the Hive Journey. Let's help the community and show them the right way, not the profitable way :)

Overall spectacular effort guys!

Thank you so much Azir. It means so much.

Thank you dada for your inspiring words.

Thanks Dada. Will try to the best in supporting others, so that we all can rise together in HIVE : )

I'm quite sure Scott would go into another vertigo seeing that photo! That's a good perspective shot and that curvature reminds me of golden ratio, not quite but resembles it somewhat.

Visiting the places you cherished in the films and being able to breathe its air, touch its structure must have been something else—reality turns into something ethereal. I haven't had the chance yet. Maybe someday. :)

I joined Steemit in 2017. But then I did not understand anything. I couldn't find any COOL KINARA. At that time I was frustrated and stopped writing. Because then the only purpose was to earn money. But at that time my biggest mistake was to give up writing.

Despair can never bring success. So we should not be frustrated and find our mistakes.

I have started writing on the hive platform again. After knowing about BDcommunity, the interest awoke anew.

If you think hive and blogging are just for making money then I think you will only make some money from hive for a short time. But on the other hand if I think that here I am on the hive blockchain to learn and improve my writing and other's skills. Then I will be able to know a lot and also earn money for a long time.

I think there can be no greater achievement than education in our personal life.

So we should take seriously the posts and comments of others to know more & more.

At the end of the day I would like to agree with @rehan12 Bhai

There were plenty of other issues which I had to face as a new user but believe me all the hard work, hassle, pain was indeed worth it. At the end of the day, it depends on how you want to reflect in here and how much you are dedicated to make a place in here.

I think there can be no greater achievement than education in our personal life.

That's the right attitude, and that is the attitude we want to see in more and more people. Patience is the key here, and I am personally very impressed with how you have presented and held yourself the last couple of months. Everyone needs to understand that personal growth needs time, and once you have reached a certain point, you won't have to worry about the "payout" part of this ecosystem, that will to an extent not even matter because, as you already understand now, HIVE is not just about making money, it's so much more!

আমি অনেক জনকেই দেখেছি তারা ভোট না পেয়ে খোভ প্রকাশ করে। আবার অনেক জন তো পাল্টা অভিযোগও করে। অনেকে আবার নিজেকে অনেক বড় মাপের লেখক মনে করে।

অথচ তারা একমাত্র নিজের পোস্ট ছাড়া অন্য কারো পোস্টেই পড়ে দেখে না। তারা যদি নিজের পোস্ট করার থেকে যদি অন্যদের পোস্ট গুলো ভালো ভাবে পড়ে তাহলেই নিশ্চিত তাদের মদ্যপ্ত ভাবটা কেটে উঠতে পারতো।

অন্যদের পোস্ট পড়লে নিজের যোগ্যতার একটা মাপকাঠি নির্ণয় করা যায়। আমি সব সময় সেটাই চেষ্টা করি। আর নিজেকে এখনো নিন্ম মানের লেখক মনে হয়।

ধন্যবাদ ভাই সুন্দর রিপ্লাই দেওয়ার জন্য।

Despair can never bring success. So we should not be frustrated and find our mistakes.

Agree to it. And those who becomes victims to it, they ultimately loose the race even before they start the race.

There is always room for improvement. We are better than yesterday and it goes on. The more time we give on our personal growth (rather than payout) we will see the outcome of that effort after a certain period but until then "NO GIVE UP". We have lot to learn in HIVE and we have lot to Give to HIVE as well.
And thanks for your kind words!

they ultimately loose the race even before they start the race.

জি এটাই। আসলে আমাদের দোষ একটাই আমরা সর্টকাট সফলতা পেতে চাই। যার কারনেই আমরা অনেক পিছিয়ে পরি। ধৈর্য্যের সহিত যে কোন একটি বিষয়ের সাথে লাগে থাকলে সেটার সফলতা আসবেই আমি বিশ্বাস করি।

আমরা প্রেমে পরলে একটা মেয়ের পিছনে বছরের পর ঘুরতে থাকি সেন্ডেল ক্ষয় করি। কিন্তু কোন কিছু শিখার ক্ষেত্রে শর্টকাট।

আমরা চাকরির জন্যে বছরের পর বছর অপেক্ষা করি। আবেদনের পর আবেদন করতে থাকি কিন্তু নিজের স্কিল বাড়ানোর জন্য চেষ্টা করি না বরং তাড়াহুড়া করি।

There is always room for improvement. We are better than yesterday and it goes on.

