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২৬শে শ্রাবণ ১৪২৭


What is it that we want? Here, my friend, let me ask you, what do you want? I recently asked the question and got the following answers.

• I want a canon m50 with a 55 mm prime, for now (meaning the wish can change later, wise!)

• A 12 pack Cuban cigar (alright, that's easy)

• I want 5 BTC (very well defined and, very finite, no problem!)

These are all perfectly fine wants, isn't it? So obviously you are going to ask me (and oh no! I won't side-step the question and I will be honest), what do I want? Right?

My answer is simple, I don't know what I want, but I am looking for it ….

Then the obvious follow-up question is; well, thank you for telling me what you want, but how are you going to get it? One my favorite US President once said (yeah, I know, sigh!!)…

It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want… Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1832-1945.

Often time, I find this is an easier question to answer and helps with the former. I had a friend, he is no more, but as a kid, he wanted to be a fighter jet pilot. But this kid is 6 ft 5 inches, and at the time, if you are that tall, you can't be a fighter pilot. It was as simple as that. So, he found out soon enough that that 'want' of him ain't happening.
Please don't consider that is a heart-breaking story, because it is not. My friend quickly got over it, and soon went on and become a railway-ticket hustler.

Yeah, back in the day, it was sort of job, but I am told that it's not a job anymore. That's a different story for some other day.

I have another friend, much younger than me at University. All that he wanted to do is to try out as many drugs as he can and drink as much alcohol as he can. He was notorious for that, and I have picked him up from many god-forsaken places all around that City of mine. He is the only person I have seen who can solve double integration problems on math while being completely drunk! Today, he a works at Microsoft, and he was on the original team of programmers who developed Cortana (I always joke that his product is inferior than both Siri and Alexa; he sucks at his job:)

I hope I am communicating two things:

  1. Often, we don't know what we want, and that's okay, as long as we keep trying to look for it

  2. It hardly matters what you want today, it likely will change tomorrow; your wants do not dictate who you are,

Here while writing for Turni, I want to be honest. We hope to give people a voice. We hope that we are doing something positive for the community. We hope that we are elevating one person at a time. We hope we are building confidence in one mind at a time. I love to hope….

…as rebellions are built on hope…Rogue One



This here is our piece de resistance. So, to promote engagement and a little self-branding, we have come up with an initiative that we simply called Featured. And we are very excited about this portion of the magazine.

Every week, one talented author will have the opportunity to contribute an article/an original piece of theirs for the magazine, while showcasing one of their best posts from the week. The willing writers will have an opportunity to add to the magazine a few words about any topic that they choose and be a 25% beneficiary of the magazine.

How To Get Featured

In the first step, you decide whether you want to get featured. Once you've made up your mind, you have to apply by submitting one of your articles from last week. Choose the piece you deem to be your best work for the week, as this will play a significant role in you getting featured or not.

Application Window

There will be a two day period to submit your application. It must be submitted by dropping a link to your post in the #Featured-Magazine channel on the BDCommunity Discord Server.

Once the application window has closed, @linco, @simplifylife, and @zayedsakib will choose three authors from all the submissions. And @azircon will choose one winner from those who will get featured in our weekly magazine.

The featured author for the week will be announced during the weekly voice meeting. They will then have four days to complete their piece for the magazine and submit to the officials.

The author who gets featured in the weekly magazine will be set as a 25% beneficiary, meaning 25% of the magazine's liquid payout will go to the featured author.

This Weeks Featured author - @zayedsakib

ভূপেনের জীবনদর্শন

If there's one author who can hold the mantle of this community at the peak of HIVE, it is @zayedsakib! While taking us on a tour through his fictional (?!) character Bhupen's philosophy, he depicts the mental struggles of the countless youths of our generation. While we may speculate on how fictional Bhupen is, there is no fiction about the mental and financial struggles of a youngster from a middle-class family that runs through every line of this article.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a family of butterflies. One day, the mother laid another egg, which looked a little unusual. A small dark ball that was different from the rest. In a despicable disgust, the family was on the verge of discarding it as a waste. But, the oldest sibling of them all had something else in her mind.

She named her Troilus, and for the next twenty-three moons, she took care of the tiny little chrysalis as he was going through a metamorphosis. But, one day everything changed. As he began to break through the cocoon, his sister died, leaving him all alone in the world.

For a long eternity, he was wandering through the canopy of the mystic forest filled with nymphs, sirens and predators all alone when suddenly a big panda appeared and took him into his hand. Shivering in fear, he looked up only to see The Panda along with a majestic Fox looking down on him, smiling. While he tried and looked for ways to escape, The Panda began speaking in a calming voice.

