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In this blockchain space, we get angry sometimes. I guess there are plenty of reasons to be angry everywhere, both in the real world and the virtual. The emotion is real today, as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Inside our simple ecosystem, it could be as simple as:

WHY hive is NOT pumping?! (damn! I used the word ‘pump’ again!)

WHY people are NOT voting my post?

WHY that guy’s post is making more money than mine? His writing is bogus!! 😊

WHY the **** after getting such care, support and guidance, people keep doing this, over and over again..?


….. the list can go on and on. Funny thing is when this feeling comes in, it comes with a gusto! It literally feels like this:

“I see a red door, and I want it painted black
No colors anymore, I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes”….. Paint It Black… The Rolling Stones

Just like any other emotions, anger is just that: an ‘emotion’. I don’t claim to be an expert in anger management myself, perhaps the opposite. However, I try to learn from the many mistakes that I have made over the years. The pattern that comes out from that jumbled up jigsaw puzzle is aligned with a simple statement:

“The best fighter is never angry.”…. Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu or Laozi was an ancient Chinese philosopher from the 4th century BC and widely considered as the founder of Taoism. The tradition literally emphasizes living in harmony with the “Tao”, which simply means ‘the way’. It talks about no rigid rules or social order but teaching the ‘truth’ of achieving ‘perfection’ by taking an unplanned journey through the rhythms of the universe called ‘the way’. It is not a religion, and there is nothing to practice. It talks about truth in simplicity and spontaneous feeling of three treasures; compassion, frugality and humility. The simple unstructured nature of the thought process is something I like a lot. In a way, it helps me to understand my anger.

One of the items I have learned to warm up to, is the fact that there are several things that are beyond my control. For example, I can’t control the price of hive. Neither I can control who votes me and why, nor can I control why someone is voting others. I have limited control over other’s action, but I can only control my actions. Therefore, if I just focus on my personal actions and take reasonability for those actions, then I have found that the emotional burden is less.

I find these simple actions helps with social interactions in hive and in personal life. None of our lives are perfect, and certainly not the world surrounding us. One possible way to maintain a semblance of sanity is to accept the rhythms of the universe and navigate skillfully with it. Using this magazine as a tool that is what we intend to accomplish



This here is our piece de resistance. So, to promote engagement and a little self-branding, we have come up with an initiative that we simply called Featured. And we are very excited about this portion of the magazine.

Every week, one talented author will have the opportunity to contribute a piece for the magazine, while showcasing one of their best posts from the week. The willing writers will have a chance to add to the magazine a few words about any topic that they choose and be a 25% beneficiary of the magazine.

How To Get Featured

In the first step, you decide whether you want to get featured. Once you’ve made up your mind, you have to apply by submitting one of your articles from last week. Choose the piece you deem to be your best work for the week, as this will play a significant role in you getting featured or not.

Application Window

There will be a two day period to submit your application. It must be submitted by dropping a link to your post in the #Featured-Magazine channel on the BDCommunity Discord Server.

Once the application window has closed, @linco, @simplifylife, and @zayedsakib will choose three authors initially and then one author from all the submissions.

The featured author for the week will be announced during the weekly voice meeting. They will then have two days to complete their piece for the magazine and submit to the officials.

The author who gets featured in the weekly magazine will be set as a 25% beneficiary, meaning 25% of the magazine’s liquid payout will go to the featured author.

This Weeks Featured author - @notacineplille

Literary Classics #02 — The Kreutzer Sonata / Leo Tolstoy

If you go to the very bottom of the post our author has presented here, you will find a quote that says it all.

To satiate my hunger for art, I go to cinema. And when I’m lustful. I run after literature.

The prose and flamboyant style of writing notacinephile shows in his pieces are indeed a mastery to behold. Too many words of praise may dull the sword. And so let’s not compliment him any more:v let me introduce you to a guy, whose reviews about books and movies in itself are worth measurable in emeralds. And that is well proven in the following satire.

In a land far far away, there was a country bustling with green life, untapped potential, and a million promises. It was not a rich country by any means, but definitely richer than Los Santos—heck, those mongrels can’t even compete! We’ll call this land “Moger Mulluk”.

Moger Mulluk had an honorable, morally superior, philosophically sound, uptight tech-giant as their technocrat minister. The entire nation revered him very much, and their mutual love was manifested through a nickname—KAGU—which clearly bore the mark of national affection.

One day when he was languidly pacing back and forth in his private office room, his personal secretary knocked.

“Coooome in!” Kagu said in a dreamy, placid voice.