I completely agree with you, Bhai. Reward is something that will come and go. Personal growth that is something that will help them in term.

I think the best part of the Turni for me has been the voice of the editor. I've been trying to crack who's behind it but @zayedsakib said every time that I've guessed wrong. Let it be a mystery for a while then.

it is incredibly hard to choose between two wrongs, to choose the lesser of the wrong and believe in it. As often, in the present world, that is the choice that are given to us.

These words resonated with me as I know intimately how tiresome that dilemma can be. And yes, I'm aware of how a false dichotomy can manipulate us into thinking we have no other options, and I know one when I see one. Still, sometimes there are no third or fourth options.

Choosing the lesser evil isn't reassuring anyway, the act doesn't exonerate us from being wrong — it only laces us with a lighter shade and that shade isn't weightless at all, oh no, it weighs heavy, probably not to a degree it would in the other case, but heavy nonetheless.

I believe we need to be constantly aware of the act. Choosing the lesser wrong. We need to keep that sense of guilt alive. We cannot seek solace in choosing a lesser wrong, we cannot allow that smirk of satisfaction to illuminate our faces. Else, all is lost.

Thank you all for participating in this Turni. I really liked the way @deepu7 told the story. @rehan12's tips will help a lot of newcomers.

" The less you reveal, the more people can wonder":))

Thank you bhai for being such a jolly good sport:)

Thank you as well!
I've been told I look like Qoobee. So I'll let him speak for me.

What a great start to yet another issue of the magazine. It is my luck that I have come to know you all and in spite of the geographical differences, you all have accepted the whole of Hive users and give them support and welcome even into your weekly home chat whereas others would not have done so and that is what makes the BD community different. I am not writing this just to praise but out of my heart and thanks for including the poem.

Other communities have a lot to learn from the BD boys. In other places, egos clash and I have seen members passing rude comments too and that is why they fail.

Those who have digressed will soon realize that they made a mistake.

I loved reading about the movie and @rehan12 experience. I am sure Rehan will reach greater heights. Thanks for the splinterlands tips. I do hope Hossain collects all this and publishes as an ebook or start a youtube channel. Deepus story is also engrossing.

We all are here for each other, aren't we Sayee?
It is really great to meet an inspirational user like you in the community. You do have the positive VIBE which spreads from user to user. While I was reading the poem, I was thinking about my mom and all of those words are pure than ever. All the mothers in the world is a blessing to every child and may the Almighty shower them with love from their dear and loved ones. Thanks for making us emotional for some time. It was indeed a nice reminder :)

BDC really appreciates your thoughts and we are always committed to make improvements in necessary aspects and help users along the way.

Thank you so much dear one ♥

The best part of this week's was the @rehan12 bhai's part to me. It was really very much specific and some good guidelines for us.

Instead of making money, try to learn!

Its the best line. The real fun begins with learning,and i am enjoying a lot with you guys.

The poem was also very much heart touching. A week back i was sick and she feed me by her hands. Really no one can be compared with her. I am blessed she is still with me and may live more then me.It was truly a good one @sayee.

Every week 'Turni' brings me a special excitement to me. This magazine is really amazing and its been getting better and more amazing one after another. I am really loving it. Thanking will be less for the people who are working behind this. Really a great work. Best of luck.

Yes, this is indeed a special edition. All our effort paid off as we are getting enough response from you guys. This is something that inspires us. We are improving day by day. Although it's just a start, still long way to go. We need your support too. Thanks.