  • "Fear not o little one, Fox here and I will protect you."*

The Fox skirmished and danced around him a little and then said-

  • "Are you lost? Stick with us, kid, and we will show you the way."*

He seemed happy in their company. With his bright and curious little eyes, he gulped whatever he saw them do. Fox and The Panda had a tiny community of their own filled with every sort of rejects and intellects: Spiders, Lizards, Mantises and what not. And a Shaman who looked out for the kid. Despite being rejects, the duo cared for them all.

Slowly, He had made his place among them contributing with whatever little he could, then, one day, a big golden Eagle shrouded the sun over them like an eclipse.

In fear, all the creatures started scattering away except for The Fox and The Panda. They stood their ground, head held high and asked The Eagle to go away, again and again. But, it was no ordinary Eagle. On his countless voyage over the seven seas, it had learned the secrets of the universe. In fear, the kid curled up into another cocoon. As it closed, he saw The Eagle coming down from the sky and embracing The Panda and The Fox as if it was going to destroy them.

Several moons later, the cocoon started to hatch again. In fear of danger looming over, he cautiously looked through the tiny cracks of its envelope. Only to see The Panda and The Fox smiling down on him, again. Like they did all those moons ago, but, along with The Eagle this time. He too was smiling. In his eyes, all he could see was poise and wisdom. And then The Eagle opened its mouth, uttering-

বেতাল সত্যি, অরণ্যদেব সত্যি, ক্যাপ্টেন স্পার্ক সত্যি,,,, সব সত্যি।

The cocoon blew away like dry leaves of autumn, and as the dust settled, the chrysalis now could be seen as a butterfly. His big black wings were something to behold. And along with all of them, the duo, Eagle and the shaman, he started the journey towards the unknown. While in the deepest corner of his heart, a small ache kept reminding how it would've been if his sister could see him now.

Honerable Mentions

@pitboy-Top 3 Nofollow Backlink Sites to Drive More Traffic to Your Article

Marwan, aka @pitboy has been earning a good name both for himself, and the BDCommunity for quite some time now! As dada said, he is a perfect case example of the fact that if you can find your niche and put in an honest effort, you can get a lot of support on HIVE! He has made the SEO niche his bunker! With this post, he breaks down all the mysteries of how to use backlinks to draw more traffic and attention to your blog.

@shadonchandra-"বাড়ী আমাকে যেতে হবেই" Have to go my native village.

Our author here with his skilful and elegant writing has provided us with a snippet of how mismanagement of authority is pushing people of Bangladesh in harm's way. This shows how even after facing possible lethal consequences, love towards one's family takes precedence over anything.

@rehan12-Writer's Block...

Our curator Rehan is an avid thinker. He is a pro content creator who in this piece of his wrote about how it could be easier to get past a career-damaging writer's block. If you are facing such difficulties too, this is the perfect guide out of that for you.

The Art of Life

মূর্ত আর বিমূর্তের মাঝে লড়াই করে উপলব্ধির আত্ম প্রকাশ।

কটা গানের লাইন খুবই প্রভাবিত করে "পাখিটা বন্দি আছে দেহের খাঁচায়"।

যে খাঁচার ভিতরে নিজে বন্দি আছি, ওই খাঁচা থেকে যদি বের হতে না পারি অথবা খাচার ভিতরের পাখিটার ডাক শুনতে না পারি, কি লাভ তাহলে সে খাঁচা সোনা দিয়া মোরাইয়া।

দেহ, আত্মা, ভিতর, বাহির এক অনন্তকালের লড়াই সম্ভবত। আমি ব্যাক্তিগত ভাবে নিজেকে শিথিল রাখতে পছন্দ করি।মূর্ত আর বিমূর্তের মাঝে লড়াই করে আত্ম উপলব্ধির প্রকাশই এই কাজের/সিরিজের উদ্দেশ্য।

-Partho Roy

Splinterlands Tips Of The Week

Are you new to splinterlands? Worried about cards and team formations? Let's see how we can line up with cards from the untamed series.

Last week, I gave you 3 essential tips that every player should know. Today I'll teach you some strategies that will help you win most battles.

Before setting up your team, you have to take into consideration the Ruleset and Mana cap. Based on these you have to decide which splinter you will play with. For example, if you have a Daily Quest with the Death Splinter, you will have to select a death summoner like "Contessa l'ament." After you choose your summoner, you will have to select a Meele Monster for the first position. Then you line up your team with magic and ranged attack monsters respectively. For better understanding, I'll share my best team.