“Morning, sire!” bowed the PS, entering. “Today is the day,” he reported. “We have cleansed all of the internet with a righteous hand that is yours. No more porn!”

“Bless you, my young Padawan! Now that there is no competition, I will build my own industry in peace!” Kagu smiled, his eyes are half-closed.

“All the govt. employees that didn’t use Dikjoy keyboard are sacked.” His PS continued, “Some are jailed, and we’ve put a few in the dungeons.”

“Great job! Remind me to raise your salary.”

The PS suddenly felt his chest swollen with pride.

“All the nuisance—Reddit, Wikipedia, archive, Facebook, Pinterest, Paypal, Upwork, medium are blocked as well. One can only access the govt. monitored sites from our mighty country of prosperity.”

At this last report, Kagu felt the pressure that has been burgeoning in him over the last couple of years melting away, slowly, slowly... A sense of calm and peace engulfed him.

“Sire, there is something else…”

But Kagu wasn’t listening to him anymore. He turned back. Approached the window. There is a big slum down there a couple of blocks over. But Kagu didn’t see it. He saw millions of people—all looking at him with hopeful eyes, cheering his name.


It was like a papal inauguration, and he was the pope. Why not? The media already credited him for all the technological advances this country had ever seen. He taught them how to talk, type, turn on the computer, do a little search, touch themselves, get hard in the morning, he even…

No, he shouldn’t sell himself so cheap! What good is a Pope anyway?!

A bright smile reached his ears.

He WAS the messiah!

মোস্তফা জব্বার কী করেননাই এই বাঙালির জন্যে? তিনি বাঙালিকে ওয়ার্ড, এক্সেল, পাওয়ারপয়েন্ট, ফটোশপ, ইলাস্ট্রেটর, ইনডিজাইন, প্রিমিয়ার, ড্রিমউইভার, অটোক্যাড, মায়া, থ্রিডিএস ম্যাক্স, আফটার ইফেক্ট, নিউক, জি ব্রাশ ইত্যাদি সবই শিখিয়েছেন। বাঙালি প্রযুক্তিতে যত যাই করে, তার ৯০% মোস্তফা জব্বারের অবদান।

সুত্রঃ "বাঙালিকে কম্পিউটার কী জিনিস সেটা শিখিয়েছেন এই মোস্তাফা জব্বারই। কম্পিউটারে বাংলা ব্যবহার শিখিয়েছেন মোস্তাফা জব্বারই। আজকের সংবাদপত্র এখনো তার দেখানো প্রযুক্তিতে চলছে—এমনকি অনলাইনে আপনি যে বাল পড়ছেন তার ৯০ ভাগেরও বেশি তার বিজয়ে লেখা। "

-সাংবাদিক আনিস আলমগীর।

রং এর সাথে সম্পর্ক নেই অনেক দিন।


ভৌগলিক কারনে আমাদের পোশাক-পরিচ্ছেদ, খাবার, জীবন যাপন এর আনেক পরিবর্তন দেখা যায়। ছবি আকঁার ক্ষেএ এর ভিন্ন নয়। শীতপ্রধান দেশে থাকা মানুষ তার চারিপাশে যে রং দেখবে, মরুভূমিতে থাকা মানুষ সে রং না দেখাটাই স্বাভাবিক।
পাহাড়ি এলাকায় থাকা শিশু চিএে ফুটে উঠে পাহাড়, ঝিরি,ঝর্না, গাছপালা ইত্যাদি,সমতল এলাকায় থাকা শিশু চিএে বিষয় বস্তুর ভিন্নতা দেখা যায়।

সব কিছু যেন একে অপরের সাথে মিশে আছে। পরিবেশ মানুষ কে তৈরি করে।
সমতল থেকে আমি,পাহাড়ি এলাকা পাড়ি দিচ্ছি দীর্ঘ সময়। আমার রং আমার চিএ তাই আমার কথা বলে,আমার যাপন এর কথা বলে।

It is always the palette that makes or breaks a piece of art. In a watercolor wash, both hard and soft lines are critical, above is an experiment in both. The palette of blue, gray and purple is simple. To symbolize the feeling and essence of ‘gram bangla’ (a village scene), simple analogous colors of blue and purple worked wonders. Also, as a true watercolor impressionism, the shadows are purple. They are purple enough to be called violet and their presence hides the burnt umber and burnt sienna. In our world, the shadows are never black...


Jibanananda Das

Jibanananda Das, this name will come deliberately, if we talk about modern Bengali poetry. He was born at Barisal(Bangladesh) in 1899. He is one of the poets who became famous after his death. But his contribution to the Bengali literature is Implausible. He always proved himself from time to time with his writing.