Yeah, will be with you guys. Welcome brother❤

First of all, the mug is really colourful and attractive one. I will try to find who is the owner of this mug and will try to get one for myself, Ha, Ha, Ha.....
Coming back to the magazine, every new weekly edition is surpassing the previous one. It's like competing with yourself . This week publication is the unique one as the entire look of this magazine has been changed. We have got the name of the magazine inside in this edition, also the ‘Featured’ instructions at the bottom which made the magazine more attractive to the readers, I believe. Thanks to the hardworking and dedicated team of Turni for bringing the changes who are doing the great task from behind the screen for the dream magazine. Another point I just like to mention that the number of participants for getting featured are still quite low. If we see the ‘featured magazine’ page of @bdcommunity discord channel, the number of featured link provider could be more. We have on an average 200 active members in this community. So, we could expect more. It is also appreciable that the number is increasing day by day than the first edition. We want to see that the selectors of Turni magazine will be facing more difficulties to pick the best one from so many submissions. However, nothing to mention about the featured @rehan12 bro, he is one of my all time favourite writers. Thanks goes to @notacineplille for the nice piece of writing. I don’t know much about Splinterlands, but thanks @hossainbd for achieving the top position. The poem from @sayee is one one of the nice poems posted in this community. Finally, thanks to all and have a great day.

First of all, the mug is really colourful and attractive one. I will try to find who is the owner of this mug and will try to get one for myself

I made this meme for you hehe :D


Thank you for your suggestions last week. As I had said, we really liked your suggestions and tried to implement them.

number of participants for getting featured are still quite low

Yes bhai, we have noticed this too, but as of now it's mostly upto the individual authors to take up the challenge on themselves to apply. We are hopeful as we go forward, it will only increase and we will have a more difficult task of selecting a winner! But we appreciate all the entries we are getting now.

And last but not the least, thank you too for your wonderful piece.

Liam Neeson my favourite aged smart hero. He looks quite similar like my father in law. So, he is our family hero. Hats off to you for making such a nice meme. However, the way Turni is moving forward, hard time is coming for the selectors, I believe so:-)

hard time is coming for the selectors

We are looking forward to that bhai ;)

I dont know why but I can see you saying it too doc:vvv.

But in all reality, you are the one who got all this done bhai:) youve been a great inspiring figure for me from the get go.. Thank you for that bro:))

you are the one who got all this done bhai

Nope! If it was up to me, I'd probably be drinking coffee all day long, get jittery, hyperactive and not get anything done :v :v

It's all a team effort and I'm pretty proud of the team we've got ;)

For me it would have beenDhoa all day:vvv

We are all we got🖖🖖:v


We are all we got

Dang, I love this! :D

Its people like you are the ones who keep inspiring us bhai:) thats why we try to improve as much as we can..

I think in near future, we will see a growth of users who will want to get featured:) fingers crossed:vv

Same wishes bro. The way weekly Turni is moving, I believe that day is not far away. Thanks for your inspiring words.

There are so many things I think how hive and blogging helping me with personal growth. It gives me cofident in terms of writing and sharing my thoughts to the people. I'm not sure that people will find my posts or contents are nice. Even so, I still decided to post it because I know that my post might not be perfect but there's a lesson to learn from it.

Like you, I was afraid to comment in someone's else post because what if they will misunderstood my thoughts. However, as time passes by in this chain I realised something. My words are my own, it's my own opinion. If people found it not good, maybe they just didn't get what I was trying to say.

I don't want people to think that I'm an arrogant but I noticed on my writing that it's improving. The grammar, choosing nice words and etc., it changes. I'm thankful to hive because it's given me an opportunity to grow in writing which I really love. People maybe didn't like some of posts because it's all about article. Unlike when I posted about happenings in the street that earned well. But I'm fine with that as long as I expressed my thoughts through writing.


Even so, I still decided to post it because I know that my post might not be perfect but there's a lesson to learn from it.

That is the most important lesson. No one has to be perfect. No one should think they are perfect, for if they do, that's where personal growth stops. We should all constantly try to improve, no matter where we stand.

I don't want people to think that I'm an arrogant but I noticed on my writing that it's improving

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your own improvements. That's a nice reflection on your own growth and quite important I think.