Bone Golem/Giant Scorpion as a tank

Bone Golem has the Void ability, which reduces damage from opponents' magic attack. Contessa L'ament reduces opposition range attack by 1. Now we only have magic and melee to worry about. Now we need a sniper that can attack from the second position. If there's higher mana, you can go for just a range attacker too.


Mantoid in the second position (Snipe)

The main reason for choosing Mantoid is it has snipe ability + 2 range attack + 5 HP which is much higher than many other monsters. We will need another sniper so that we can quickly cause significant damage to the opposition.


Dark Astronomer at the third position

Although Dark Astronomer has no abilities, it has 2 range + 4 HP which will let it survive on the battlefield for quite some time.


Death Elemental for the second snipe

Death Elemental is a fantastic card. It has some excellent abilities at every level, along with 3+ speed, which lets it attack pretty quick.


Maggots/Parasitic growth for the opportunity

Because our target was to snipe, we need an opportunity monster as well. In the untamed series, every splinter has an opportunity monster. So we can choose one from them.


Tower Griffin for the wall

Tower Griffin has Flying Ability which increases chances of miss attacks. So we will keep it as a support at the end. Besides, it has a speed of +3.


This team was designed for a 30 mana battle. According to mana cap, you will have to adjust your squad. In little league battles, you can replace bone golem with Giant Scorpion (4 mana).


Except for some specific rule sets, this line up can be used for most battles. Always keep your target focused. Next week I will try to discuss some little league strategies.


To Covid Or Not To Covid

Inside and outside altogether, we all are Corona fighters. This is actually the scenario of what happened in Bangladesh. People are here not aware you can say careless and also our government. Our government could protect us from this pandemic virus, they miss the opportunities, and now we all suffer.

The first thing Bengali people do is take everything lightly, the same thing happened in the Coronavirus case, and they had to suffer. We missed the train, now we are trying to escape from it, but there is no way of avoiding it.



সত্য কে সত্য বলা শিখেছি কিনা জানিনা।

সত্যকে সেবিকা হিসেবে কাছে টেনে নিয়েছি কিনা জানিনা।

তবে আমি একবিংশ শতাব্দীতে দাঁড়িয়ে সত্যকে ভয় পেতে শিখেছি।

লেলিহান শিখার আগুনে সিগারেট ধরাতেও আমার বুক কাপে।

ভন্ড প্রেমিক সেজে প্রেম করতে আমার এতটুকু দ্বিধা হয় নাহ।

ভালোবাসার মাঝে আমার "দেহ" নামক ঘুষ লাগবে।

এই যদি হয় হিসাব তবে, অনেক বড় ভূল করেছে ৭১ এর জনসাধারণ, বুকে গুলি পেতে নিয়ে দোযখে গিয়েছে উনারা।

কবিতা লিখতে গেলেও"শব্দ" বকে ,আর আমি বাকরুদ্ধ হয়ে শুনি আর দিনগুনি ১,২,৩।

কবে উঠবে তুমি,কবে কানের কাছে আলতো ছুয়ে বলবে আমি, আমি তোমার বাংলাদেশ।

কবিতাটা থাকুক অলেখা,লিখবে হয়তো কোনদিন ১৭ কোটি জনগন

-Nirupom Azad

Do not forget to join our next weekly hangout at Friday 10 PM GMT +6


Thank You


Excellent writing and effort. Kudos to all the contributors and organizers. It shows how much work has been put into it. Keep up the good work.

You are the one who made this all possible dada:) BHAI melchizedek all in one:v the honor is ours to have you here.

Thanks again to mention an amateur blogger like me to this awesome publication! Feeling really honored!

I'm more proud to hear Azircon dada's words about me. Dada's words inspire me to do something new with more effort. Thanks to BDcommunity for this weekly magazine. 💕

You are very intellectual writer, who can produce something out of nothing. We are trying to bring something special, we are very happy that all are trying to contribute little portion to make this publication successful.

Thanks mate. :)
Btw that cartoon is on another level. How beautifully you described current corona situation in our country through a comic. Hats off!
I laughed so hard. And I am sad at the same moment. How careless we are!

It's really awesome. When I was reading the magazine, I felt good. Specially after reading this comic, I laugh a lot. However, it is true that people in our country are not aware of corona virus. I thank you all for writing so well. And I look forward to publishing the next magazine.

Thank YOU niha:). Its authors like you are the ones who motivates us to write and do something for the community.. Hopefully you too will write something for our magazine in near future. Will you tho? We would love to see you write a piece for the magazine:)

Of course I would write something for the magazine. And I think that's a good opportunity for me.
I would love to write something for a magazine....