You all might hear about “Bonolota Sen,” this poetry book is his masterpiece. There are lots of people who wrote about it and appreciated it. In his whole life, he struggles a lot. At an early stage of his life, he was a college teacher. He lost that job at that time and had a terrible time. He used to write and take tuition classes then, that’s how he lived that time. This time sense is something you will find in his poetry. He played with the time but in a proper way.

Although he was from Bangladesh, he had a massive fascination with Kolkata(India). Whenever he got an opportunity, he went to Kolkata. His poetry pleased not only the Bengali people but also the peoples from other countries. He died in 1954, but he is still among us with his poetry.

চোখে তার
যেন শত শতাব্দীর নীল অন্ধকার !
স্তন তার
করুণ শঙ্খের মতো- দুধে আর্দ্র- কবেকার শঙ্খিনীমালার!
এ পৃথিবী একবার পায় তারে, পায় নাকো আর।



Weekly Dose of Knowledge

You have been told since you learned to speak that you should take vitamin C. It is suitable for you and good for your skin, and you should take vitamin C every day. All true, but have you ever been told precisely what does Vitamin C do in our body, or why is it so essential? No..? Let’s change that today!

There are 4 basic types of collagen in our body. And they are distributed in different parts of the body. Collagen is a complex protein molecule that serves mainly as structural support to various tissues and maintains structural integrity along with other fibrous proteins. Because maintaining integrity is its thing, whenever we have an injury or a bruise that needs healing, collagen synthesis is increased at that location to repair the wound.

Under normal circumstances, our body is undergoing constant wear, and tear and continuous repair of tissues keep happening. We just don’t realize this as everything is on auto pilot! Only one out of a million examples, when we brush our teeth, the abrasions from the toothbrush are creating multiple tiny, microscopic bruises on the gums. We don’t see the effects of this as repair mechanisms, and integrity of our gums is well maintained.

The synthesis of collagen is a multiple-step process, one of which involves hydroxylation of two specific amino acids, Proline and Lysine. If this step does not happen, collagen synthesis can not proceed as it should. Tissues start to lose their structural integrity. Repair doesn’t occur as well as it used to and we tend to get bruises from minor knocks that didn’t use to bother us before. Our gums start to bleed when brushing our teeth. Sounds familiar?

That crucial step of hydroxylation is catalyzed by an enzyme called lysyl hydroxylase. This guy doesn’t like to go solo! It requires a Co-factor, namely ascorbic acid, aka the famous Vitamin C. Funnily enough, our body does not have a good storage system for this ever so essential vitamin. If you take tons of citrus fruit this week in the hopes of replenishing your Vit-C stores for the rest of the year, you’re in for a major disappointment! Go the next few days without any vitamin C. You’ll already be in a mildly Vitamin C deficient state. This is why it is essential we take our Vit-C daily, in moderation.

Everything that happens in our body happens for a reason, some we know, some we don’t, yet. There is no reason to think this lack of Vitamin C storage is an inherent flaw. It’s not. You see, Vit-C is also an acid. It’s called ascorbic acid for a reason :D

Too much of Vitamin C will lower the pH of blood, in other words, cause acidosis. The body thus needs to continually get rid of excess Vitamin C in the form of oxalate in the urine.

This is definitely not the only function vitamin C serves in our body. But this is the one most people can relate to and understand because there’s hardly no one who has not heard of Scurvy!


Exploration of Tea Garden and it's natural beauty

I like being close to nature. If possible, I want to buy a farmhouse one day, away from all the noise, crowd and be with my family with peace of mind. Probably because I am slowly starting to get fed up from my busy life. Need to get a taste of that quiet inner peace as well. This is a place near the Tea Garden of the most famous and attractive tourist spot of Sylhet. The `LAKKATURA TEA GARDEN`. Although I took a detour, let me show you the hidden beauty of this place beholds.

`Route:` Once you arrive in Sylhet city. From the city centre, which is from `Bondorbazar` take a vehicle, CNG/auto-rickshaw. Rent it, and it will take you to Lakkatura tea garden within 20-30 minutes. Once you are there, then it is all walking. It will take a couple of hours to see the whole area (at least most of it) and you will probably need a lot of patience too. But rest assured it will be worth it.

The above image shows what I was waiting for. I felt so relaxed and calm standing before this heavenly view. I stood there for some time and enjoyed the view. This area is almost devoid of humans. As this is far away from the localities, which makes it inaccessible for tourists. But yeah the views are splendid this time of the year and is indeed worth it.