Oh, how nice to hear your reply. Thanks

Many thanks to Rehan Bhai for sharing such a great article with us. @rehan12 Bhai has actually revealed all my thoughts in the featured post. Like Rehan Bhai, I went through exactly the same process. And newcomers like me know how much research you need to do to make a good earning from Hive.

Hive taught me how to write articles in English. I never wrote articles in English before starting blogging on Hive. Hive taught me blockchain, helped me to expertise my SEO skill. I am discovering new things every day besides making money! Those who have known me for a long time noticed that I am continuing a video series called "1-minute video". Here I make whiteboard animation and my skill of making animation videos is slowly increasing, because of Hive of course!

I sat in silence for a while after reading @sayee's poem. Those are the luckiest in the world whose parents are by their side. I really admire this week's magazine. Everyone's writing was remarkable.

Last but not least, rest in peace King, the Black Panther!

I am honestly glad to come across some talented users on HIVE and no wonder you are one of them. Your dedication towards your journey have really proven your worth. We start from the beginning and slowly rise towards glory. You are an example to that phrase. Keep on being creative and lets all grow together. Thanks for your wise words. Really appreciated.

Thank you Pitboy.

Another master piece from this week. I have gone through editorials to @deepu7 brother's writings. Most interesting part of the editorial is to me the comparison of coffee with bricks (or blocks) making.

Mother is the best gift in our life. Felt nostalgic by reading this meaningful poem from @sayee

Thanks to @rehan12 for sharing some specific guidelines to the new comers from your experience. It deserves to be featured. Best choice. New comers can get real suggestsions from this week's featured post.

@deepu7 's writing was very interesting and heart touching. Dream, Reality, Truth, Life, Past all together in a short story

Thank you so much.

Yes brother, everyone tried their best to contribute. I am just part of it. Glad to know that you enjoyed my writing. Thanks.

Thanks to you as well for your writings. I have watched couple of your videos and i become fan of you from then. There your accent, style, voice was very pleasant. I like your high thought writings. Its really beneficial for us by getting Resource person like you in our community.

I am really getting embarrassing as well as honoured for your nice and inspiring words. I don’t consider myself as a skill writer or speaker yet. I am still trying to improve everyday. And my learning journey will continue till the end. Have a good day bro.

Thanks @engrsayful, it's like they say, "You are not alone". New journey can be scary and sometimes hard to deal with but it becomes easier when you share your activities/experience with others. Keep on creating good contents Engnr. We have a long way to go. Cheers!

Ya. Exactly. A long way to go....

First of all I want to mention about my typing skill. I could not type as fast as now just 2 years back. This is because of blogging in this platform which helped me very much to improve my typing and writing skill. I am not used to with mobile phone and use computer for blogging. That improved my typing skill remarkably. If I would try to improve my typing skill by practising other things then it would not be as much as beneficial like Hive blogging because here I was just doing blogging but with that I have got the benefit of improving my skill having some fun and reward.

I think, through continuous blogging for more than a year, the fluency in speaking and writing improved much better than previous.

I have got opportunity to meet some wonderful people who are very much cordial and helpful to each other. It's helped me to interact with people from different Arena of the world.

I cast aside some portion of money from earning here for donation to the poor that is helping me to grow personally by contributing to the society.

I feel good when I think that I have created or given some opportunity to some of my friends to earn some extra money through their creative works.

Last but not the least is I left wasting time by scrolling down Facebook and other social medias.

Very nicely highlighted. I found my own words in your words.

Yes, with practice the fluency definitely improves. I'm sure most of us have struggled in the early days to get the words out. But those who kept at it diligently, are seeing major improvements in their writing skills that, if they wish, can go even beyond HIVE.

Exactly. Dr brother. Thanks. Sometimes we forget our skill due to practice. That's happening in this case.

Thank you so much for this nice article
Black Panther's death carries a message of condolence for all Marvel lovers
All in all, I like writing. I would like to thank my elder brother @steemitwork for holding my hand in this community

A good article encourages newcomers to write something good @rehan12 bhai I am new to the blogging community at the same time but I have realized a lot by following your article. Hopefully your cooperation will encourage you to do better.