Such a great initiative by @bdcommunity and the dedicated team behind it. ‘Turni’ is the result of their hard effort of many sleepless nights. We as writers, just write and post the link, but rest of the part is really hard. Honestly, I am telling this from my personal experience. If I am not wrong, this is the first initiative in Hive platform to publish a magazine. Really this is an inspiring initiative for us. This is just the beginning, long way to go. Hope, we together will make it successful. Thanks again and my salute to the team for giving the reader such a nice magazine. Congratulations to @zayedsakib for becoming featured author and other honourable mentioned participants. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the kind words bhai! Yes, we did put in a lot of effort, many sleepless nights but it's all worth it in the end when we see the community support our efforts! Keep writing great articles and we'll be inspired to do even better with the upcoming editions!

You are welcome bhai. Yes, I will try to contribute with my best effort.

I enjoyed reading and wow congrats @Zayedsakib Wonderful post and thanks a lot for the tips @hossainbd The comic is so nice too

Thank you sayee:) you have always supported our efforts. Thank you so much for that❤❤ God bless you..

খুবই সুন্দর একটা পত্রিকা! ভাবা যায়! কি সুন্দর করে আগাচ্ছে জিনিসগুলো। পর্দার পিছনের লোকগুলিকে ধন্যবাদ কেনো! বলতে হবে আপনারা যা করছেন তার মূল্য কড়ি দিয়ে কেনা যাবে নাহ!

অভিনন্দন @zayed.sakib এবং সবাইকে

কবিতার জন্যে ধন্যবাদ বন্ধু:) You guys who bless our community with honest and quality contents are the ones moticating us to do things like this..:)

ভালো লাগে বিডি কমিউনিটিকে ভালো লাগের বিডি কমিউনিটির কার্যক্রম। আসলেই সুন্দর। এইখানকার সবার লেখায় সুন্দর। পার্থ দাদার আর্ট তো অসাধারণ।

সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ ।

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It was great.The way it has been designed and part by part organised is really really amazing.

Best of luck for the upcoming days. Hope to see some contribution of mine in the next magazines. Hahaha. Target locked.😎

Thanks for the appreciation, hopefully you will write some articles in our upcoming magazines. We will be happy if you write some.

Here the magazine is amazing. After reading full contain i can learn lot of new things . Here @Linco mama's covit post and also @Nirupom Azad mama's poet excellent. I can't but mention @HossainBD expart on gaming and also very helpful person.@zayedsakib mama is a very talent and genius writter his vupen 's life cart wow i have no word to comment about the post just one word it was great. Thanks #bdcommunity for publishing this great magazine and also all creator's who work for ths magazine.

Nice magazine.
Voice e bolsilam j amon 1ta jinish amader dorkar chilo.
Zayed vai er featured post, Hossain vai er sl tips theke suru kore Nirupom vai er kobita purotai valo hoyeche.
Asha kori kono ekdin amaro kichu thakbe magazine e.

Thank you bhai.. Apni likhte chaile featured na hoyeo likhte parben.. As long as what you write is compatible :)

that's nice to know.
thanks for the heads up bro.

বেঁচে থাকো ভূপেন। তোমার মাঝেই সবাই খুঁজে পাবে নিজেকে, আপন করে নিতে শিখবে সংগ্রামকে।

Apnake onk dhonnobad, amder sobar ashirbade vupen dhirgojibi hok


এমন গঠনমূলক কার্যক্রমে নিজের একটা কাজ থাকা স্যতি অনন্দের।
সবার লেখার ভিতরে ভিন্নতা রয়েছে।
ভিন্নতার মধ্য দিয়ে সবাই যেন এক। শুভ কামনা রইল সবার জন্য।

The piece you gave us is shining like a diamond amidst all of the columns in this magazine. Thank you bhai.. We would love it so much if you continue contributing with such beautiful art pieces in future:)

thanks for your compliment bhai.
I will try to stay with this magazine.❤

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Pretty good effort guys! keep it up.... I think it will make newcomers more desirous to write.

very ki?
nice naki bad?

Sorry bhaiya.... Typing mistake. I didn’t notice

Typing mistake

bujhte parsi seta.

😲😲shudhu shudhu apuke lojja dicchen keno 🙄🙄🙄

koshto koshto...

Just Superb work. I want to thank all who dedicated their time and hard work for this beautiful publication. BDcommunity, great. This magazine should be published every week at any cost. Writings are very updated. Its a complete, composed and smart magazine. Congratulation @zayedsakib brother

As its a digital magazine, @pitboy brother could post a video here. Hopefully next time. Its my opinion.

Eagerly waiting for next week megazine.

Glad to have come access is one of my piece

Beautiful writing and art also @bdcommunity

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