Since it was raining, I was quite lucky to capture raindrops resting over leaves. Honestly, I do like this kind of scenarios and needles to say, they are indeed the beauty of nature and the beauty created by it.

It was such a relief for me to get out of the house after so long. I am still quite surprised about how people are not caring about COVID, even though it’s still here and we are not taking enough precautions. I will hopefully plan some more trips in the coming days, but I am still not sure I will do them soon enough. As situations might escalate in the next few days. Let’s hope we do not see the devastating days once again. Till then, stay safe.


Epilogue-King Tide


Never have I ever feared death. Not then, when a kayak trip in the rough currents of an angry river went awry and life itself tried to escape away from my grasp. Not even now, when I am presented with two opportunities, an option to choose between red and blue pills, symbolizing yin and yang; A millennium-old fight to preserve an equilibrium between all that is good and evil.

It does not necessarily mean that I am immune to fear! To be honest, I fear almost everything that humans are supposed to inherently be afraid of: I do not like blood, snakes, ugly looking bugs and even colorful caterpillars. Things like those always send a chill down my spine, causes cold sweats during a sudden mania of fright. Still, I do not fear death.

I know that all of this might readout like the manifesto of an idiot maniac who doesn’t know what he is talking about. But bare with me.

Ever asked yourself, what you fear the most? At the very initial phase of trying to process this, our brain would conclude with something rational and feasible. It would generally refer and tie down the fear to an object, dead or alive.

The second phase would initiate with something abstract, a concept either grandiose or full of paltriness, like me being afraid of living in a dystopia or an everyday norm that is gradually turning to be absurd in nature or acts of theocratic fundamentalism in authorities that are truly maleficent.

And then comes the universally correct answer to fear, that is change: a recurring state of manic that revolves around how change might affect one’s lifestyle for better or worse. And that is a fact hard to swallow.

Drowning under a couple of meters deep in the muddy rainwater of “Karnaphuli” river while my precious memories kept flashing back, the only recurring thought was, is this how I go? Am I “Amphiaraus” and is this my legacy ending in prompt? Fear crept and crawled back, and at its peak, I let go. To allow the ferryman of fate to take me wherever I am destined to go. Moments later, king tide floated me back to the shore, making me realize something comparable to revelations from the omniscient and omnipotent. Sometimes, it is better to let go. It is better not to resist “Maktub”. For destiny knows it all.

-Head Clerk

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Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I'm delighted to be a part of this journey and honored to be featured. Also had a blast of a time writing the satire piece as well!

In our world, the shadows are never black...

This is something every artist comes to know eventually and a lot of beginners do not grasp when they start. Beautiful painting, Partho Roy.

Loved the article anent vitamin C! Like everyone else, I knew without vitamin c you get scurvy and sour fruits are good for you but how does it really work—never knew the details of it. Thanks, doc, for the insightful yet comprehensible input.

There is no reason to think this lack of Vitamin C storage is an inherent flaw.

I wouldn't mind if you thought it was a flaw, after all, we took ourselves off the natural selection train. We're now on our own.

Loved the stunning photos by Rehan. Never been to the tea gardens- something I've been planning for quite a while.

do not like blood, snakes, ugly looking bugs and even colorful caterpillars. Things like those always send a chill down my spine, causes cold sweats during a sudden mania of fright. Still, I do not fear death. I know that all of this might readout like the manifesto of an idiot maniac

Actually you're not alone in this and I don't think it is nonsensical at all. I have similar thoughts regarding basic instincts and I don't fear death in a traditional sense as well. But I do fear it—very very much—when I realize I won't be around and the world will move on. I fear going away before I make a dent in history. I know these fears are often baseless as dying will be the end of me and my consciousness will fade away but I can't help it.

Flash Contest- My deshi people on hive.

Ah! Hive. When i came into this platform i used to think it as an platform where i will post random photographs and will write anything in mind and then there will be automatic rewards on those. Even tried those in the beginnings got no positive outcome.

When i first joined the bdcommunity there was a writing contest going on. I participated on the last two one. And even got third place in one contest. I didn’t imagine that a newbie will win a contest among so many old and experienced users. It proves that if you have quality you are sure to be rewarded which needs no tag or anything. It has given me a positive picture and hope for a great journey on hive.

Oh another thing. I was run out of rc in the very first beginning and i asked for delegation's by one massage at coffee-lounge and instantly i got delegation's from three people(rehan bhai,sakib bhai and priyan apu).At that time they didn’t even know me,how i will do on hive,whats my ability, how will be with them in future yet they helped me in the blink of an eye.