Welcome to HIVE.
The road on HIVE might be a little bumpy but you will enjoy it. Be original and be consistent. If any sort of doubts is there about HIVE, BDCommunity is there to clear your doubts, you just need to ask! Lets meet at the top :)

Assalamu Alaikum Brother I am very happy to be able to join this community. I am very interested in learning something new. Hope to cooperate like always. And please brother, I will give you a knock if i want to know something from you to time. I want to learn something new through you.

Time really flies too fast. It still seems to me I just read the last #Turni only hours ago. But,'s already a week.

However, it's regular for me, to admire @rehan12. So, not doing that again as good wine needs no bush. But, it feels great to see @sayee here making a good position even after being from another community. And this proves @bdcommunity is a place for all; you have the talent, you got the place - no discrimination.

Thank you so much. BD boys are always very welcoming

BD boys only?
Do you have any issues with BD girls?. Why don't you share if there is such; it'll make a great story I guess. I don't see girls too many around here though.

I do not have anything against girls. I am a woman myself, lol. It would be awesome to see more active girls too.

But,'s already a week.

Trust me, we sometimes think the same ;) We are always waiting eagerly to get the next edition of Turni out!

And this proves @bdcommunity is a place for all; you have the talent, you got the place - no discrimination.


Nice design

Just amazing, the content, writing, ect everything is aesthetic! I wanna thinking the people whose are playing a significant role for giving us a real flavour of a magazine. Now, I would like to thanks everyone specially @rehan12 for his outstanding works.

When we first landed on Hive (Steemit), many of us had similar thoughts. It cannot be true. I watched a video on YouTube, and that's why I'm here on this blockchain. Thank you @rehan12 for sharing your experience and tips for newcomers. The way we see games are on the rise on Hive blockchain, it is incredible. Thank you @hossainbd for your tips to play Splinterlands.

Camera angle, the way something is shown in movies, it makes us think about what is important. Thank you notacinephille for sharing this. A mother loves her child unconditionally. She is the best gift that we have in this world. I love @sayee's poem.

Reading An Unresolved Nightmare, I'm thinking whether there is another or more episodes of that story. Want to know what happened next, Is there any relationship with that man in her nightmare and her father? Ok, I left this comment unfinished, @deepu7. :)

The weekly Turni always bring out the best of best things every week. The speeches of the editor always admire me. And every Turni I find something special that helps me to go on with my life. Today’s Turni is also not exceptional in this extent. The saying “There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength,’ no matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.” works like a spell on me. It inspires me to go on with my tragedies. Thanks to @bdcommunity for providing us such a outstanding weekly. I feel really good working with this community. And I hope some day my writings will be on weekly too. The members of this community are really helpful and kind hearted. There is a long road ahead of this community , hope we all will work together for the betterment of BDCommunit.

Flash Contest

Topic-How is hive and blogging helping with your personal growth?

When i first learnt about blockchain i thought its a easy money making way. Write anything and you will get money in return. There is a sayings that "You wont know how deep is the water unless you dive into it". When i joined through steemit and then came to hive i got another picture of it.

I am fond of English language. In social media if i go for a english status many wont understand that or ignore that easily. Nobody gives that much importance let alone reading 400/500 word article. So there is no hope for improving my writing skill. Here i am writing on my own will. Though i mistakes, no one is here to make mock of me rather i am getting support and rewards for my good writing. What's the best then this? Its like a heaven for anyone’s own skills and creativities. Where you gets proper feedback for your skills.

Another thing i was too much addicted on facebook and there was like a garbage of false and trendy things. Gradually i am in love with hive because here you get everyone’s original talent's. Which is letting me know whats my place compared to others. Giving me vast knowledge about many unknown things. Oh one thing. I am a boy of 20 years old i still live on my parents sorry to say. Due to lockdown i am at home so its been also a source of some of my pocket money. So its also been a little financial support.

So my main gain here is the bonding with the new people's. Improving my english writing skills. Writing with my own free mind without any hesitation. Ah! What else do i need? Loving this platform.


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