Then comes guidelines. I don’t see any community here,where people is getting so much help and guidelines. In bdcommunity anyone will get help and guidelines in any topics. Wether it is spinterlands or art or gaming or fictions even there is doctor too. What you need to survive on hive is available.

In the weekly voice meetings there is like a adda which is full of fun and so on. You guys ask for if we have any questions or not again and again. So greatful! Who ask this way that keep asking i will solve your problems? Its possible on bdcommunity i am the witness of that.

I wanna finish my writing by mentioning about two people.
@Linco bhai. In the dm he firstly told me i need to correct my writing and even told me what should i do on this matter. After few days i was rewarded on the contest for my improvement. And later on again he praised me and encouraged for the coming days. These are really inspiring.

@shadonchandra bhai. Once he commented on a post of mine that i have a bright future on hive and wished me good luck. When you are a newbie and you get these type of feedback from the experienced one then you can really say you are on right track and needs to be going on ver far.

So in the end i wanna say. Bdcommunity is like a family to me on my hive life.


BD community is the epitome of what I once dreamed of when joining the crypto blogging network. Many seasons and disappointments later, I am glad to have been given so much of warmth and love and respect from the members even though I am from another country and I am sure other international members will agree with me.

Continue being number one and grow to greater heights.


It gives me thrill reading the editorial as always.....wish I could write in the same way or at least nearly of it.

However, congratulation @notacinephile . I really liked the way the story is developed and that "KAGU" thing.....cannot but laughing for a while.

By the way, the painting is cool. I'm not gifted with such a gift. As usual, @rehan12 is the man behind the steering with a collection of awesome words and nice presentation styles.

Poetry is not my thing, but, it your art @linco? You really tried hard— I guess.

Glad that you've liked it. :)

Yes, bro, I really tried, 😜

😜 not bad though; at least I couldn't do better

Flash content

What BDC(BDCommunity) as a community means to me?

The answer is very easy. @bdcommunity means to me a lot. I am always proud as a Bengali and BangladeshI. Kazi Nazrul to Bangladesh National cricket team who are representing Bangladesh to the rest of the world is a part of my heart and I bow to them with respect and that comes from the core of my heart. In blockchain BDC is representing Bangladesh. So, undoubtedly BDC is a name of respect and a place where I can think everyone is my friend and everything is mine. Including but not limited to Bangladeshi people love this community. The sign of popularity is that @bdcommunity has already emerged as Hive witness and marching towards top twenty. I wish and want to see BDC in the top twenty and show the world that we are not behind.

Working in a multinational company I have the bitter experience that outside world people don’t treat us with respect although we have much potential and willingness to do better. This is the time to proof many things to them. BDC is a community who allows us to speak out to any topics either in native language of international. This is an opportunity and we should utilise this with quality contents and make BDC proud as quality content providers to rest of the world. But I have one suggestion to the new joiners in this BD community. Please write original contents which are solely yours. Earlier, we had seen many times that users tried to post plagiarised content and caught by the community readers. This is not good practice and it will also not enhance the goodwill of BDC. Nice to see that BDC and @bdvoter has made few post not to support anyone who are in practice of plagiarism. My wish to BDC to continue this awareness to ensure BDC as plagiarism free community, although it is difficult.

BDC is trying hard to support the members by all means. Last few months there were few contests arranged by the community and got tremendous support.

I will finally end this comment by mentioning about Turni. If I am not wrong, Turni is a magazine which might be the first in Hive platform. This is the fourth week running and wish to see many more. Finally want to thank the personnel who are working behind the scenes in BDC officials. Their hard work made this possible and gave us a nice community where we can write and talk. Thanks.

Bhai, we need more people to think like you, to think of the BDC and its reputation as their own. BDC is not just a small group of moderators, ambassadors and curators. All of us are what makes BDC and more and more people needs to understand this.

Working in a multinational company I have the bitter experience that outside world people don’t treat us with respect although we have much potential and willingness to do better.

This is exactly the mentality we are trying to change and here on HIVE we have a good opportunity to show what we can do!

Sure, bhai. I will be always with you all. And you all are doing really hard work to represent Bangladesh through BDC. Thanks.

মা-বাবা দেখ দেখ আমার লেখা ম্যাগাজিনে ছাপা হয়েছে। কর্তৃপক্ষ আমার লেখা খুব পছন্দ করেছে। তাই তারা ম্যাগাজিনের তৃতীয় পাতায় আমার লেখা ছাপিয়েছে। আমার কি যে আনন্দ লাগছে, মা জান আমি এ যাবৎ অবধি শ-খানেক লেখা পাঠাইছি এই ম্যাগাজিনে। যে লেখাটা ছাপানো হয়েছে, আমার নিজের ভিতরে খুব আত্মবিশ্বাস ছিল যে লেখাটা খুব ভালো হয়েছে এবং এটা ম্যাগাজিনে ছাপানোর খুব সম্ভাবনা আছে। মা, সৃষ্টকর্তা আমার আত্মবিশ্বাসের মর্যাদা রেখেছেন। আমি আজকে খুব খুশি। বাবা জান আমি না কখনোই হাল ছাড়ি নাই, নিরানব্বইটা লেখা আমি সমপরিমান আত্মবিশ্বাসের সহিত প্রেরন করেছিলাম। জানি না কর্তৃপক্ষ আজকে আমার প্রতিভাকে সম্মানিত করল না আমার আত্মবিশ্বাস এবং নিরলস প্রচেষ্টার উপহার দিল। উদ্দেশ্য যাই হোক না কেন বাবা, আজকে আমি আমার জীবনের সবচেয়ে মূল্যবান শিক্ষাটা অর্জন করলাম। আত্মবিশ্বাসের সমন্বয় এবং অসীম ধৈর্ষ শক্তি মানুষকে তার কাঙ্ক্ষিত লক্ষ্যে অবশ্যই অধিষ্ঠিত করে।

উপরের গল্পটি সম্পূর্ণরুপে কাল্পনিক। কিন্তু এর মাঝে কঠিন বাস্তবতা লুকিয়ে আছে। প্রিন্টিং মিডিয়া, আজ অবধি আমাদের অনুভুতির জোড়ালো দাবিদ্বার। ইন্টারনেটের এই বিশাল জগত আমাদের প্রতিভা প্রকাশের অনেকটা স্বাধীনতা এনে দিয়েছে। কিন্তু পার্থক্যটা অনেক বড় মাপের। ইন্টারনেট দুনিয়া আমার পোস্ট প্রতিভার পরিমাপক আর প্রিন্ট মিডিয়া আমার প্রি-প্রতিভার পরিমাপক। যাই হোক না কেন এই দুটোর মাঝে কমন যে বিষয়, সেটা হচ্ছে আমার এবং আপনার প্রতিভা। প্রি আর পোস্ট যেই জাস্টিফাইয়ার হোক না কেন, আমি আমার নিজস্ব প্রতিভায় বিকশিত। শুধু প্রয়োজন মজবুত ভিত্তির আত্মবিশ্বাস এবং ধৈর্ষ ধারনের অসীম ক্ষমতা।


কে বলে আমরা পারি না, আমাদের দ্বারা কিছু হবে না। আমরা যে পারি, তুর্নি আজ তার জ্বলন্ত উদাহরন। বাংলার কয়টা এমন ম্যাগাজিন আছে যেটা আন্তর্জাতিক পর্যায়ে পঠিত হয়। হোক না এটা ইন্টারনেট নামের ভার্চুয়াল জগত, তাতে কি আসে যায়, প্রিন্ট ম্যাগাজিনের মতো হয়তোবা এর চোখ ধাধানো কাভার পেইজ নাই, তাতে কি আসে যায়, হোক না এই ম্যাগাজিনের লেখকেরা তথাকথিত লেখকশ্রেনির সূত্রের বাইরের লেখক, তুর্নির প্রতিটা শব্দেই রয়েছে সেই সূত্রের বাইরের লেখকদের ভিত্তসম্পন্ন আত্মবিশ্বাস এবং ধৈর্ষ শক্তির সঠিক সন্নিবেশ ।

শুভকামনা রইলো তুর্নি তোমার জন্য, তোমার পথ চলা হোক সফলতার সিঁড়ি নির্মানের কারিগর।


I started writing on Hive not that long ago. Initially, the exploring stage came with its typical 'jargon' look making me a dumbhead; especially on the 'markdown styling' section. And, obviously, what to do and what not to do.

So, how did I overcome it?

Yes, those people on BDCommunity writing tirelessly with tips and suggestions— they made it easier for me to write my first piece.

From then on, I've developed a sense of family relationship with the people living here in BDCommunity. Nope, that's way too much. 😜

I simply planned to enrich the community and help it grow with whatever assets I possess. And, it happens to be my keyboard. So, writing here in this community almost regularly and putting my opinions whenever I encounter an interesting content.

In one of my writing, I've mentioned how I find similarity between Mig33 and BDCommunity discord group and how I became nostalgic almost immediately making me a regular participant in there— mostly like a ghost though. I know a ghostly presence doesn't add value to my presence as well as to the community and is substantially insignificant. Somehow, I still haven't gathered that courage to involve in full swing.

However, I did get benefit from BDCommunity discord group, even after being an insignificant entity, one of the members helped me fixing my tons of problems patiently— mostly about understanding the features and solving encountered problems. I salute him from my core of the heart. I believe, apart from being a great supporter of our decentralized income project, BDCommunity is an ideal place where we can share our opinion like old days and get roasted now and then by the members like our close friends do to us. Indeed, they are no less than our FnF— kicking our butts and stretching hands to lift us up.


Well, this is what we are, we are like a family. If any member of our family doing something wrong then the whole family have the responsibility to bring that person to the right path. People often get tired to maintain their family, here we have around 1500 members just imagine how hard to maintain, we are trying everything maintain our huge family, we need support from you guys too. That's how a relation build up. I love the way you written about your journey in this platform and with bdcommunity. It's just the start, we loved to see more like you join our community and show their talents. We are glad to have them and guide them as we still don't have enough authors. Thanks for participating in our #flashcontest.

WHY people are NOT voting my post?
WHY that guy’s post is making more money than mine? His writing is bogus!! 😊

Sad to say that these were also on my mind in the first weeks on hive. I used to ask myself over and over again these two question . But gradually i understood there is no specific robot who will keep upvoting me randomly. Its my quality,skills,talent and interactions with the peoples which will give me positive outcome.

I want to buy a farmhouse one day, away from all the noise, crowd and be with my family with peace of mind.

Ah i also dream for something like these. One day inshallah will be fulfilled.

Congratulations to the featured guy.
This week honourable mentions part is not seen but got many new writings added as part which is also good to see.

Overall it was amazing!❤

Thank you again for this wonderful Magazine. It looks gorgeous on 'Night Mode' on From a quick scroll I saw the pictures and the painting has beautiful synchronous color scheme of blue, gray, purple, voilet and green. Ideal tones expressed by Patho Roy's watercolor. Notacinephile's intelligent review of Tolstoy is cool (made me search my vast bookshelf!). Enjoyed reading Rehan's piece, as I have fond memories of tea estates myself. Liked Linco's tribute to Jibananda. Also learned that Sakib is not afraid of death!? Well, we will see about that last one ;)

Well Done Guys!

the plot thickens:vv..

Still i wouldnt want to bungee jump or pet a jaguar dada:vvv

Flash Contest

What BDC(BDCommunity) as a community means to me:

As honestly speaking, BD community is the main motivating factor for me in hive blockchain.

I believe that the social media like hive or any others as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. should have some community to make the environment of the media enjoyable for its users.

I was very much addicted on Facebook before using hive. Because I found some of my known person and some of unknown but really awesome friends on that media. I liked to interact with them. And they responded me very well.

It is very important thing: Interaction.

When I started my journey at hive, I was looking for some interactions and found a territorial community of my country and language. That's why I started writing on Bd community. I had no more no idea about that community.

But after a while I find the peoples are really awesome of this community. Here a lot of creative persons meet together. Some can write so well that I learn manything from their writings. Somebody can art so nicely that I am just being amazed. Some can make video vlog and many other things.

It's always my pleasure to be connected with some creative persons as I can learn manything from them. I have not such type of creativity. But I believe that if anything be touched with rose, some fragrance of Rose must be transmitted to the object.

And the weekly voice meeting, it make this community more alive. People meet at the weekend and gossip friendly. It strengthens the bondings of the community.

I was randomly moved on different communities and felt relaxed more in this community. There are some initiatives like contests, magazine etc. that creates the real motivation to be engaged in.


I have motion sickness. Usually, I can’t read in a moving car. While others were reading newspapers, I can’t even read few lines from Hive as I feel strong vomiting and headache. If I could read that could have been better as I have to travel almost 40 kilometres per day for office. However, today I applied few tips from internet and applied this and read the whole’Turni’ magazine. This is my habit that before going deep I give a skim through. While doing this I found a different look of Turni magazine in this edition. The addition of pictures of everyone’s articles in the front page of magazine made it more lively to read. I am feeling honoured that weekly Turni editors took my point and implemented in this edition. While started reading from the editorial to the end, one thing came to my mind. While reading, the tempo of reading stopped somewhere in the rules part of getting featured.


This is only my opinion if we can put this information and instruction about getting featured at the end of this magazine that could look the magazine more nice. In that case we will get into the featured writing immediately after the editorial. This will keep the tempo of reading of the readers. Another opinion from my side. Can we add the magazine name ‘Turni’ in the middle(a little bit upper between two dates) which means in between of the two dates like below.


The reason I am mentioning this there is no name of Turni formally in the magazine. We are mentioning it in the heading or subject line which not the part of magazine. Above two opinion are only my observation. I could be wrong. So, all right reserved to the editors and think tanks of @bdcommunity whether this could be added or not. Thanks. Long live ‘Turni’

I too have that sickness......can't even look at my mobile phone while on moving a bus :(

Sad to know. We are the same passengers on different boats:-).

Hahaha the motion sickness! I've had it since I was a kid, still do! When I was a kid, I used to carry a small piece of lemon with salt on top of it in a box whenever I used to get on a bus!

Can we add the magazine name ‘Turni’ in the middle(a little bit upper between two dates

We really like this idea. We are trying to see what we can do, and how soon can we do it. We will need a bit of time because we are trying to do something beautiful. Thank you very much for this suggestion.

Yes, brother I face it while try to read anything. However, Glad to know that you liked my idea. Thanks and good night.

Time by time the magazine is becoming not only popular but also wealthy. I think, People will fight to write in this magazine one day. But now most of us are not interested. I can't participate for busy days. Hopefully will seat with pen to write something for this magazine. Thanks all those who are working hard behind this awesome digital publication. Another addition. Good to see flash contest.

I became fan with this week's editorial. A lot of issues are covered with this small writing. I always try to learn. I have learned first time about Lao Tzu and Taoism. And last two para of editorial was pretty nice looking to me...

I can’t control the price of hive. Neither I can control who votes me and why, nor can I control why someone is voting others. I have limited control over other’s action, but I can only control my actions

Thanks again for all hard work behind this.

খুবই ঝকঝকে ম্যাগাজিন। বিশেষ করে সম্পাদকীয়টা অত্যন্ত প্রাসঙ্গিক ও গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ছিল।

চোখে তার
যেন শত শতাব্দীর নীল অন্ধকার !
স্তন তার
করুণ শঙ্খের মতো- দুধে আর্দ্র- কবেকার শঙ্খিনীমালার!
এ পৃথিবী একবার পায় তারে, পায় নাকো আর।

কবিতাটির নাম (শঙ্খমালা, গ্রন্থ: বনলতা সেন) মেনশন করলে ভালো হত। শুধু বনলতা সেন দেখে মনে হতে পারে যে এটি বনলতা সেন কবিতার অংশবিশেষ।

Its being pleasure to read all these articles in a single post, especially mention about the topics on vit-C, it reminds me the time i had spent on my study, the function, synthesis and activities of protein and vitamins. Lots of terms and frormula, structure, impact on body tissue and organ bla, bla, bla.. I feel bored on that time to study on it. But today i have read all the words very carefully and magically i can remember all these stupid information that i assumed in my study life. Millk is proposed as a balanced and ideal food but lack in vitamin C. The high rich source of vit-c is known as amla and its won't effect acidosis.

Thanks for all contributor.


I hated all those formulas and structures too lol! But I tried to understand these more than trying to learn them and that helped me through the tremendous boredom of Biochemistry! :D

No post about Splinterland. Broken Heart💔
Trying to exercise Taoism.

I knew Mostafa Kamal had created software for writing Bangla before. But I didn't know before that he had made so much software. I just knew Mostafa Kamal was the father of Avro Software. Thank you for your valuable information.

I just knew Mostafa Kamal was the father of Avro Software

Who is this Mostafa Kamal you've been referring to?

Mehedi Hasan is the developer of Avro Keyboard, which is free and much loved by the Bengali online community for its flexibility and phonetic writing style.

You're probably thinking of Mostafa Jabbar, 'owner' (not the developer) of Bijoy Keyboard. And no, he has not created so many software or had any meaningful impact in the tech sphere of Bangladesh other than selling his pricy, crappy Bijoy keyboard software and forcing govt. officials to use it. On the contrary, as a technocrat minister, he has been using obstructive methods to hinder spontaneous online activity and has turned into a digital dictator—blocking site at his sweet will.

Hence I mock.

If your comment was sarcasm in nature, I apologize, it was a very good one and I failed to notice it.

such a generous initiative by @bdcommunity. Really this is an inspiring initiative for the new comer and all the bloggers on this blockchain. Congratulations @notacineplille becoming featured author and last but not the least thanks to the team behind it and all the participants as well.

Hi @BDCommunity from now on I post through this community and my posts contain educational content, and I make them with my ideas or with my mind is good right? and I need support from this community so that I am more enthusiastic about posting educational content, I try to post useful things on this blog hive, you can check my profile and there is only one educational content post on my blog. I hope I get support from this community, thank you @BDCommunity